Friday, January 22, 2010

My Dream in the Year of the Tiger

My dream in the year of tiger is to get married!! Cough…cough.. Actually, I have been planning for my marriage for quite some time but due to the insufficiency in finance, I’m still dreaming..sigh

In fact, I’ve been courting Egg for almost 7 years! To be exact, it is 6 years, 8 months and 20 days!!

In these 7 years, both I and Egg were parted most of the time. Although we were in the same University we took different courses and we stayed in different hostel. Therefore, we rarely met each other. Egg finished her University course in 3 years but mine was 4 years. So we got ourselves parted in 2006 when Egg returned to Kuching and I was still in Sabah doing my forth year.

In 2007, I finally graduated but I got my posting in Sibu, Sarawak. All fresh graduated teachers will be posted to the different part of Malaysia, especially Sarawak. So without much choice, we were parted again.

*For your information, Sibu is approximately 409km from Kuching. It takes 7 hours to travel by bus from Kuching to Sibu.

After few attempts of transferring, I finally got myself transferred from Sibu back to Kuching last year (2009)! Can you imagine yourself being parted from your loved ones for over 4 years? It’s really hard for both of us and we persevered until today.

Since I’m finally backed to the side of Egg, I started my savings. I bought my house last year and it would probably be completed by mid of this year. Just by paying the housing installment, I left only half of my monthly salary.

All these while, I had been living like a cheapskate. I spent every cent of mine carefully so that I could save more.

I eat RM2.00 chicken rice for lunch almost everyday.

We watch movies only during movie days (RM 5 per ticket)

I don’t go shopping. I only go window shopping.

I try to get discounts from anything I buy.

I never drive when I’m traveling alone. I ride my faithful motorcycle. (Save petrol)

I read newspaper everyday just to check the offers from various supermarkets.

I promised Egg that I’ll save for wedding right after my house is completed and furnished. Without a complete and a furnished house, we had nowhere to stay even if we get ourselves married.

My mighty dream in this tiger year
is to furnish my house and get my house fully renovated before I bring Egg in.

I must have at least getting the kitchen, living room, and master room filling with furniture and electrical appliances.
  1. refrigerator,
  2. washing machine,
  3. cooking utensils with induction cooker,
  4. bed room set,
  5. dining table,
  6. kitchen cabinet,
  7. air-condition unit
  8. sofa
  9. coffee table
  10. TV cabinet,…Argh!! There are just too many things to buy!

Getting a house fully furnished is really money consuming. I told myself that I must earn as much as I can and hopefully there's some of luck for me this year.

I know I'm dreaming -_-"

How I wish I have enough money to furnish my house and get myself married in the year of tiger. I really hope to get them done in no time as Egg had been kept on waiting. Hopefully I won’t let Egg down this year.

Here's a little flash movie I made just to make this post a bit more interesting :D

The Tiger Run

*This post is written for the purpose of joining tiger-nuffnang "My Dream in the Year of the Tiger" blogging contest


  1. wah!! Many many good luck and all the best!!!

  2. u studied ums before?

    anyway, wish your dreams come true lah,hehe~

  3. Wah!!! Interesting topic.......btw thanks for drop by at my blog.

  4. hohoho~

    totally cool and your drawing is just awesome!!

    I like those so much~

    hope you'll win it~

  5. You're so sweet Yolk!!! wish you luck in fulfilling your dreams for 2010 and then...

    Don't forget to invite me on your wedding day... :)

  6. aww so cuteee.. lucks in getting your wishes come true!. (:

  7. oh my this entry is really fascinating!

  8. creative!
    good luck in this prosperous(hope to spell it right)year

  9. i love this post too! i read everything from top to bottom.. TWICE! awww i hope you get your wish!!!

  10. Good story bro..hope both of you will be together forever and ever and ever...anyway..gud luck in advance for the LG contest in advance..i know you can win the contest..will support you bro...

