Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

We went to Spring for the Christmas countdown last night but it was totally packed! We spent more than an hour looking for parkings.
When we finally reached the event area, it was already 10pm. Missed out a lot of the show earlier but never mind, at least we still get to enjoy some awesome live band performance. 

Noticed something strangely-yellow in the middle?

This countdown event was partly sponsored by DiGi, as usual, if there's DiGi, there's yellowman! ~I will follow you~~
Here's the best part about events in Kuching, we have plenty of lucky draws! The grand prize last night was an iPhone4. (Only for new DiGi's plan subscriber, iPhone4 or broadband)
DiGi's staff and the MC of the night from Kuching announcing the lucky draw winners

Next was performances by Blessed Church, the only church in Kuching where the pastor is a professional singer (He even had his own albums >_<)

Here's the moment we were waiting for...the countdown and of course, fireworks!!

After the show ended, everyone was rushing home. At time like this, people tend to break all the laws and that includes me =_="

Everyone's driving the wrong way =_="

Anyway, I hope i'm not too late to wish all of you
Ho! Ho! Ho!

By: Egg & Yolk


  1. kuching is happening!


    it is growing up.

  2. wow the yellow man ion the left is actually....kinda cute! ^^ i wish he was my digi yellow man ^^ follow me pls~
    and yeah, totally feeling the pain bout the pain of finding a parking space -_-" even in Penang.

  3. richard ~ haha! it's growing..hopefully as big as KL soon :D

    Eesoon ~ merry belated Christmas to you too!

    John ~ LOL!

    Glo-w ~ Haha! Never know you like this type >_< If only Egg's willing to ride my motorbike then I don't have to worry about parkings anymore -_-"

  4. nice pictures...especially the first two ;)


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