Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year eve in Kuching

How many of you stayed at home last night? Maybe 1 out of 50? Well, in Kuching, I guess 1/100 Kuchingites were at home and the the other 99 were joining 2010's countdown party!

we went to Hartz. AGAIN! We are really a very big fan of Hartz!

I believe that the most packed place in Kuching last night was Boulevard Shopping Mall, Kuching! For the past 2 years, they have been organizing Count Down event during New year eves.

For those who does not resides in Kuching, you might be interested to know what exactly happened here :D

After long jamming roads and parking hunt, we reached around 10pm. We miss out some activities earlier on. Anyway, these was what we saw when we reached.

Some saloon fashion shows

Body Art

Street dancing performances

Micheal Jackson! A fake one of course :D

Live Band performances

After the long night, this was what we were waiting for, FIREWORKS!

You might think that that's all for this post, but wait! There was something else which happened that caught our attention!

There was a baby who was sitting near Egg started plucking leaves for Egg! I wonder why did the baby did that. Hmmm..

the baby and Egg

It reminds me of Shin Chan trying to flirt with ladies..LOL!

Anyway, Happy New Year to all of you out there! May everyone FAH CHAI! (prosper) in 2010! huat ah!

By Egg & Yolk


  1. happy new year!
    gong xi fa chai!
    got angpow???

  2. LOL! Notty little boy. Donno the bf is nearby is it? :D

  3. Poor tree haha^^

    That is a real mature kid lol:D

  4. Candlelyn ~ No ang pau yet some leaves..want? We can ask the baby to pluck some for you! LOL :D

    Angel ~ I guess Egg was too much of an attraction :P

    Richard ~ Yup! Kuching is kind of happening lately :D

    Kelvin ~ haha! Kids these days :D

  5. Hahaha... i was there as well! What a way to celebrate new year. Happy New year!

  6. Hepi new year 2010..hehe..i'm countdown my new year in my home jerr..huhuhu

  7. i stayed home... =/ but since i'm staying on the 12th floor, i can see fireworks across the horizon ^^ after 3 years, i kinda got bored of it...there's nothing special bout the fireworks..

    ^^ the kid's cute! hehe.. there was once a lil boy who plucked a flower for me. he took only the rose as in he didn't want the stalk nor the leaves... a lil wasted, but thoughtful i felt..

  8. you were there as well? lol. I was there but I am now to busy to blog for it yet. OMG and new year had passed for 3 days.

  9. Look fun..Looking forward for more creative post from u...It seem i write ur blog more than I read Kennysia blog now...Hehehe..

  10. Hey I'm from Kuching too! And I had BBQ that night!

    Hartz reminds me of my highschool friend. =)
    Her mum is the manager there.

  11. For time new year eve watch mat rempit special posting about mat rempit some more in my blog..missed sarawak..hehehe...

  12. KeeMan ~ I see! Hope to see you around :D

    Mr Kamikaze ~ haha..sometime staying at home is also nice ma..hehe

    xiaopei ~ :D

    esther ~ Haha! Well, there's not much tall building here in Kuching so we still enjoy fireworks :P I guess both you and Egg has the same characteristic which attracts little boys -_-"

    john ~ Don't worry, we'll wait for you blog post :D

    Eyriqazz ~ thanks for you support! we REALLY appreaciate it! THANK YOU!!

    boonis ~ Mind inroduce your friend to us so that we can have some discounts? LOL!! just kidding! haha

    JAI ~ Do come back to Sarawak when you have time :D

  13. I seriously thought you guys are from KL due to appearing in Foong's blog.


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