Saturday, October 24, 2009

Feeling cheated

Today was like another usual day for me (at the beginning) when I went to the spring shopping mall. After walking around, I decided to go over the “blue cube” to pay my Celcom’s bill.

I was so shocked by the amount! RM160! I had never spent that much on my hand phone for just a month. Then I questioned the “blue cube” people and I realized that they (Celcom) had limited the calls and sms for the 1+3 plan.

There are only 20 hours calls and 1500 sms available for the main line to the sub line (per month). During the time when 1+3 plan was implemented, all calls and sms to sub line was absolutely free and unlimited!

I had no choice but to pay that amount and leave (feeling cheated).

I then went straight to the 1st floor of the spring and switch my number to DIGI! Guys!, I remained my number so don’t worry!

I switched!

If you're still using celcom postpaid with 1+3 or 1+5 plans, don't over spend or you'll end up like me -_-"

By: Yolk

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We are the 1st Runner Up!

*The following is an Advertorial from nuffnang:

Our winning entry! (click here to view)

We were so surprised when we received an email from nuffnang that we are the 1st runner up for Olay Natural White blogging contest! It’s like a dream come true for both of us (all the Olay products will be given to egg! I’ll (yolk) take the cash! haha!)

We did put a lot of effort in this contest especially the writing part. As usual, egg did all the writings and I did most of the drawings and some of the picture editing was done by egg. After we submit our entry, we did go around innit looking for nuffnangers who joined the contest. Just to see other’s entry, as written in a Chinese proverb which literally translated as “knowing oneself and knowing competitors, 100 competitions and 100 wins”.

We only got 4 nangs!

In fact, a lot of them did so well and we got so worried that our entry won’t even get a consolation prize. Since we have submitted our entry, there was nothing much we can do but to wait for the results. We promised ourselves that we were going to improve our writings and also our drawing skills so that we can compete with all those outstanding bloggers out there!

Anyway, we are so grateful to both Nuffnang and Olay for giving us the prizes and recognize our effort in this contest. Egg is very happy now and she can’t wait to collect the half year supply of Olay products (it saved me a lot of money. LOL! )

Once again! Nuffnang! Olay! We LOVE You! Thank You!
By: Egg & Yolk

Monday, October 19, 2009

Milklovesyou's Event @ Waterfront Desa Parkcity

Milklovesyou event (18th October 2009)

Finally, I have been attending the milk loves you event at waterfront Desa Parkity. I have been wondering how to go there as I’m from Kuching. By chance I’m in KL for training so I’m able to join the event.

Actually I have been asking around, seeking help from my KL friends but they are not sure about the place and some of them are not free to bring me there. So my kind colleagues who come from Kuching as well said if worst come to worst, they will accompany me there by taxi.
On Saturday, yolk who is in Kuching helped me to find out that the 2nd prize blog winner “lizzie” was willing to fetch me. I had sms her and she is indeed a helpful lady. Yesterday morning I went to One Utama with my 2 colleagues from Kuching and Lizzie decided to fetch me at One Utama. But unfortunately she was involved in a car accident and had to rush to police station. So she couldn’t fetch me over there. I felt really sorry for her. Hope that she is fine.

My colleagues and I rushed to Desa Parkcity with a taxi. We had a great tie there meeting Tetrapak staff and contest winner, drinking special flavour milk, joining peek in the holes contest to count the boxes of milk, watching aerobic dance and finally it ended with prize giving ceremony.

Aerobics dance

Counting milk boxes (peeping? LOL)


Sean performing

Actually I had planned to help lizzie to claim her prize. One of my colleague, Nicholas even helped her to get the prize on stage. But her mini hi-fi is too big for us to carry around. (sorry Lizzie). After that, we travel back to our istara condominium by the help of tetrapak people fetching us over to the nearest rapid KL station.

My long waited prize~

I felt happy not because i get the 1st prize (Asus eeepc netbook) but I found out that people around me are just too kind and helpful, they are Raymond and Nicholas (my colleagues whom I knew them for only 6 days!) and last but not least, Lizzie.

Thank you guys :)

Story Boarding : Egg
Comic artist: Yolk

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Guess who's that!

Egg has been asking me to draw ah beng for quite some time already but i kept delayed her request due to all the contests. Finally, most of the contest that we took part have ended so I have spare time to do some drawings :)

I've been drawing this caricature for the whole morning! Guess who are they??

That ah beng looks similar to the real person but ah lian is a bit different.
(Got to do more caricature to improve my skill :P)

Guys! come make a wild guess! Haha!

by: Yolk

Monday, October 12, 2009

Recent Kuching Events

Just a little update on the recent events in Kuching that we had attended.

