Monday, September 28, 2009

Pimp My Broadband

Pimp our Broadband (click to enlarge)

The brand of my current broadband is “snail”. The brand tells you all on its specifications and features. I have been using broadband for quite some times. Actually the package that I subscribe should be having the speed like f1 but unfortunately the performance is not what I expected. My f1 speed broadband resembles a snail’s pace speed. I have been experiencing the slow connection since I started using it until now. But I have no choice as my habitat only can support the snail connection. My broadband always having hiccup and disconnect every now and then.

My broadband is very fragile. It won’t let us use water heater to bath as well. If we switch on the water heater, it will automatically disconnect. We will end up bath in cold to avoid the disconnection. This kind of disconnection can be avoided but what I hate most is the snail’s pace connection. A simple web page takes me a long time to view and sometimes I can’t browse at all.

Even I want to test the speed of my broadband, it takes me donkey’s years to complete it and sometimes I rather switch off everything to save electricity.

How I wish there is a saviour. I would name it “hero”.

I really give up in my broadband. I have been lazy talking to CSR (customer service representative) as their scripts are the same.

I can’t blame them because they are not the technician. They are only entertaining our call by making sure they follow what their QA’s (quality assurance) rules. Oh dear analyzer, please don’t call us during working hour and ask whether are we in front of our PC. I would definitely say no and they will definitely say when you back, please check again. If the problem still persists, please call us again. Sigh.

Contact centre is working 24 hours. They (analyzer or team leader) should be calling people after working hours. Last year I had been lodging a problem regarding broadband unable to login. I can’t surf for half a month and face the disconnection problem after that. The service provider even promise to give me rebate after my problem had rectified. However, I don’t even get any rebate from them and yet my problem is visiting me very often. I already give up calling them and now I change to email them my problems. I attached the print screen my speed test in the email and asked them to email me rather than calling me. What I get is that, no matter what my complaints are, I will get the same format of email and same troubleshooting tips.

“Dear my broadband service provider. You are great. You have been passing your quality assurance and get your full PFP (pay for performance) allowance. Congrats to you. But you fail to provide the best service to your customer.”

How I wish I can get a better broadband. I am not greedy. I don’t need a F1 speed. I only hope to get a better speed like 1300cc car. I will be satisfied.

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Unfortunately our area (Kuching) still don't have coverage yet. Hopefully we can have coverage very soon.

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Story boarding: Egg
Comic artist: Yolk

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

After a full month of fasting, this is the day that all Muslim is waiting for :)

The egg yolks wish all Muslim in Malaysia and those overseas, SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI! Maaf zahir dan batin.

Let's forgive one another for all the misunderstandings in the past and renew the relatioship with each other.

from: Egg & yolk

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Too HAZY to be true

Recently the haze has back and the whole town became blurry as if we are in Genting-Lowland. Because of the unwelcomed haze, the weather here is hot like a sizzling pan. So all Kuchingites! Do remember your mask when your out there (not to avoid H1N1 but Haze too :p)

The view of Kuching these days
Hazy view
Empty roads
Yesterday we saw thick smoke coming out around the shop houses at Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho Alliance bank. We thought who was that stupid guy that burns during this hazy days. But when we got a closer look, we realized that it was a car on fire. We were like OMG! Did the guy owed Ah Long (loan shark) money? Or there's some superstitious guy burning an offering during this "hungry ghost" month?

In fact, the car ignited itself when the engine was still running. The owner of the car went to the bank while his gf was inside waiting for him. His gf sensed smoke coming out of the car then she escaped and ran to inform the car owner. Some passerby called the fire station but it was too late. The fire engine reached the spot when the car was like 80% burnt. Poor guy :( Anyway, it was lucky that there was no one who got hurt during this incident.

Story boarding & photograph : Egg
Comic: Yolk