Wednesday, December 31, 2008

MV Doulos

MV Doulos
We went there on 29th December 2008 roughly about 2pm. At that time, the weather was very hot. My bf brought umbrella as well because I am vampire.

Having a vampire gf is very troublesome. Cant kena sun…hehe.

Wah.. It was so crowded. We had to queue in order to get on board.

Hot weather + many people = salted sour sardine in canned

It was so jam-packed that made us hardly breathe. I felt like we are like the fish at Friendship Garden. Need to jump up high and breathe in fresh air.
We walked through the crowd and looked for books. I saw many story books.. Many cute cartoons… Arr… Not for us anymore.. Too old to read that. Finally, we found something that caught our attention. It was the home design. We started to open the books and scanned through like a scanner.

Suddenly, we heard a loud noise behind us. “Phomp!”
We turned back. Wah.. Many CDs fell to the ground. Very strong wind. Just like we are in the middle of the sea. Wind blew. Going to rain soon. So without further ado, we moved to the exit and go down from the ship.

Luckily, when we got in car, it just started to rain. If not it will be very slippery went down from the stairs.

We bought nothing but seeing many fishes in the immense canned :P

Story Boarding: Egg
Comic Artist: Yolk

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wanted!!(with news paper cuttings)

国际时报(International Times)

詩華日報 (See Hua Daily)

The Borneo Post

Story boarding : Egg
Comic artist: Yolk

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thanks to Ben (minex), Irene, Norman, Jimmy* and Therese* for their support :)

Story boarding : Egg
Comic: Yolk

Christmas eve (24th Dec 2008 - night)

After having our Christmas Eve Dinner, we went to The Spring. Christmas Eve Event mainly organized by Celcom X-pax.

All are singing. Include 150 people from church ranging from little kids until old people singing on the stage.

However, this doesn’t not catch my attention at all.. We saw triplet by chance. Meeting twin was not hard. But meeting triplet might be quite difficult and yet they looks alike. The three little cute girls with same looks, same clothes, same heights, and everything the same. Wah. Really cute and alike. I kept drew attention on them and I kept steal steal took photo on them. I even ask my bf to take some more. Really cute.

24th Dec 2008 (Final Hunt!!YEAH!!)

Minex Jewellery Finder's Keepers treasure hunt
24th December:-

Christmas Eve… I guess all of you guys already planned where to go on this day. But my bf and I still not yet planned where to go. One thing that we planned was where to go early in the morning. I guessed u guys also know where we went la. You are right! We went to Tun Jugah Minex Jewellery. Today is the last day of the Finder’s Keepers Treasure Hunt but without searching. Only picking. There will be 300 boxes in which only two boxes contain jewellery.

Before the event started, we went to the coffeeshop near Tun Jugah to have our breakfast. We ate mee pok. But it was like uncooked la. Eat also no mood. I couldn’t finish mine cos felt like vomit.

We entered Tun Jugah roughly around 10.30am. Quite many people hanging around waiting for the boxes. After Ben gave the speech, we started to pick. Because my hand were too short so I have pick the nearest ones.

I picked and my bf picked. Before I opened the box, I told my bf that “eh, I think my box got something la. Do you hear that?”

My bf said open and see la. Then I opened the red ribbon. I said got got got. Really got. But it was a small jewellery. I was very happy because I couldn’t expect to get a jewellery out of 300 boxes. It seemed like 大海捞针.

After that Ben said we could go for second round. I asked my bf whether I could get another one box or not. Ben said just go ahead. So I picked another box with green ribbon. Once I took it, I shook it. I told my bf.
“eh, you believed I got another one jewellery.” I shook it and let him listened.

He said “open open faster open”. I gave the box I took it earlier on to him and I started to open the green ribbon.

The first thing I said was “El Siu (something like Wah Lao la)! I really got it la.”

How come so lucky. By that time, I really felt sorry because I got both of the jewellery for today.

Am I dreaming? Really unbelievable.

Ben and Norman said I could go to buy TOTO. Haha. I guessed they were right.

My bf fetch me over to TOTO and Jalan Stutong. I really wonder I was lucky or unlucky la. You know what happen?

My cute lovely Nike sandal putus la. Alamak. Haven’t got chance to go in the TOTO, my sandal already putus. I like my sandal very much. How come putus la. Aiyo. i pai ka walked into TOTO with my bf.
Then my bf helped me to take over to the tukang kasut. But…sigh… see my sandal I already no mood to say. My cute lovely sandal became a bit cacat after repaired.

