Monday, March 19, 2018

Adoken, Safe and Natural

Choosing the right type of toiletries for kids can be a tricky business as there are just too many brands and types out there. If you ask yolk (daddy) to get these toiletries for yolkie, I bet he'll ended up buying base on the price tag (kiamsiap kui! -thrifty)

So the big question here is that, "What are the things that we need to look out when choosing the right toiletries for kids?"

Children have very sensitive skins and scalp, thus, it's always a good idea to introduce them with all natural harmful chemical free products.

Little yolkie was given a chance to try out Adoken's Natural Lavender Kids Bodywash, Kid's scalp care shampoo and a Mosquito repellent.

After trying out these products for over 2 weeks, here's our honest review of them.

Adoken Kid's bodywash

As stated in the label, it is fragrance free! However, it still smells amazing! Smells like fresh lavender. It is Sulfate and Paraben free yet it comes with aloe vera. This makes the bodywash extra moisturizing. Most importantly it's tear free.

Adoken Kid's scalp care shampoo

It smells as if it was made of herbs. Very refreshing! it is made with 7 essential plant ingredients to deeply cleanse while soothing itchy and dry scalp. Little yolkie sweats a lot and at times he find himself having very itchy head. This shampoo actually helps to sooth the itchiness.

Adoken Mosquito Repellent

Unlike other mosquito repellent, it has very distinct smell of lemon grass because it is made with all natural ingredients. It helps to repel mosquito, ticks and other insect. Little yolkie has not been getting any mosquito bites over the weeks. I can only say that the repellent are actually pretty effective!

All in all, little yolkie likes Adoken's product very much and we won't hesitate to buy some more in the future. You can find out more about their products here ---> Adoken

The review here is based on my own opinions and experiences. Yours may differ from mine.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Friday, February 9, 2018

Getting a bag for kid? Get Nohoo's Kids Bag

Its actually very common for kids to have bags nowadays especially when they are at the age of entering kindies. Going to school with a nice backpack makes a lot of different. Kids love bag with unique designs! It makes them look super cool and confident.

However, making a good choice when buying a kid's bag is not as easy as you thought. There are few things that you must look into before making the final decision.

How do we know if a bag fits our children well? Here's some tips:
  • Make sure it's light with ergonometric design. Carrying books are heavy enough, we don't want unnecessary weight and pressure on our kid's shoulder.  

  • Kids can be clumsy. Always get a waterproof bag to avoid important books gets soaked when accident occurs.

  • Kids get sick easily due to weaker immune system. That's why a washable yet anti-microbial bag plays an important role in reducing the risk of bacterial infections. 
  • It's material has to breathable too! With our hot and damp weather, kids sweats easily and that's the main cause of rashes. 

With that said, Nohoo's bags comes with the perfect design just for kids. They are made with high quality neoprene which are made to last. They are so confident with their products that they offer a life time warranty*!  (*limited to zip, strap and buckle)
In case you find that the bag doesn't suit your kids, they allow you to return the bag within 14 days and get a full refund! 

After trying the backpack, little yolkie likes it so much that he even requested to replace the bag with his bolster. He is always a fan of dinosaurs. This uniquely designed dino backpack is no doubt his favourite! With it's high quality material, I bet we don't have to worry about it getting spoiled anytime soon. But even if anything happens to its zip, strap of buckle, they are all covered by their warranty! That definitely give us a peace of mind.

If you're interested in their bags, head down to their website to find out more @ And if you've decided to buy them, remember to add "eggyolkslovesnohoo" into the promo code and enjoy an RM10 rebate!

Get the latest update of Nohoo's products @ nohoo2u FB Page

In conjunction of this coming Chinese New Year, Nohoo Malaysia will be giving out 3 limited edition coin pouch! Who knows, these coin pouch might just brings you "ONG" and get you a lot of Ang Paos!!

Visit theeggyolks Facebook page for more details! Remember to like Nohoo2u Malaysia Facebook page too!

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