Sunday, June 28, 2015

AirAsia Free Seats!

Travelling around the world has always been a dream for both Egg and I. However, the air fare had been the biggest hindrance, thus we ended up going "local" most of the time.

As the matter of fact, Egg and I didn't even have a proper honeymoon after we got married. It has been 4 years since our marriage and I felt as if I'm starting to forget how "romantic" actually felt like.

Now that AirAsia is offering Free Seats to destinations all over Asia, I must get hold of this chance and bring Egg out for a proper honeymoon! and get sexy romantic!!
Grab your tickets now till 28 June 2015 and starts travelling from 15 February to 31 August 2016.

So the big question is, where is the most romantic place on Earth? Many might say Italy, some might say Korea but I'll say, JAPAN!!

You might not know but the Japanese had been celebrating one of the most romantic festival on Earth.

We used to hear about Chinese Valentine’s which is on 7th day of the 7th month in lunar Calendar that celebrates the reunification of celestial lovers once a year but we rarely celebrate in our country.

In Japan, the festival is called Tanabata (七夕, meaning "Evening of the seventh")  which is celebrated on 7th July of the Gregorian calendar or 7th August depending on region.

The legend of Tanabata in Japan is a mixture of Chinese legend and local beliefs. Actually there are few version of the stories. Below is one of the famous one.

Now that we've learnt about the Tanabata Matsuri (festival), below are some of the famous Tanabata festival held in Japan!

Asagaya Tanabata Festival: It’s been going strong for 60 years and is the biggest Tanabata festival in Tokyo. Community organizations make giant paper maches of animals, characters, etc. If you are in Tokyo and it is the week of August 7th head down to Asagaya for a cozy and fun Tanabata experience.

Sendai Tanabata: The most well-known Tanabata. It is August 7th and lasts 3 days.

Hiratsuka Tanabata: If you want to attend a big Tanabata festival in the Kanto region then this is your location! It’s July 7th and lasts 4 days.

What we expect to see during Tanabata Festival  

Long bamboo poles are decorated with beautiful Tanabata ornaments and coloured decorations at Shopping malls and along the streets.
Witness lots of parade and dancing at the street during the festival. We also hope to see the celebration in Tokyo Disneyland which often featuring a greeting parade with Mickey as Altair and Minnie as Vega. *Mickey fan*

What we want to do during Tanabata Festival

On of the "must-do" during Tanabata is "Writting Wishes" and hang it onto the special erected bamboo trees. Later, the wish-laden bamboo are thrown into a river or brought to a shrine where they are set on fire. Once this is done, the wishes are said to come true.

Heading over to Tokyo Tower is also a good idea. We'll be able to see illumination of the Milky Way at the Main Observatory. We also hope to visit their carnival games. 

What we desire to eat during Tanabata Festival

How can we visit a festival without trying their street food?? *gluttony mode activated* Look at all those Yakitori (grilled chicken), Takoyaki (octopus pancake), Yakisoba (fried noodle) and Okonomiyaki (japanese pancake) and... and..... *drool~

Travelling to Japan might sounds a bit pricey for some of you, but with AirAsia's free seats offers, travelling to Japan isn't a dream anymore! Quickly grab your tickets before it's too late!

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