Sunday, March 28, 2010

Love World Love Sloggi

As a typical Malaysian, I love “freebies”! In fact, everybody wants to have things for free! Wouldn’t you?

For the westerners, who do you think they love most? It’s Santa Clause!!! He gives away free presents during Christmas!!

As for Asian, especially the Chinese, we love “God of Fortune” as he gives us free Ang Pao during the Lunar Chinese New Year!

However, there’s no prove to show the existence of both Santa Clause and God of Fortune, and they are just mere imagination of our greedy mind =_=” In fact, there’s someone greater than Santa Clause and Fortune God who has been giving us so many things for free without asking for any repayment.
Not our boss, because we do not get our salary for free.

Not our government, because we pay taxes!

It’s our World!

It gives us free air to breath

It gives us free soil to grow foods

It gives us free water for us to consume

I love the world so much because it never fails to give me all these for FREE!

BUT! Not every one of us loves our world! They cut down trees and destroy the fertility of soils, they contaminated the air with pollutants, and they polluted water with tones of rubbish (especially plastic bottles).

While the world suffers from these ill acts of people, Sloggi stands out and shows the world what they can do to help cleaning the world!

Sloggi recently introduces their Spring 2010 collection that inspires by the passion of a cleaner world. Their “love world” collection is made of 90% Polyester (yarn material is produced from 100% recycled plastic bottles) and 10% Elastane. Other than being GREEN to the environment, these Sloggi’s collection comes with colourful patterns (yellow green, orangy pink, grey brown, black – M014) and fashionable design!

Other than that, Sloggi is always recognized as a brand which fits perfectly even being wear and wash for many times. People also say Sloggi briefs give the comfort of cotton next to their skin. The British claim that Sloggi briefs “fit like a glove” whereas the French call their Sloggis “les indéformables” – which tells its own Sloggi-tale.

I say “Sloggi! Best in Malaysia and Singapore, some say the whole world!”

How can we not love Sloggi which gives us perfect comfort while helps to make our world cleaner?

Here's a fun animation to end this post!

This blog post is written for the purpose of joining "
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By: Egg and Yolk

Monday, March 22, 2010

No Sweat

When I see the word “sweat”, it reminds me of my old friend who is currently in Sibu. Why did the word “sweat” have any connection with him?

Well, you guess it right. He “sweats” a lot!! This friend of mine named “Yew Wan Ing” which sounds like “you want ink??” LOL!

I hope he’s not reading this -_-“

He’s a great guy personally, he’s a good teacher, a very helpful friend and a very simple minded person (who don’t get mad at us even when my friends and I make fun of him XD). The only negative side of him is that he sweats a lot! I wonder if he suffers from “hyperhidrosis - the condition characterized by abnormally increased perspiration, in excess of that required for regulation of body temperature. Wikipedia

It’s not that I want to complain about him but sometime the smell of sweating and those stickiness just makes you feel uncomfortable. I’ll give you some examples of his “excessive sweating condition”.

Sweat while he cooks.
He loves making soups but when ever he cooks, you can see his sweat flowing like water tap. In the end of the day, his soup tasted extra SALTY!!

Sweats when he consumed spicy food.
He couldn’t even stand “Maggi Curry”s spiciness. He’ll end up having an over flowing soup which gets saltier -_-"

Wet shirts during day time.
You can see sweat stains and white marks all over his shirts when they dry off in an air-conditioned room.

Squeeze a bucket full of sweat after sports.

I guess the only cure for him now is to get himself a bottle of Adidas Anti-Perspirant Spray!

Adidas Action 3 Anti-Perspirant comes with 6 main types with options of spray or roll-on.







Well, I suggested my friend to use the “Adidas Action 3 Intensive Anti-Perspirant Spray” few weeks ago and guess what is his feedback?

“I ain’t Mr. Sweaty no more!”

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BY: Egg & Yolk

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Favourite Surfing Spot

Hmm..I don’t have a surfing spot that I like yet. Why? Because I’m using a cabled internet connection! I can’t even move my computer or else the cables will be all over the places!

Other than that, my house’s router is placed in the living room, which means, I have to surf or online while people walking around me. I don’t even have a chance to visit those *ehem! site.

