Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nuffnang 1st Cashed Out

After our cash-out in November 2009, We finally got our 1st payout from Nuffnang! Thank you Nuffnang for this humble amount of earnings! These were the pays for our efforts through out the years! Hopefully by end of 2010, we'll get another payout as much as we have last year!

Our payout!

We know we have not been updating our blog recently due to heavy work loads.. -_-"

School just started and Yolk is busy with school works

Egg is getting busier in her office..

Anyway, we'll still try our best to come out with more interesting blog post! Another contest post is coming up, so stay tune :D

By: Egg & Yolk


  1. Congratz, i am still waiting for my 1st cheque...

  2. Wah, so much money~~
    Congratz~!! I still got a long way to go, hahaha
    yaya, belanja makan :P

  3. wah... kaya lo. 544. the kolian me... still .....

  4. Wow.. 5oo!! that's alot.

    and i know wat u mean by busy. I am experiencing the same thing here.. Loads of work.

  5. Nice earnings there. Lovely. Gam Bah Teh for the current year.

    Regards from cr3ap

  6. Wow! Thats alot of money (:
    Haha congrats (:

  7. wah... cool~! Keep it up =) will be reading ^^

  8. My earnings is still RM0.00, yeah!

    Your ad on the right is it Adsense?

  9. cayalah geng...can eat egg many-many..hehehe

  10. Wow. That's quite alot money! You earn it within 1 year? That's a very good result! Good luck for ur 2010

  11. candlelyn ~ We belanja you "telur kuning" want? haha!

    Kelvin ~ Your's will coming soon :D

    araleling ~ Since we've cashed it out, we'll be waiting till end of this year to cash out again..a long way to go

    John ~ Hey, I believe u have more than us la..ur blog so active and so many people visit..

    JMR ~ :P

    Cyril ~ Ya..still busy.. =_=

    kenwooi ~ Thanks!

    cr3ap ~ Yup! will be working hard :d

    Jas ~ thanks!

    nOj ~ :D

    kimberly ~ thanks for waiting!!

    share journey ~ U just cashed it out?? Yup, the one at the right is Adsense

    JAI ~ LOL! we'll get high cholestrol if eat too many eggs!! :D

    Kristin ~ Thanks! same goes to you!

  12. Congrats. I got S$6.40 after 1st month of signup with nuffnang

  13. Thanks for the reply. I just started blogging for 3 weeks. RM0.00 should be normal. I guess.

  14. Wuah so much $$ @_@

    I cashed out some from nuffnang but not that much man.


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