Sunday, January 31, 2010

Why I Like It Longer

I like it longer. I want it longer. I need it longer!!! Why? Because I’m short..ahem..

What are you thinking? I’m saying that I’m getting thinner where my waist measurement is getting short!!

We are greedy. We never satisfy with what we have. For me, it is a good attitude in terms of improvement. We always strive for better living. Longer is what we always been looking for.

Personally I like many things to be longer.

I always love Sunday. I guess all normal working adults would love it too. Why?? Because we can sleep LONGER!

With longer sleeping time we’ll gain just the right amount of energy and rest for our busy working days. Further more, we’ll be able to concentrate better and be more productive in our job. Don’t you all agree?

Lame excuse from a lazy person -_-“

For those who’ve seen Egg in person, they should know that Egg is pretty tiny in terms of size (actually is short la XD). So I’ll just have to bend down to hug her or to kiss her >_<
But what will happen when I’m already an old man?

I always hope that Egg will have longer legs and so we can always enjoy our intimate session even when I’m old. That’s why I like it longer.

I’ve been complaining that my phone for it’s short battery life. It won’t even last for 5 minutes when I called Egg. So we could only chat when I have my charger with me.

The screen of my phone is just too short and I can hardly read Egg’s SMS especially a lengthy one.

Right at this moment of dispair, LG launched it's latest phone, LG Chocolate BL40 which is just what I need! A longer phone with longer screen and longer battery life! It's just perfect!

the right size

the right length

the right features

LG is LonGer!

How can I miss out an animation in my blog post? Here's a flash I made just for the fun of it :D

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By: Egg & Yolk

Friday, January 22, 2010

My Dream in the Year of the Tiger

My dream in the year of tiger is to get married!! Cough…cough.. Actually, I have been planning for my marriage for quite some time but due to the insufficiency in finance, I’m still dreaming..sigh

In fact, I’ve been courting Egg for almost 7 years! To be exact, it is 6 years, 8 months and 20 days!!

In these 7 years, both I and Egg were parted most of the time. Although we were in the same University we took different courses and we stayed in different hostel. Therefore, we rarely met each other. Egg finished her University course in 3 years but mine was 4 years. So we got ourselves parted in 2006 when Egg returned to Kuching and I was still in Sabah doing my forth year.

In 2007, I finally graduated but I got my posting in Sibu, Sarawak. All fresh graduated teachers will be posted to the different part of Malaysia, especially Sarawak. So without much choice, we were parted again.
*For your information, Sibu is approximately 409km from Kuching. It takes 7 hours to travel by bus from Kuching to Sibu.

After few attempts of transferring, I finally got myself transferred from Sibu back to Kuching last year (2009)! Can you imagine yourself being parted from your loved ones for over 4 years? It’s really hard for both of us and we persevered until today.

Since I’m finally backed to the side of Egg, I started my savings. I bought my house last year and it would probably be completed by mid of this year. Just by paying the housing installment, I left only half of my monthly salary.

All these while, I had been living like a cheapskate. I spent every cent of mine carefully so that I could save more.

I eat RM2.00 chicken rice for lunch almost everyday.

We watch movies only during movie days (RM 5 per ticket)

I don’t go shopping. I only go window shopping.

I try to get discounts from anything I buy.

I never drive when I’m traveling alone. I ride my faithful motorcycle. (Save petrol)

I read newspaper everyday just to check the offers from various supermarkets.

I promised Egg that I’ll save for wedding right after my house is completed and furnished. Without a complete and a furnished house, we had nowhere to stay even if we get ourselves married.

My mighty dream in this tiger year
is to furnish my house and get my house fully renovated before I bring Egg in.

I must have at least getting the kitchen, living room, and master room filling with furniture and electrical appliances.
  1. refrigerator,
  2. washing machine,
  3. cooking utensils with induction cooker,
  4. bed room set,
  5. dining table,
  6. kitchen cabinet,
  7. air-condition unit
  8. sofa
  9. coffee table
  10. TV cabinet,…Argh!! There are just too many things to buy!

