Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm 27, 8 years old

I’m now 27, 8 years old....

My waking hours changed from 12 noon to 7am, my sleeping hours changed from dawn to 11pm

When I meet my family and friend, they don’t ask how my exam was, but they ask how much is my salary, am I married?

When I chat during meals, the topic is always about “he’s getting ready for marriage”, “when did she got married?”

I didn’t worried about my school’s assignments but I’m worried about the hike of petrol and housing prices, the status of share market
I don’t buy anything I want but I calculate how much I’ve spent and how much is left. It’s time to buy a house

When I tried to recall back, I’ve made a lot of mistakes, took too many wrong paths, I regretted but I can never go back

When I felt lonely, I just on my facebook and see who’s on the line. Thought of chatting something but instead, I just stopped there typing nothing.

No matter how hurt I’ve been, I always says “I’m fine”, because I don’t want anyone to worried, I don’t want anyone to pity me

I’m tired.. really tired...

This blog post was inspired by the video "我今年,二十七八岁" which I find the facts were very true. It really express how most of us "aged 27-28" lived our lives now (the typical live of most Asians)

When I try to think of it, it's such a boring life where everything is planned and fixed. We studied for better future, we worked for better salary, we spent just to make people "wow!", we boasted just to hide our weakness..hmmph...

Isn't it's time for a change?........... I guess not...cause we don't have much choice =_="

Anyway, here's the video i mentioned earlier. Enjoy! By the way, it's in Mandarin. I can't find the English subbed version but it's pretty much like what I've drawn above >_<

By: Egg&Yolk


  1. Having the same dillema as you are.. *sigh* I guess this is what they call 'mid life crisis..'

  2. cyril ~ haha! that's just life =_=" Everyone's gonna face it sooner or later..

  3. although you said it is for '27,8' years old but I guess I've started to have it even when I was '23,4' and should say those 2 are the worst years ever in life. I am 25 now, won't say my life is better. Instead I am still facing the so call 'crisis' but I found that it is life, just like what you said. Not mid life crisis yet, instead the beginning or introduction of what we call the real life, the realistic, the wild world out there without any guidance from parents or family.
    Regret may be something we face, but if we think deeper it is also something we learn from. Without mistakes, we wouldn't know what we do now is right and without mistakes, we wouldn't know we are so lucky now =)

  4. Agree with you.. But I think it will continue and won't stop there only =S

  5. jennifer ~ agreed! I was 24 when I stepped into the working world where everything pretty much depends on myself. That's when I learn to be independent, taking responsibility, and learn to take care of others instead of just thinking of my own benefits. I guess it's as hard as you or many others out there. Well, That's life isn't it? :)

    araleling ~ haha! it'll stop when I start my pension when i'm 58!! >_<

  6. Lol...Most normal people will face such situation unless we got rich background la. Haha.

  7. Good is all true facts of life.

  8. mr loso ~ haha! true!

    eddi ~ yup! that's why I want to share it with you guys

    y2j ~ haha! so am I! =_="


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