Thursday, January 6, 2011

How to use a mouse?

 Computing lesson for Adults


Teacher: This is a cursor. When you move your mouse, the cursor in your monitor will move accordingly

Student: You lousy teacher! What are you teaching?? 
I keep moving my mouse but my cursor don't even moved!

Student: You see?! Are you trying to cheat my money for this stupid computing course?

Teacher: Speechless.............-_-"

This is a true story told by one of my friend recently. I guess there's still a lot of computer illiterate adults in our country. 

Anyway, this is just a filler blog post. Have been very busy lately with my day job until I don't even have time to draw properly. Anyway, I'm still working on another animation and "wedding preparation part 2". Haha! Stay tuned! :D

By: Egg & Yolk


  1. hahahaha....he moved his mouse in the air. wonder the cursor did not move

  2. timmy ~ yalor! that guy damn blur lo -_-

  3. LMAO that is WAY too hilarious!!!I honestly can't believe that that was real lah...

  4. That's funny hahaha... smart guy indeed! :)

  5. punk chopstick ~ that's real story lo..i seriously cant imagine how these people lived without the basic knowledge of computing -_-"

    jasmine ~ LOL! pretty darn smart XD


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