Tuesday, December 28, 2010

F&N Fruit Tree @ Kuching

Hurray! F&N Fruit Tree is finally in Kuching! Actually they were here yesterday but I missed out going there to try my luck for the RM50 cash.
Today, they were stationed in front of Padungan's Mc Donald. Since I'm around that area in the morning, so I decide to drop by to win the RM50 Cash snap some pictures! After all, I'll get a free bottle of fruit juice :)
Since it wasn't a long queue, I grabbed a bottle of Lychee flavoured F&N fruit juice and try out my luck shaking the tree for a chance of winning RM50!
The game is simple. all you have to do is just to shake the tree and a ping pong ball will fall out of it. If you get a red ping pong ball, you'll get RM50 cash!

Finally, it was my turn!! 


It's a white ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess what, right after my turn, the guy behind me got the Red Ping Pong Ball! If only I let him to queue in front of me, I might just be the RM50 winner! Too bad! Luck just slipped passed me today -_-"  


Sigh~ better luck next time >_<

By: Yolk


  1. hahahaha... I love the last photo and the caption
    is so match with the little girl's expression!
    haha. You have your luck on a lot of other things,
    let other people to have their luck in this one ba.

  2. Its only rm50~ try harder next time XD

  3. hahha, that kiddo..and the mascot so funneh!

  4. y2j ~ lol! no luck at all -_-"

    eesoon ~ haha! it was fun actually and i got myself a bottle of free juice ^^

    kelvin ~ haha! i will!

    joeanney ~ haha!


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