Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wedding Preparation 3

A short update this week! We've just got our copy of our official wedding photos. Here's the preview! >_<

We got our "bed head" a.k.a the bedroom photo too. I hang it right infront of our bed instead of hanging it on top of our bed.  According to Kenny Hoo of GOOD FENG SHUI, wedding photo must not hang on top of the bed. Why? Try to ask Kenny lo~ =_="

We also got our F.O.C 3-crystal photo frame.

Our Photo Wedding Cards

Stay tune for our final preparation! :D 

By the way, if you're looking for the answer of our riddle, it'll be up by this weekend! >_<

By: Egg & Yolk

Friday, March 18, 2011

Riddle: A division of cake

This weekend is going to be a busy weekend so I don't think we can post something long. Egg's going to her company's function while I'll be busy animating a new animation while working hard to finish my "brought home but haven't mark" test paper! =_="
Anyway, just to make sure you guys are entertained, I'm going to start a little corner with a collections of riddles. So here's the 1st riddle in our blog post!

 Give your best shot!!

By: Egg & Yolk

Saturday, March 12, 2011

*toot! those PARASITE!

Egg and I were a frequent visitor to our local temple which is roughly 28km from town. Local use to call it the "green mountain"

It is located on a hill surrounded by a small Malay fishing village. Just by looking at the scenery, I'm sure you can feel how peaceful and relaxing this place is.

A lot of Chinese believer visit this temple during the "1st and the 15th" of a Chinese calendar to burn their essence for sky a.k.a "tian gong (sky grand father)" and few other Buddha inside the temple.

Anyway, today I'm not going to write about how great the trip is and how nice the place is, but instead, I'm going to show you the true colours of the "sickening" village's parasite which I hate them down to earth. Let's call them "Arshaul"

When ever you visit this place, the arshauls (few of them) will come near your car and acting as if they are the parking attendants and instruct you on where to park the car.

Once you parked, those arshauls will come to you asking for parking fees. Guess how much is that? It's a g*d da*n RM4.00! 

Even the Spring shopping mall with proper/professional security personnel only charge RM2.00 per car through out the day!

If you insist not to pay, they will start cursing you and force you to pay. Well, for a typical Sarawakian Chinese, they'll just pay them instead of risking their car being sabotaged.

Now, do you think I paid? The answer will be NO! and NEVER WILL! Luckily there's a Chinese Seafood Restaurant nearby which provide parking for their customers and they were protected by the government (JKK/DBKU). We were lucky enough to find a parking there.

When we went up the hill, there was another car came and park near the temple, so I decide to take pictures of the whole process of the arshauls begging for money.

*Please recognize their faces

I wonder how rotten they can get! Having both hands and legs working fine and yet they can't find a real job to earn, instead they prefer to sit there leeching for money from visitors. 

My questions are, 
Are they allowed to collect fees from visitors legally?
Are those parking spaces built by them?
Does our government approve them as a parking fees collector?

I'm not sure where I can get the exact answer for the questions posted above but I can definitely tell you that they are worse than OKU (Orang Kurang Upaya) or I should call them OTU (Orang Tiada Upaya)

By: Egg & Yolk

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm 27, 8 years old

I’m now 27, 8 years old....

My waking hours changed from 12 noon to 7am, my sleeping hours changed from dawn to 11pm

When I meet my family and friend, they don’t ask how my exam was, but they ask how much is my salary, am I married?

When I chat during meals, the topic is always about “he’s getting ready for marriage”, “when did she got married?”

I didn’t worried about my school’s assignments but I’m worried about the hike of petrol and housing prices, the status of share market
I don’t buy anything I want but I calculate how much I’ve spent and how much is left. It’s time to buy a house

When I tried to recall back, I’ve made a lot of mistakes, took too many wrong paths, I regretted but I can never go back

When I felt lonely, I just on my facebook and see who’s on the line. Thought of chatting something but instead, I just stopped there typing nothing.

No matter how hurt I’ve been, I always says “I’m fine”, because I don’t want anyone to worried, I don’t want anyone to pity me

I’m tired.. really tired...

This blog post was inspired by the video "我今年,二十七八岁" which I find the facts were very true. It really express how most of us "aged 27-28" lived our lives now (the typical live of most Asians)

When I try to think of it, it's such a boring life where everything is planned and fixed. We studied for better future, we worked for better salary, we spent just to make people "wow!", we boasted just to hide our weakness..hmmph...

Isn't it's time for a change?........... I guess not...cause we don't have much choice =_="

Anyway, here's the video i mentioned earlier. Enjoy! By the way, it's in Mandarin. I can't find the English subbed version but it's pretty much like what I've drawn above >_<

By: Egg&Yolk