Mid-autumn festival celebration in The Spring Shopping mall, Kuching organized by Astro on 26th Sept. Few well known celebrities were invited for this event including Jessica Liu & Michelle Chia(MediaCorp artistes), Professor Wynn HT Pan, Danny Koo (Motorbike ah Boy), Hong Geok Jin & Ivan (winners of Classic Golden Melody Singing Competition)

The event started off with a street magic performance by a magician from "age of elves". Even though the tricks were the simple but everyone was still amazed :)

He's doing some card magic

The event was followed by Danny Koo (a.k.a Ah Boy). He got famous recently because of his hosted tv show "Motosikal Balik Kampung". Both of us (egg & yolk) were ah boy's fans because of his cute personality! It was fun to see him travels around Malaysia with his motorbike. So we did a special caricature for him.
Danny in action

After that, the two winners of Astro's Classic Golden Melody Singing Competition (Ivan & Hong Geok Jin) performed few classic songs. They looked so young as if they were in their 30's.

Ivan with the two hosts

Hong Geok Jin sings while captured by a strange short man -_-"

"It's him again!" exclaimed yolk when he saw that Little Man (LM). We saw him in almost every event in Kuching, especially those events where free gift were given. You can find him in our previous post here.

The LM getting himself seated in the middle of the crowds

The peak of the event started when the 2 well-known MediaCorp artistes came to the stage.
Both Jessica Liu & Michelle Chia were so pretty in real person. They played some games with the audience and free mooncakes were given out.

Chinese idioms scrabble

The host showing the male audience how to
act like a fat pregnant lady in one of the acting game

At the end of the event, those audience who queued to get the artists' photos were given a chance to have their favourite artistes' signature. We left at that moment because we don't have the photos..wu~~wu~~

Anyway, there was another event in Boulevard Shopping Mall on the 3rd October. It was the 欢喜来卡拉 (hokkien karaoke competition) organised by Astro and hosted by Phoebe and Jentzen. Actually , we are watching the shows on ch333 every sunday.
It was the final for the Sarawak region. 3 of the best singer will represent Sarawak to compete in Klang with the other competitors through out Malaysia. Before the top 3 were announced, both Phoebe and Jentzen had some "ice breaking" activites with the audience (you know lar..Sarawak people all shy shy one).

To cut the story short, here's the top 3 in the sarawak region. We forgot their names :P

And the winner goes to Mina! Congrats!

Nothing much happens in Kuching recently other than heavy rains and strong winds -_-". We'll update if there's more interesting events in Kuching! So stay tuned :)

P/S: actually Yolk wanted to draw caricatures for Phoebe and Jentzen but because of limited time, he only managed to draw ah boy! Unless it was a personal request from both Phoebe and Jentzen then he'll surely draw for them :P
By: Egg & Yolk

Sunday, October 4, 2009

DIGI! Pimp My Broadband (animated)

DIGIMAN, The Born of A New Age Hero

I’ve been using this “stimics” broadband since it was the only available broadband few years back. It was fine then because there’s no one with better speed (it was slow though) Then problems starts coming in, frequent disconnections, lagging, hanged, extreme slowness, etc.

I’m still facing all these troubles even when I’m doing this animation! I need a lot of sound effects to do animation, so I’ve been surfing around to find free sound effects. The problem is, even if I manage to find the web page, I can’t really download them because of slow downloading speed! In fact, I’ve finished the drawing and animations few days ago, but because of the SLOW broadband, I can’t finish the sound effects until today. I have no choice but to do my own version of sound effect! Serious! I made most of those sounds! (except the 2 songs by AKFG and YUI)

The sound effect I made:
1. Grrrrr….. - roaring of hippo (I slowed my voice using Sony Soundforge 8)
2. it’s a bird, it’s a plane
3. Digiman vs hippo stimics
4. Round one, fight!
5. Ding Ding Ding (knocking a bowl using spoon -_-“)
7. Kwak! Kwak! Kwak! – crow’s voice
8. NOOO~~~~~~~ (ending part for hippo)
9. Digi, always the smarter choice
10. Tung~ Tung~ Tung~ Tung~ Tung~ - Digi’s tune (I played using my piano)

Imitating a crow -_-"

Playing Piano

Even after I FINALLY finished the animation, it took me almost 2 hours to upload it to youtube! OMG! It’s already 3am in the morning!!!

Can you imagine how much trouble I’ve gone through to make this simple flash animation because of the “slowness” of my current broadband. Come on Digi, pimp my broadband! Defeat the slowmonster - Hippo Stimics and let us regain our speed!

Please support us here by clicking thumbsup!

p/s: there's a few buzz noises in the clip and i can't seems to remove them :(

By: Egg & yolk