Friday, January 28, 2011

What Chinese New Year is all about...

Chinese New Year is not all about "Ang Pao" (red packets)

Chinese New Year is not all about "fire crackers"

Chinese New Year is not all about "Gambling

Chinese New Year is not all about "getting drunk"

This is what Chinese New Year all about.

If you're away from home, it's time to go home ^^

Happy Chinese New Year!
By: Egg & Yolk 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Magnolia Sherbet A Day, kicks the fruits out of my way

When I was young, my dad used to force me to eat lots of fruits. Not because they are tasty or nutritious, but because my parents planted them around the house. 

If we don’t eat them fast enough, they’ll be ended up in the stomach of those #$^*%# birds. After years of eating all kinds of fruits, i slowly became fond to fruits.

After living with my parents for years, I moved to my new house last year. I do have a spacious back yard, but I hardly grow any fruits. 

Almost all of them died and there are some that don’t even grow from the beginning!

Without much choices, I have to buy fruits from the market when the crave comes. Seriously, the price of fruits has been skyrocketing in recent years 
(due to the hike of petrol price I guess = =”) and so, I’m living with the lack of fruits recently.

As for Egg, she’s never a fruit lover but instead, a deadly carnivore! At the same time, she’s an ultimate ice cream lover! 
Remembered the 1st month after I bought my refrigerator, the freezer box was full of ice cream!= ="

2 weeks ago, nuffy, Xinxian posted in nuffnang’s blog introducing the latest Magnolia Sherbet that comes in 4 flavours. This is just the thing that we both will enjoy! Fruits + Ice cream = Magnolia sherbet

Both of us were so excited until we read the list of the selected outlet. *fainted!  None of them were in Kuching! 

After reading nuffnanger’s comments, we found that local supermarkets might have them. Without much dilly-dally, we set up our own “mission impossible” and started invading all the big supermarkets! 

After days of searching, we found nothing! nothing! NOTHING! >_<

Right before we gave up, we found it in Everrise BDC!! (maybe Kenny Sia loves Magnolia Sherbet too)

Without second thought, we bought all 4 flavours

We quickly try them out when we reached home! Egg took the 1st scoop of it! and this is how she looks like!


Here’s our review after trying all of them ^^

Melon - For those who loves to bite! nomnomnom

Lychee – For those who love sweet and creamy texture with bits of lychee

Orange – A good appetizer before meals

Mangosteen – For those who enjoys exotic fruits

After trying all of them, I would say Mangosteen tasted best! (*Egg nodding her head) 

I believe this is the first time that we have Mangosteen flavoured ice cream and it certainly has caught our taste bud.

Not just the taste, Magnolia Sherbet is filled with real fruits and contain very little fat (compare with those conventional ice cream) 

With its fun size cup, you can enjoy you ice cream even when you’re on the run!

Now that we have Magnolia Sherbet, I can dig off all the fruit plants in my back yard and kick the fruits out of my way! 

A Magnolia Sherbet A Day, kicks  the fruits out of my way
*FYI Egg is throwing away her orange while holding an Orange flavoured Magnolia Sherbet!

This blog post was written for the purpose of joining Nuffnang / F&N Magnolia Sherbet Blogging contest

By: Egg & Yolk

Monday, January 17, 2011

Rock, Paper, Scissor



It doesn't seems like Egg wants those rock, paper and scissors. So what exactly she wants?


Well, no that too, but she wants this!!
Still confused?

Well, Rock Paper Scissor is actually one of the most trendy gift shop in Kuching located in Green Height Mall. They sells lots of creatively designed gift and stationery.

We've visited the shops for a few times already because all the plush inside is just too attractive and you can hardly sees them in other gift shops in Kuching. I mean, they are not selling those "Made in China" kind of plush and toys but rather something which is more high in quality or branded. If you're looking for something trendy and creative, do drop by this little shop. You might be surprised by what you can find here :D

In conjunction with Valentine's Day 2011 (which is just around the corner), they are organising a Facebook Photo Contest and they are giving away Jumbo Jaide! 

We actually didn't know about this contest but when we were searching for ice cream (*hint) in green height mall , we stumbled against their notice.

So what exactly that you need to do to join this contest? You have 2 choices actually.

a) Visit RPS and snap a photo of yourself or with your friends on their specially designed sofa with the toys in the shop. Then email the photo to
b) Snap a picture of yourself or with your friends together with any toys or product you bought from RPS then email to

Since I did buy a plush and a coin box from RPS quite sometime ago, we decided to snap a picture or ourselves with the toy! 

After trying few poses, we decided to post this one for the contest! :D

The "deeply in love" dogs don't even care about the bone. Only Yolk does -_-"

Please cast your votes to this picture!
Please like RPS fan page, then like our photo 

Anyway, we do hope to win this contest because I (yolk) actually promised Egg that I'll give her 26 plush (named from A - Z). So far I only reached "N", still have "O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X" before I reach "Z" =_="

Since it's a most "like" contest, we seriously need to gather as much like as we can! Your click will do wonders. 

Egg and Yolk

*pictures courtesy of RPS facebook fanpage

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ghost Busters?

We did mention in my previous post that we were working on an animation right? 

Basically it's about creating a video in the most creative interpretation of  "Stronger, Wider and Faster" internet with P1 Wimax. 

So after lots of thinking and cracking, we came out with the idea of ghost busting! Haha! Thanks to the old time cartoon which gave us the inspirations.

Does this picture brings back memories? Haha! This was one of my (yolk)  favourite show when I was still a kid. I still remember that I was so obsessed  with the cartoon that I force my dad to buy me the toy gun! He didn't buy eventually because it was quite pricey at that time..*sob..sob

 Pretty nostalgic huh? 

Anyway here's our animated video!

Now that you've watch the video, please vote for this video (if you think it worth your votes) 

 Just click the picture above then click "click to vote"

*If it doesn't work, please click this link instead and look for "video by yin san" and vote

We know it's kind of hard to overtake the other contestant who have already gotten more than 1000 votes (even though the video were just normal rated) but I do hope to have your supports. 

Thanks guys!!

By: Egg & Yolk