  11. wah lau, faster book ur ticket to come kl man. u guarantee selected ady. lol

  12. Hey, awesome post mate. Haha! I hope you win! :)

  13. awwwww i hope u get ur wish and get married and have lotsa kids! hahaha

  14. areleling ~ thank you for the many many good luck!! :D

    john ~ :D

    candlelyn ~ yup, we were from UMS many years ago. I wish it'll come true too.

    nebular ~ I'll visit your blog often :D

    lord zara ~ thanks a million!

    amieyalen ~ Hopefully it can be done in this worries, I did plan to invite few local bloggers which of course include you and cyril :D

    yinli ~ may "good luck" be with me this year :D

    jane ~ thanks

    kaoru ichibana ~ let's get prosperous this year :D

    Terence ~ hey!! thanks fro dropping by! We loved your blog too..congrats again for winning the!! XD

    JAI ~ thank you!! We're still working on the LG chocolate contest..but too many people joined..Have to be REALLY creative if want to win..Anyway, we'll try our best :D

    Robb ~ really!! I go book ticket now!! XD

    Huai Bin ~ thanks mate!

    fourfeetnine ~ haha! I do hope to have lots of kids but poor Egg..haha!!

    Boss Stewie ~ thanks ya!!

  15. haha.. cool entry!
    love the flash in the end!
    this is a sweet post.. all the best =)

  16. I know where Sibu is. My hometown it is! I think it is tough to be a guy, just hope that 女人不该让男人太累...

  17. Good luck in being eligible to enter and hopefully you'll win. It'll be nice to see you guys finally tying the knot. 7 years is a bloody long time to still be able to stay together strong and much in love. Hey, don't forget to jemput to your wedding! :D

  18. hi,

    i'm from kuching too...where's this house u bought..looks nice...looking for one too..

  19. HAHAHA! This is one of the coolest entry!! I hope you win! And hopefully your dream come true soon!

  20. A very good post indeed =)
    Atleast Rm888 for you already, just need one more "8"!

    All the best~

  21. Nice post... wish to save more money to buy house and marriage too... Haiz...

  22. Hey I love how you explained the distance between Sibu and Kuching cos most of my fren from west msia tot that we were just like them.. "aiya the most is 2 hours ma..." -__-

    I hope you will win.. Jia you..

  23. jam ~ You're from Sibu!? Nice to meet you :D

    Angel ~ sure! Hopefully we'll be able to do it grand enough to invite you over :D

    Master ~ Nice meeting you :D My house located at Riveria, somewhere before Unimas

    Gypsy ~ I wish my dream come true too ;D

    Tian Chad ~ thank you!! finger crossed :)

    stevenboy ~ you're still young. plenty of time to save up for house :D

  24. lee yee ~ haha! Due to our road condition in Sarawak, 2 hours trip also turned into 7 hours trip XD

    Anyway, thanks for the support :D

  25. contest or not contest.
    I wish you both to earn lots of money and get married soon! :D

  26. Awesome post! Love your creativity and drawings. May you win the contest and get married soon! :)

  27. sweet ...hope ur sincere wish will come true...:)

  28. karen ~ I hope so too :D

    Mummy B ~ Thanks!! Must earn money first :D

    devi ~ thank you! thank you!

  29. awh! you two so sweet! Good luck! remember to invite me to your wedding!! ^^

  30. Hey, you so "wu xim" ler, sure egg will feel touched!

  31. All the best... Good planning... ^_^

  32. wah, you have great entry, and you draw veli good, and finally you won the most creative entry. Feel kinda "pleasure" to give you a ride during the Tiger run. nice to meet you anyway.

  33. Awww so sweet! Hope your dream will come true soon =)

  34. after reading this entry, i am now officially a big fan of the eggyolks! i totally adore your 'epic' love story and artworks! keep up the great work and happy CNY 2010! XD

  35. everyone ~ thanks for your wished! we'll work hard towards our dream XD

    jadetofu ~ serious? Hope you enjoyed our blog XD

  36. hey~ first time visiting here =) read this post and ouch! it just touches my heart =/ haha! anyway, i hope you'll be able to fulfill your wishes this year. apparently, i'm also saving for my future home. already have the house, but it's the renovation part that's headache. cos it's rather old. the tiles are all broken. so...prays that wealth comes to us =D


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