Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sensing Danger

When you perceive danger, either real or imagined, your body responds instantly with a series of chemical and muscular changes that readies you for physical combat or to run away.

So does animals. They tend to use their special ability to protect themselves from harm (either to defend or to escape) when they sense danger.

Squid discharge the ink to hide their escape

Porcupine shoot its quills to defend itself

As for our KiKi, he'll unleashed his ultimate defend when ever he is under attack....



"Submissive urination" can be exhibited by both male and female dogs and by any breed. This behavior is commonly seen in young dogs and often is accompanied by the dog rolling over on its back and licking the counterpart's face. It's very normal. A dog will display this behavior to assure the other dog or person of his complete submission and surrender. He wants to make sure he won't get in trouble or hurt and so shows that he is giving in completely to the other's seniority and dominance. It's the ultimate sign of surrender.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Have been watching Jinnyboy's videos after he (and his gang) made a huge scene in the YouTube world by posting lots of creative yet entertaining short videos.
This post was actually inspired by his "ABUDEN?!" short video which was circulated around the Facebook. There were even screen shots of the epic "abuden?!" I can't stop laughing after watching the video as it shows how typical everyone of us are during our daily conversation.

Below is the video that I mentioned, Enjoy!

Here's little something we would like to give to Jin, hopefully there'll be more interesting videos coming up in the near future! :D

Saturday, May 19, 2012

What my students think of me

On the 16th of May, we (Malaysian) celebrated Teachers' Day to commemorate the teachers for their efforts. By having celebrations on Teacher's Day we convey the message that we care for our teachers. Celebrating Teachers Day is recognition of the devotion with which teachers undertake the responsibility of educating a child.

As for myself being a great typical teacher, this is the first time I received a hand made card from my students :D (I know I failed being a teacher for not being appreciated all these while *sad*)

After flipping through the card, I was so touched and I finally know what my students think of me!

P/S: I never wear short pant to school >_<"

hmm...my student's doodle of me somehow looks familiar.....Oh!! I think I know where I saw it!


Happy Belated Teachers' Day!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Mother must be God

Happy Mothers's Day to all mothers in the World!! :D

Friday, May 4, 2012

Mango mango

The other day when Egg was in her office, her colleague came to her and asked.....

So Mel responded to her first..

Then Egg gave her translations..

Then when Egg told me about it, this was my translation!
1 mango = mango
2 mangos = mangomango
3 mangos = mangomangomango
100 mangos?
Wait i take my recorder ok?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Inspiring Mom

Mother's day is just around the corner, so here's a short story about my mom and how she inspires me.
This is my mom

My mom was a very athletic person in nature. She has been doing all sorts of exercises almost every night after her long day of work. She had her Tai Chi session 3 days a week, traditional dance practices every Sunday morning and her routine jogging session every Saturday evening.   
I think I'm pretty much influenced by her that I picked up basketball when I was in secondary school. I might not be a very good player but at least I'm a frequent player during the evenings at Tabuan Jaya's basketball court.

Now that my mom had almost comes to her 70s', she still continues with her exercising routine and age never stops her down. Even my dad were brought along during her exercise session, be it the Tai Chi session or the traditional dance session.

Even though my parents were already at these age, they still make sure that they get enough exercises to remain healthy and active mentally. I'm always proud of them and I'm making sure that I go for sports as much as possible.

Here's my wishes to all mothers in the universe, 
Happy Mother's Day and Stay Healthy always!

In conjunction of Mother's day, Jacobs' Malaysia had organised a story writing competition. Submit your mom's inspiring story then you might win an Osim massage chair or other attractive prizes!
I submitted my entry with an animation. Enjoy! :D