I’m not sure about you guys, but I feel really irritated when people looking at me when I'm doing my things. Sometime when I was writing blog and someone just come by and said “wrong spelling lar…”, I felt like turning around and said “See what see! 38!”. But to avoid any quarrels, I’ll just turn around and frowned.

Well, I really hope to have a place of my own to surf. Somewhere which is quiet, clean and spacious. The only place I can think of which satisfy all my demands is the living room of my new house (where I'll be staying alone until Egg moves in). It’s going to be my favorite surfing spot. Why?

I’m going to fix an air conditioner at the living room, furnish it with an L-shaped sofa and rectangular coffee table, a home theatre system, and not forgetting, a portable modem wiggy!

P1 Wiggy USB

With all these, I can sit back and enjoy surfing the net without worrying about those messy cables while listening to my favorite tune.

With such comfortable surfing spot, how can I miss out a plate of Kuching Sio Bee and a can of chilled Shandy. Life is just too good to be true!

Famous Kuching Sio Bee

Chilled Shandy

Anyway, that’s all just my imagination. Hopefully, I’ll have my house ready soon and P1WIMAX spreads it’s coverage until Kuching.

Until then, I’m stuck at my little corner of surfing spot =_=”

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

by: Egg & Yolk

Monday, March 15, 2010

Kuntum (the Star) Colouring contest@the Spring

It has been quite some time that we blogged about contest. So we’ll just update some events in Kuching that we took part.

Last Saturday, the Star organized a children colouring contest at their road show in the Spring.

Guess what, I (Yolk) was asked to be the judge. It was my first time being a judge and I’m afraid that my poor judgement skill might end up picking the wrong winner! Thankfully Egg was there to help me as she was part of the organiser.

Most of them brought their own gadgets (Tables & Crayons)

Those children were given 40 minutes to complete the whole colouring process. Those parents were very supportive. I notice a father brought food and drinks for his son when his son was busy doing the colouring.

Kids these days are just too fortunate -_-"

All of a sudden, a question runs through my head, “Will my kids join these contest in the future? I turned around and asked Egg then she replied “of course!” I was glad! You know what I mean? hehe!

The contest ended and picking the winner was like a breeze. Not because I’m a good judge but because I was helped by Egg and her colleagues.

The winners!

By the way, I’m proud to announce a good news here to all our friends! (Not about marriage lar)

Egg finally got her Perodua Alza!! A black metallic premium version! I guess I don’t have to be her driver anymore XD

By: Egg & Yolka

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Star (Sarawak Edition)

Do you often read newspapers? As for me, I enjoyed reading news paper because I’m one of those “kaypo – busy body”people! Haha! Anyway, if you are staying in Sarawak, you’ll find that most English educated people read “The Borneo Post”, only little option to buy west Malaysian’s paper. I guess we don’t have much choice as there’s just too few local English papers.

However, starting from today, we (Sarawakian) will have something new to accompany us during our breakfast as The Star’s inaugural Sarawak Edition hits the street today! Breakfast will never the same anymore.

The Star (Sarawak) was official launched today by our State Housing and Urban Development Minister Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Abang Openg who represented our Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud at the Spring shopping mall, Kuching.

The Spring Shopping Mall (North court)

Registration counter


While waiting for the VVIP, there were some
musical performance to entertain the guests

The arrival of Datuk (s)

In conjunction of the launch, The Star offers a lot of promotions and they gave away a lot of freebies. All visitors to the launch today will get a copy of today’s edition of The Star for free.

If you subscribe the paper for 8 month, you’ll get another 4 months for FREE which cost you only RM224 (saved RM209). There’s another package where you subscribe for 2 months, you’ll get 1 month free with the price of RM56. This promotion is only valid from 1st March to 30th June 2010. So hurry and get a copy yourself!

Those who subscribe the paper on the spot today will get a lot of shopping vouchers sponsored by “LEA sports centre”, “Starbucks”, and so on. The roadshow was held at the Spring from today till March 14, during which The Star’s circulation counter will be offering subscription sales and promotions.

Activities during the roadshow

The event was successful and it has been an exshausting day for all the star's staff including Egg -_-" She has been sitting at the registration counter the whole day registering all the guest and visitors.

Registration of guests

By: Egg & Yolk