Monday, November 28, 2016

Building Healthy and Beautiful Smile Together with SensiTeeth Kids Oral Care

For most parents out there, one of the greatest challenges in parenthood is to get your child to BRUSH TEETH!!  We had to wrestle with little yolkie all the time before we get to brush his teeth properly.

There are times that he offered to brush his own teeth but as you know, kids these days aren’t as innocent as you think they are. When we handed him the tooth brush and the tooth paste, the next thing you see is that he is eating the toothpaste!

It is almost impossible for us to completely stop little yolkie from swallowing the toothpaste before he is old enough to manage his dental care himself. As for now, all that we can do is to educate him and provide him with dental products which are safe and free from harmful toxic.

We were recently introduced to a SensiTeeth Kids product range which was developed to care for the teeth, gums and mouth. Their unique and revolutionary formulation contains fluoride and calcium which is clinically proven to prevent tooth decay and strengthen enamel. It increases calcium by 85%, increases Fluoride binding by 37.5% and reduces caries development by 24%

The SensiTeeth Kids line has been designed to minimize the risk of allergic reactions. All products in this range are gluten free and suitable for those taking homeopathic medication. They are also free from Gluten, Parabens, Aromatic Allergens, SLES, Soap and Colorant.
The following are the product range of SensiTeeth.
Little yolkie is now 3 years old, thus we decides to introduce him the toothpaste with calcium-fluoride formulation. Fluoride is used to reduce tooth decay. However, high concentration Fluoride (>1000 ppm) increases the risk of fluorosis in young children.
SensiTeeth Tooth paste 3+ comes with the right amount of Fluoride (500 ppm) and calcium which helps to grow stronger teeth.

Little yolkie enjoyed using this toothpaste very much, well, most likely because of its pleasant raspberry taste. It seems like twice a day isn’t quite enough for him.

Brushing alone isn’t really enough especially for little yolkie who is a “candy-vore”. Germs tend to hide in the corners of the teeth which are unreachable by most toothbrush, that’s where SensiTeeth Kids Mouthwash comes in handy. Our teeth only occupies 25% of our mouth, the SensiTeeth’s mouthwash will be able to cover the rest of the 75% for a complete oral cleaning.

The mouthwash itself contains fluoride (100ppm) which provides an extra dose of cavity protection and calcium to strengthen enamel. It reduces germs and plaque left behind after brushing. What’s more, it tastes like blueberry! (Well of course, we have to make sure the kids doesn’t drink it accidentally since it tasted so good)

If you think your children is having problem taking care of their oral hygiene, why not give SensiTeeth a try?

They are now available exclusively in Guardian and selected independent pharmacies.
You can also request for a free sampling through the following link!

For more info and updates, go to

They are now doing a Christmas giveaway where you can get free dental products from SensiteethMY. Head down to the link below for more details

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Lazada Online Revolution - Part 1 (Box of Joy)

It's this merry season again, the season of joy and shoppings! Lazada had recently launched the BOX of JOY program where bloggers received a box filled with goodies handpicked from their premium partner brands which is under promotion during the Lazada Online Revolution sales!

The Lazada Online Revolution Sales starts from 11.11.16 all the way to 12.12.16 with different super deals from beauty products to tech gears! Get you wallet ready and shop till you drop!!

Who doesn't like shopping? (probably the person who pays the bills....)

Let's move back to Box of Joy, so what did we get from this box? Look below!!

1) Lactokid premiums of a wristlet and two 4-colour retractable ballpoint pens
2) Logitech x100 wireless speaker 

3) L’Oréal Mythic Oil

4) Maggi pack of Thai White seafood tomyam instant noodle
5) MamyPoko pack of twenty gentle baby wipes
6) Nestlé products: Nestlé canister of Pandan-flavoured white coffee, Cerelac Nutri Puffs, Just Milk full cream milk & Milo sports bag (Ola Bola movie premium bag)
7) SanDisk Flash drive Dual Drive m3.0 64GB

8) Tefal manual chopper

Now that we've unboxed the the Box of Joy, we're going to do some product review in coming blog post.

While waiting for our product review, why not drop by Lazada and do some shopping before the deals ends? If you're looking for even better discount, use the following voucher to an additional 25% discount!! T&C applies

If you would like to participate in reviews like this in the future, please contact to join the Lazada Family!