Saturday, October 13, 2018

Fernleaf UHT Milk 100% Mmmm...

If you have read articles on animal cruelty, I'm sure you've come across the articles about how cows and their calves have suffered just to produce milk for human consumption. This has then painted a really bad image for dairy industries throughout the world.
In order fight for these innocent cows and their calves, we should only support responsible dairy companies that take good care of their cattle. One of the most trusted dairy company is Fonterra, the company behind Malaysia's favorite brand, Fernleaf! At Fernleaf, the farmers take their cattle's welfare very seriously. Their cows are not their milk producing machine but instead, they are part of their family.
What makes Fernleaf's UHT milk so different from other milks in the market?
If you've been to New Zealand, I'm sure you've seen the vast green pastures. All these space, combined with plenty of fresh water and clean air, makes it ideally suited for dairy industries, and that's exactly where Fernleaf's dairy farm is located.

Because of New Zealand's favorable climate, cows are allowed to graze outdoor freely all year long which allows them to behave and eat much more naturally. All dairy cows in Fernleaf are 100% grass-fed with "all-you-can-eat" natural high quality fresh grass.

When cows are fed naturally, they will be healthier and eventually produce high quality nutritious milk. In Fernleaf, all cows are carefully managed by dairy experts where their cows are raised naturally without needing any form of milk booster especially those harmful (rBST)  genetically engineered growth hormone. And thus, all their dairy cow produces milk naturally!

Why did we call Fernleaf as diary expert? Well, they were established since 1893, that's exactly 125 years ago!! I bet no one knows about milk better than them!

When cows are happy, they stay healthy and that's how they produce 100% Mmmmm delicious yet healthy milk!

Fernleaf's UHT milk is made with 100% milk from New Zealand, perfect for all ages!

How can anyone resist such tempting milk product?! Look at how little yolkie reacts to Fernleaf's UTH Milk. It's a perfect companion for my little one :D

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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Theeggyolks' Travels

Travelling has always been something that we wanted to do every now and then. Egg and I had been planning for our trips for at least once a year ever since we got married. We've been going both overseas and local, depending on our budgets.

We’ve been to Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore and just recently, we’ve been to Shanghai.

However, going for an oversea trip is fun but it always burns a big hole in our pocket. Especially when we’re are bringing little yolkie along. There’s no such thing as children-fare when it comes to air tickets. Therefore, instead of going overseas, we plan our trips locally or to nearby countries. We’ve been to Sabah, Penang, Johor, Langkawi and most of the time, we just hang around in KL, especially Genting Highlands.

In fact, the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore isn’t that expensive, so maybe we could bring little yolkie to Universal Studio Singapore. We’ve been there 6 years ago (before the arrival of little yolkie). I bet there will be a lot of new upgrades and most importantly, little yolkie is now tall enough to take most of the rides.

The only problem about going to Universal Studio Singapore is the weather! If you’ve ever been to a theme park, you should know that the time you spent waiting in the line is so much more than the time you actually play the game or the rides. If the waiting time is over 45 minutes and the weathers is over 32℃, we could have become dried sotong already. The same goes to Legoland, Johor. The only different is that Legoland is less crowded but still, it’s as hot as in an oven.

Ultimately, our goal is to go to all the Disneylands. We’ve been to both the ones in Hong Kong and Shanghai during winter seasons.

The next one which we wanted to go shall be the Tokyo Disneyland,Japan. It has always been our dream to go to Japan but whenever we think of the expenses incurred, we had to pull the handbrake.

We have to wait for promotions and the only time we can find promotions is during Matta-Fair.

You can actually find a lot of great deals during the fair. However, the downside of Matta-Fair is that they are way too CROWDED!! You’d be spending hours in the fair just to compare the prices offered by different travel agency. Those promotion tours are always limited and the travel period is set at the low seasons. If we’re to bring little yolkie along, we have to wait for school holidays (That’s the season where air tickets fares sky-rocketed)

Our local airlines do have sales from time to time especially the 0 fair tickets which sell like hot cakes. In order to get the cheapest flight, we have to stay up all night just to purchase the tickets. You’ll be lucky if you get to book one as most of the time, you’ll just be diverted to their queuing page due to their server traffic congestion.

Recently we found a rather new travel booking platform which not only helps to look for the lowest fares but it also comes with tonnes of discounts and promotions! Traveloka is an online service that helps to find both flights and hotels at the lowest price possible! It does not search through only one airline but all airlines under it’s network in South East Asia.
If you’ve installed the Traveloka apps, it actually sends you notification when the flight that you’re eyeing is on sales or promotions! Now that I mentioned about promotions, Traveloka provides discount codes for your flight and hotel stay. So it’s usually much cheaper for you to book through the hotel’s or the airline’s official sites.

Another thing which makes Traveloka different from other online travel service is that all the prices stated are NETT! No hidden charges.

So if you guys are the budget-traveller like us, we strongly suggest you to try Traveloka. After all, you don’t have to pay a cent for their services :D

Happy Travelling!!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Adoken, Safe and Natural

Choosing the right type of toiletries for kids can be a tricky business as there are just too many brands and types out there. If you ask yolk (daddy) to get these toiletries for yolkie, I bet he'll ended up buying base on the price tag (kiamsiap kui! -thrifty)

So the big question here is that, "What are the things that we need to look out when choosing the right toiletries for kids?"

Children have very sensitive skins and scalp, thus, it's always a good idea to introduce them with all natural harmful chemical free products.

Little yolkie was given a chance to try out Adoken's Natural Lavender Kids Bodywash, Kid's scalp care shampoo and a Mosquito repellent.

After trying out these products for over 2 weeks, here's our honest review of them.

Adoken Kid's bodywash

As stated in the label, it is fragrance free! However, it still smells amazing! Smells like fresh lavender. It is Sulfate and Paraben free yet it comes with aloe vera. This makes the bodywash extra moisturizing. Most importantly it's tear free.

Adoken Kid's scalp care shampoo

It smells as if it was made of herbs. Very refreshing! it is made with 7 essential plant ingredients to deeply cleanse while soothing itchy and dry scalp. Little yolkie sweats a lot and at times he find himself having very itchy head. This shampoo actually helps to sooth the itchiness.

Adoken Mosquito Repellent

Unlike other mosquito repellent, it has very distinct smell of lemon grass because it is made with all natural ingredients. It helps to repel mosquito, ticks and other insect. Little yolkie has not been getting any mosquito bites over the weeks. I can only say that the repellent are actually pretty effective!

All in all, little yolkie likes Adoken's product very much and we won't hesitate to buy some more in the future. You can find out more about their products here ---> Adoken

The review here is based on my own opinions and experiences. Yours may differ from mine.