Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ghost Busters?

We did mention in my previous post that we were working on an animation right? 

Basically it's about creating a video in the most creative interpretation of  "Stronger, Wider and Faster" internet with P1 Wimax. 

So after lots of thinking and cracking, we came out with the idea of ghost busting! Haha! Thanks to the old time cartoon which gave us the inspirations.

Does this picture brings back memories? Haha! This was one of my (yolk)  favourite show when I was still a kid. I still remember that I was so obsessed  with the cartoon that I force my dad to buy me the toy gun! He didn't buy eventually because it was quite pricey at that time..*sob..sob

 Pretty nostalgic huh? 

Anyway here's our animated video!

Now that you've watch the video, please vote for this video (if you think it worth your votes) 

 Just click the picture above then click "click to vote"

*If it doesn't work, please click this link instead and look for "video by yin san" and vote

We know it's kind of hard to overtake the other contestant who have already gotten more than 1000 votes (even though the video were just normal rated) but I do hope to have your supports. 

Thanks guys!!

By: Egg & Yolk