Am I lucky or unlucky? Or I still dreaming?
Story boarding: Egg

Comic artist: Yolk

23th Dec 2008 (with nice tasty ICECREAM!!)

Minex Jewellery Finder's Keepers treasure hunt
23rd December riddle:-
It’s soft, it’s sweet, and it’s served with a twist. Find this place, I’m not hard to miss.

I love ice-cream… Sunny Hill vanilla ice-cream… How about you guys? It is the place we used to go. Everytime we will tapao the RM3.60 ice-cream and eat in car.

Once after I read the riddle this morning, I told my bf that it was at Sunny Hill. Without dilly-dally, he zoomed over there. But who knows, traffic jam la.. Driving F1 also no use. When he reached there about 9.30am, he told me no one there. He started to bend up and down and he saw a guy came to search around. After awhile he got a message from Ian saying that someone had found it earlier on before he arrived. So he stopped searching all around and went home. (sob..sob..)

It was the first time going to Sunny Hill without eating ice-cream.

Story boarding: Egg
Comic artist: Yolk

22th Dec 2008 (Finally we got the diamond!!)-Updated!

Minex Jewellery Finder's Keepers treasure hunt
22nd December riddle: -
In clouds of fire, this creature awaits. Red is the key; It lights my way.

Feeling sick. I woke up late (9.10am). Alamak. The riddle was out. I quickly on my pc and called my bf.

"Halo, halo, Where are you?”.. He said he was at Batu Lintang Bomba. At first I still don’t get why he wanted to go to Bomba.

After he explained, I found that it quite made sense but I told him why don’t go Tua Pek Kong Temple. He said he thought of it but Bomba seemed to be more to the riddle. He added on that if he couldn’t find at Bomba then he would go to Tua Pek Kong Temple.

Few minutes later, he rushed to Tua Pek Kong Temple. When he reached, he said seemed likes not here la because many workers were painting the colourless dragon. I said searched first la since you were there already. Then suddenly he shout “ wait wait wait! I saw something blue.” He rushed over to the broom and he found the box.
Finally, Ultimately, we found it. We closed our hand n said popi popi….

Very blur...cos i use my phone to take this pic -_-"

Haha! Finally IT'S MINE!!!

Story boarding : Egg
Comic: Yolk

21th Dec 2008

Minex Jewellery Finder's Keepers treasure hunt
21st December riddle: -
Climb through a window and eat an apple. Where else better to enjoy this? Find your Lucky 7 and i’ll be there
I didn’t get to browse internet and called my bf while he was searching because today was 冬至 Winter Solstice Festival. I had to go to my old house and pai pai. He informed me that he wanted to searched at Apple’s computer dealer shops. The first station he went was Petanak. Nothing found.

I suggested maybe was Green Heights Mall Coldstorage. Therefore, once after he searched at the computer shops, he went over to Coldstorage and looked for it. He was searching around Coldstorage in Green Heights M
all and he saw something seems connected to the riddle.
At the mist of searching, he meet another group of people searching there too!It was Ian and his friends. So my bf and Ian search over the beverage side and Ian's friend (female) search over the sanitary side. (If my bf search over the sanitary side, he'll be listed as PERVERT in kuching!!haha)
Weather seems to be ok. After I pai pai, I joined him at Coldstorage. Looking around in aircon was nicer than outdoor le. Hehe.

After searching for nothing, we decided to have lunch at Green Heights coffeeshop. Once our stomachs were filled with kolomee, we shifted our location to One TJ. Searching up and down, bending up and down, but can’t even see the shadow of the box.

We gave up and went home. Sob sob…Wu wu wu.

The treasure was found at Wisma Saberkas, level 7 car park. [ never thought of that :( ]

Story boarding: Egg
Comic artist: Yolk

20th Dec 2008

Minex Jewellery Finder's Keepers treasure hunt
20th December riddle: -
Under the roof of the independent warrior, I’ll be lurking in the shadows.

It sounds like a monument to us. So my bf searched around independent monument. Searched everywhere. But not found. He went over to the museum. Nothing was there. The next place he went was Friendship Garden. Nothing there as well.

How come everyday raining. Getting wet everyday. Seems like drop soup chicken (落汤鸡), Maybe u guys said it was cool wet look. Hehe.

[*yolk=> when i draw this chicken, i misput the wordings. It should be drop soup chicken, but i put drop chicken soup. Maybe I keep thinking of Ben's (minex) free chicken soup!!lol!!]
After searching the whole morning, my bf finally gave up. After lunch, I continued searching with him out there. Going to old court house, Waterfront, and then searching at the Friendship Garden again but in vain.

