Tuesday, December 28, 2010

F&N Fruit Tree @ Kuching

Hurray! F&N Fruit Tree is finally in Kuching! Actually they were here yesterday but I missed out going there to try my luck for the RM50 cash.
Today, they were stationed in front of Padungan's Mc Donald. Since I'm around that area in the morning, so I decide to drop by to win the RM50 Cash snap some pictures! After all, I'll get a free bottle of fruit juice :)
Since it wasn't a long queue, I grabbed a bottle of Lychee flavoured F&N fruit juice and try out my luck shaking the tree for a chance of winning RM50!
The game is simple. all you have to do is just to shake the tree and a ping pong ball will fall out of it. If you get a red ping pong ball, you'll get RM50 cash!

Finally, it was my turn!! 


It's a white ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess what, right after my turn, the guy behind me got the Red Ping Pong Ball! If only I let him to queue in front of me, I might just be the RM50 winner! Too bad! Luck just slipped passed me today -_-"  


Sigh~ better luck next time >_<

By: Yolk

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

We went to Spring for the Christmas countdown last night but it was totally packed! We spent more than an hour looking for parkings.
When we finally reached the event area, it was already 10pm. Missed out a lot of the show earlier but never mind, at least we still get to enjoy some awesome live band performance. 

Noticed something strangely-yellow in the middle?

This countdown event was partly sponsored by DiGi, as usual, if there's DiGi, there's yellowman! ~I will follow you~~
Here's the best part about events in Kuching, we have plenty of lucky draws! The grand prize last night was an iPhone4. (Only for new DiGi's plan subscriber, iPhone4 or broadband)
DiGi's staff and the MC of the night from hitz.fm Kuching announcing the lucky draw winners

Next was performances by Blessed Church, the only church in Kuching where the pastor is a professional singer (He even had his own albums >_<)

Here's the moment we were waiting for...the countdown and of course, fireworks!!

After the show ended, everyone was rushing home. At time like this, people tend to break all the laws and that includes me =_="

Everyone's driving the wrong way =_="

Anyway, I hope i'm not too late to wish all of you
Ho! Ho! Ho!

By: Egg & Yolk

Friday, December 24, 2010

Inventing My Own iPad Application for Maxis

Nowadays, hectic young generation might have difficulties in searching for their own life partner, especially those working adults. 

Without much choice, they ended up pairing with the wrong person and their life after marriage was ruined.
After graduated from studies, the chance of meeting suitable partner is quite low because majority of them stayed at home after a hectic day of work. 
(Not everyone goes clubbing anyways, unlike kenwooi XD)

If they can’t get a suitable companion in their working place, then the chances for them of finding a gf/ bf is almost equal to 0.
Unless they have a lots of “piu mui” and “piu ko” – cousins (mother’s side)

We tend to find partner that have the same interest or lifestyle. Therefore "iLove Match Maker" is just the thing you needed!
The invention of this match making application comes in handy to all the iPad owners. iPad owners can register their own account through the application and submit their partner’s requirement to the application.

The application will search the database for the 5 most suitable partners. The user can also browse through the application and read through the member’s profile then choose the partner which is their cup of tea.
Other than the simple search and match function, this application will allow users to directly contact the person of interest via video call or “live chat” functions.
As for safety measures, all profiles and photos updated will be validated by the service provider before they are uploaded in the application.

Worried if there’s someone who uses fake photos for their profile? This application will automatic capture a picture of the user during registration. So make sure you’re well dressed during registrations!
The good thing about this application is that you can import all your profiles and information from other social site such as facebook or friendster. You can also link your account to tweeter!
Here’s the best part of the application! Not everyone in this world is borned with a pretty face. If you think you don’t look good enough, you can always have you face transformed in iPad using this application. This is just for the fun part anyway.
On 2nd thought, there should be an iPad application for Nuffnang too! Checking your earnings and statistic will be easy with iPad anytime, anywhere! :D
haha!! This might come in handy someday! :D

By the way, iPad is now available with Maxis. They have the Maxis iPad Data Plans exclusive for iPad which is tailored to suits your need!
Basically there're 2 types of postpaid plans and a prepaid plan
Postpaid plans

Prepaid plan

Not bad for a deal right?

Want to invent your own version of iPad application? Visit Maxis.Nuffnang for more info!
Maxis contest participant badge
*This is written for the purpose of joining Maxis.Nuffnang "Inventing My Own iPad Application for Maxis" blogging contest. Contest ends at 11.59pm, 17 January 2011

Written by: Egg
Comic by: Yolk

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas mood @ Kuching

The Christmas mood is everywhere in the city of Kuching. I bet it’s the same elsewhere -_-“. 

this cat looks familiar?? >_<

Since there’s so many decorations around, Egg and I decide to go around taking some photos around the city’s most happening place, “the Spring”!

Christmas tree everywhere!

This is a HUGE Christmas Tree in the center of the shopping mall 
hanged with lots of Christmas wishes! Hope their wishes come true :D

Naughty Egg -_-"

2 stupid fellow camwhore in the middle of the mall -_-"

as usual, Christmas caroling is a must in the season!

I randomly took this picture. Tell me what did you see in this picture?

a) A Santa riding a Unicorn?
b) A restaurant filled with people?
c) A bird with an umbrella on its head?

As for me, I actually saw a man scratching his leg with his feet at the top left -_-" Pretty Random huh??

Enough of those craps. Since this is a season of sharing and giving presents, we decide to give our house a little present! So we bought a cool water fountain for our living room! 


Sorry for this boring post guys! I've been very busy "berrying" with DiGi's "what berry are you" until I have no time to draw properly!! Hope to be in the top 6 at the end of the contest -_-". Guess what berry am I?
Super Kiam Siap!! @_@

By: Egg & Yolk