Getting a house fully furnished is really money consuming. I told myself that I must earn as much as I can and hopefully there's some of luck for me this year.

I know I'm dreaming -_-"

How I wish I have enough money to furnish my house and get myself married in the year of tiger. I really hope to get them done in no time as Egg had been kept on waiting. Hopefully I won’t let Egg down this year.

Here's a little flash movie I made just to make this post a bit more interesting :D

The Tiger Run

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Future of Education

Every one of us has gone to school, while most of us graduated from college or University. Let us count how many years we have been schooling.

1 year – playschool
2 years – kindergarten
6 years – primary school
5 years – secondary school
2 years – matrix or form 6
4 years – university / college

Total = 20 years!!

Alright, here’s the question, what were you doing over this 20 years? Copying notes? Reading books? Sitting for exams? Doing home work? Sleep in class? (erm..I did the last one the most -_-)

Well, as for me, I believe we have been forced to MEMORIZE over this 20 years.

Look at the students or pupils around us. What are they doing when exams is near? They’ll be trying to memorize as much as then can right before the exam. After the exam, most of the thing will be forgotten. Am I right? (personal experience @_@)

My lecturer in University once told me, students nowadays study as if they are eating all the notes. During exams, they’ll vomit everything out without digesting it into their brain.

This has been a trend for years and I predict that in the future, students will not need to MEMORIZE anymore as applying what they learn is more important than remembering them.

By that time, biotechnology will be the most advance field in the technology. The bio tech engineer will invent a chip set which I name it NDC (Neuron-Data Converter).

With the implantation of this chip into the human brain, we can access our brain’s memory as if we are accessing our computer’s hard drive!

Just a simple plug-in of our USB cable, we can save as much data as we want into our brain. You might ask where to plug the cable. Hmm..I guess the most suitable place would be the place behind our ears. (to stay hidden even for those who are botak – bold)

Hey! Maybe we can have a build-in wireless adapter! Or even WIFI! Haha! My imagination is getting wild!

With the instant transferability of data, memorizing things is as simple as a single click! (especially History -_-")

Hence, in the future, our education system will concentrate in students’ application of knowledge instead of how much they can remember from schools or university.

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By: Egg & Yolk

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nuffnang 1st Cashed Out

After our cash-out in November 2009, We finally got our 1st payout from Nuffnang! Thank you Nuffnang for this humble amount of earnings! These were the pays for our efforts through out the years! Hopefully by end of 2010, we'll get another payout as much as we have last year!

Our payout!

We know we have not been updating our blog recently due to heavy work loads.. -_-"

School just started and Yolk is busy with school works

Egg is getting busier in her office..

Anyway, we'll still try our best to come out with more interesting blog post! Another contest post is coming up, so stay tune :D

By: Egg & Yolk

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year eve in Kuching

How many of you stayed at home last night? Maybe 1 out of 50? Well, in Kuching, I guess 1/100 Kuchingites were at home and the the other 99 were joining 2010's countdown party!

we went to Hartz. AGAIN! We are really a very big fan of Hartz!

I believe that the most packed place in Kuching last night was Boulevard Shopping Mall, Kuching! For the past 2 years, they have been organizing Count Down event during New year eves.

For those who does not resides in Kuching, you might be interested to know what exactly happened here :D

After long jamming roads and parking hunt, we reached around 10pm. We miss out some activities earlier on. Anyway, these was what we saw when we reached.

Some saloon fashion shows

Body Art

Street dancing performances

Micheal Jackson! A fake one of course :D

Live Band performances

After the long night, this was what we were waiting for, FIREWORKS!

You might think that that's all for this post, but wait! There was something else which happened that caught our attention!

There was a baby who was sitting near Egg started plucking leaves for Egg! I wonder why did the baby did that. Hmmm..

the baby and Egg

It reminds me of Shin Chan trying to flirt with ladies..LOL!

Anyway, Happy New Year to all of you out there! May everyone FAH CHAI! (prosper) in 2010! huat ah!

By Egg & Yolk