Yet until the next day 21st of December, the treasure was not found. We tried to figure out where was that. Then we thought it was Pizza Hut. As Pizza Hut Logo got a roof, so it might be the place. That night we went there for dinner. Wah.. What a traffic jam. Caroling parade at that area. Hungry until can eat an elephant.

Finally, we went into the Pizza Hut. But before went in, we saw the Pizza Hut business hours is on 11am. We a bit doubt. Whether Ben would put the box at a place started on 11am? Our mind filled with question marks. However, we didn’t care much because we were too hungry. After order the pizza, we start to look around. Nothing again. We continued to enjoy our meal.

22nd December, we searched for it again. This time we went to a new place. It was Taman Kereta as it was named Roof Top. We searched all around. Searched until it turned upside down but in vain. Wah. Tired already. The riddle seemed to be too difficult la.
My bf said maybe we had misunderstood the riddle. But where to search for that oh.

23rd December, we got hint from Ben that the box was inside Tun Jugah. So roughly 10.10am, we went over there. Many people were searching. My bf said since so many days couldn’t find it so it should be at the place which was not obvious. It was either in basement carpark or emergency staircase. We went over to the basement. Scanning through. Under there really scary and kind of humid. We scan very fast. Looking through. But not found.

This time we went to the emergency stairs. Before going inside, we made sure the door can be opened because the door only can be opened one side only. Meaning that we could open the door inside Tun Jugah. But at the staircase there, we couldn’t open to go inside Tun Jugah. Sound scary hoh. We made a quick searched in there. Nothing found again. Ultimately, we gave up. It was a terrible experience.

The treasure was found by Norman at the basement. Congratulation Norman ^_^

Story boarding : Egg

Comic: Yolk

19th Dec 2008 (Still searching)

Minex Jewellery Finder's Keepers treasure hunt
19th December riddle: - Before you leave in search of treasure, let me first arrive at this place. There you’ll find me staring into space.

The first thing we thought of was Civic Centre. So my bf went there. Searching here and there but couldn’t find at all.

Then we thought it was a “ Batu” ( monument) which was staring into the space. Then we try to figure out how many monument is that then he went to search one by one. “Admiral Cheng Ho”, “James Brooke monument (but not in the museum right now)”, Dinosaur (somewhere near Kenyalang Park)”. But nothing.

He gave up. He went over to Kenyalang Park old market and eat. Wah..people searching outside, he went to enjoy over there. Really thought of “Batu” him. Haha.

Finally, after he ate, he went back. We thought of the riddle wholeday. We found out it might be airport.

Therefore, we went there that night. We walked up and down, here and there. But don’t really dare to search it obviously because many police walking here and there. Looks scary. We keep notice at the sign board of aeroplane. Looking around the pot near the sign board. Nothing was found. Searching near Starbucks. Searching at the place for viewing aeroplane.No also.

Searching for an hour plus, we decided to go home. When we walked passed the information counter, we overheard a couple (a man in black shirt, a girl in white shirt holding a big bag) asking the staff and the counter “what is staring into the space?”
We saw the staff just like kind of shock of that question. She said “Huh!”
The black shirt guy with a white shirt gal with bag asking the staff what is staring into the space. The staff shocked and said huh.
The guy repeated again. Haha. It sounded funny. We laughed all the way walking to the carpark. Maybe others will laugh on us while we were searching up and down also. Hehe.

The box was hidden under one of KFC (Kuching International Airport) table at near to the place for viewing aeroplane depart and arrive. The box was THROWN AWAY BY THE KFC WORKER!!

Story boarding : Egg
Comic: Yolk

18th Dec 2008 (3rd day search)

Minex Jewellery Finder's Keepers treasure hunt
18th December riddle:-
Out in the open, yet hidden in a bunch. The path of winding water you shall follow, Until a 101114221716 crosses your path.

Same strategy again. I stayed at home, my bf hunted outside. The first thing we thought of after reading the reader was Waterfront. But we can’t even figure out the number. Is it toto number? Car number? Shop number or alphabet position? We try to figure the alphabet position but all such alphabet couldn’t be combined to a word. So we just ignored it.

My bf, the lone ranger hunted at the Waterfront without any clue. The wholeday raining. Heavier and heavier. Many people were searching around at Waterfront.

My bf met Norman as well and get clue from Norman that the numbers is decoded and it was HILTON. However, searching there for few hours, nothing was found. He went back for lunch and thought of bringing me over to have a search over there. In the afternoon, we went over to Waterfront searching for it. We met Norman again. He still searching over there. Wah….. Rain getting heavier and heavier. Holding umbrella until hand also pain and sour. Still can remember vividly in my mind that while I am searching, I heard my bf shout.. Wah Wah Wah….

I asked Hamik kau sai and I turned towards him…

Walao eh…His shirt black shirt is full of red orange moving stuff. Guess what is that. ANTS. Many ants on his shirt. Front and back.

At that moment , what I was thinking HIT. I hit him as hard I could. Haha. Y? That day 16th December he mata juling lo. Didn’t see the number on the 5 Loaves Café. Hit until my hands also pain. Don’t know I was hitting the ants or kay kay wanted to hit him. Hehe.

We started searching again. When we thought of searching from the tua pek kong side until the Hilton, Norman called up. He said Ben was with them and he said the box was gone already but no one called him to claim the prize. We saw Ben at that time also but he was across the road near the place where the box was hidden. Actually it was hidden in the bushes somewhere at the worker’s car park right after Hilton.
However, until now, the box owner we still not sure. Maybe the hotel cleaner who took it or maybe dog took it I guess la.
We just like soaked with water. Wholebody wet and hand pain some more. What a busy and wet day. Very cold some more. Freezing le.

Story boarding : Egg
Comic: Yolk

17th Dec 2008 (second day search)

Minex Jewellery Finder's Keepers treasure hunt
17th December riddle:-
Remember the day we became one, You’ll find me lost in a round of cheers.

We set up another strategy. I browsed internet at home and my bf searched at the place himself while calling each other through hp (Thanks to celcom cos we are using 3 plus 1 package. Will get a 3G package soon.)
He went to Padang Merdeka. But it was raining. He just looked around then went into Merdeka Palace and scanning at the place. Found nothing.

After that he went over to the old court house to look for any Merdeka stuff. Nothing was found.

By that time, the box was found. It found quite fast but today we still didn’t manage to find it. The box was hidden around the bushes at Padang Merdeka opposite Merdeka Palace Hotel.

Sigh. Another bad day.

Story boarding : Egg
Comic: Yolk

16th Dec 2008 (the journey begins)

Ho Ho Ho…Santa Claus is coming to Kuching. Minex Jewellery organizes Finder's Keepers treasure hunt from from 15th till 24th December. This year should be called meaningful to all of us in Kuching. It is the first and special activity that we have in Kuching. Thanks to Minex Jewellery. We participate in this treasure hunt start from 16th December. Actually the treasure hunt started on the 15th but I didn’t get to join because I have things to deal with.

On the 16th December, the riddle was like this:-
“Take the train to where the hungry gather, where 8 marks the spot.”

The first thing we thought was coffeeshop at Jalan Keretapi and table number “8”. But then Jalan Keretapi got many coffeeshop. We started to go and looked for it.

When we passed by 5 Loaves Café about 9.10am, we decided to go there for a looked because the café go the number of “5” instead of “8”. That looks a bit suspicious. Therefore, my bf go down there for a look (raining and we park the car aside). But awhile only, he got back to me saying that “No number on table la”. Since no number on table, then it shouldn’t be the place la.
Then we drive around there twice. We search for shoplot number 8 but we found it is a clinic.

We thought for awhile. Then we decided to go to The Spring Kluang Station. When we reach there, we straight find table number 8 and sit still over there confidently. We ordered one coffee and one cham. Drinking while searching. Table got hole inside. We hardly see through it. So I used my hp to take video through the hole. In the meantime, we saw 3 people out there staring at us. If not mistaken was two gals and a boy. They stared at us but don’t talking about what out there. I saw them playing with coin some more. Just like trying to throw the coin and decide doing something. But then we still continue to search. Checking under the table, under the chair. Nothing there.

When we tried to give up, here came another guy. He said “Are you bloggers?”
He (Edwin Lay) was one of the treasure hunters as well. He wanted to check as well. Later he asked the shop owner whether he knew anyone put the box there or not. The owner said “Not sure”. We tried to pull up the bench. Inside all are boxes of coffee. Sigh. Nothing there.

We went back to Jalan Keretapi again. Nothing found again. What a bad day.

Then we started singing over there

Cause you had a bad day, You're taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don't know, You tell me don't lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride
You had a bad day, You've seen what you like
And how does it feel for one more time
You had a bad day
You had a bad day
The riddle was solved the next day with the answer at 5 Loaves Café table number 8.

I blurred. How come the table suddenly got numbers? Sigh. Maybe someone really mata juling. The box flew away lo. Wait for the next day again lo. What to do…sigh..

Story boarding : Egg
Comic: Yolk

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