Sunday, February 26, 2012

Troll Level: Shitting Bird


Hopefully this will cheer you up before your Monday blue tomorrow! :D

Friday, February 24, 2012

My Happiest CNY Moment

After working on the animation for the whole week, finally the animation is Up!! Here's my newly made character!
Basically, this animation was made for the "Oloiya Happiest CNY Moment Video Contest" which will end on the 29th February.

The story line of the animation is about what happened to me during my younger days and my happiest moment throughout the Chinese New Year seasons. Well, to be honest, I seriously doesn't like Ang Pao very much as there weren't much collections by the end of Chinese New Year. I preferred to indulge myself with the Chinese New Year Goodies especially, "肉干"  a.k.a dried BBQ meat.

Anyway, long story short. Go ahead and watch the animation below :D

Egg did also joined the photo category with her cute photo when she was still a peanut >_<. Here's her submission -->  Egg's Photo
每个人都喜欢红包. 大人小孩, 大大小小都对它不离不弃. 红包是大人一年来奋斗的奖赏, 也是小孩一年来努力上进的鼓励金. 哪请问有谁不爱那个红红的四方袋呢?

十几年前小巧玲珑,天真无邪的我,虽然不懂得红包的意义; 可是还是对它始终如一, 爱不释手. 连拍照也不看镜头. 依然还在依依不舍的盯着, 叔叔阿姨们手里握住的红包啊! 我真的有那么爱钱吗? 注意看哦, 我手里还有拿着一个红包. 那时候我心里一定在想着你们手上有那么多红包,为何只给我一个呢?”

回想起来, 过年还是要拿红包.没拿红包就不是过年了. 想到这里就有点想哭, 因为今年我已经升级派红包了. 对我而言, 收到长辈们的红包是每一年最开心的事. 不管里面有多少, 最重要的还是那份很多人到现在还搞不清楚的意义. > <

在这里,我慎重的呼吁: “ 老板, 老公 ~ 你们可不可以给我多一些赞助金呢? 好让我有够基金派出去!”

My terrible translation:
Everyone loves red packets. Even though I don't really understand the purpose behind a red packet , I still can't let them off my hands. I don't even look at the camera when the photo was taken as I was aiming at my relative's red packets in their hands. I was thinking, "Why don't you share some of the red packets that you're holding with me?"

Come to think of it, Chinese New Year is not completed without red packets. I felt so sad when I thought of this as this year, I was "upgraded" to be the distributor of red packets. To me, getting red packets from others is the happiest things during the Chinese New Year where the amount is not a factor. 

I here by proclaimed: "Dear boss and husband ~ Can I have more sponsorship? So that I'll have enough to give them away!"

Hope you guys enjoyed our entries :D 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Animation in da making!

Guys! We're currently working on an animation and we do hope that it can be done within this week! (due on the 29th >_<"). Therefore, we might not be able to update our blog as frequent as we did recently.. *paiseh*

Anyway, do stay tune for our up coming animation! It's going to be different this time :D

Saturday, February 18, 2012

CollagenMAX bright - Not just any Collagen

If you're a frequent visitor to my blog, I'm sure Collagen is not anything alien to you anymore. Huh? You're not sure what collagen is? read this up ---> CollagenMax

If you're too lazy to read up our previous post, I'll just do a simple summary on Collagen! 
Photos credited to Google Image 
So how do we replenish the collagen in our body? The answer is just too easy :D Drink CollagenMax!
Wait!! There's something even better!!!
CollagenMAX bright by Fabula
CollagenMAX Bright is another revolutionary collagen drink which is infused with Berry Essence which contains Polyphenol- Star of antioxidant!

These bottles of goodness actually contains:
10,000mg collagen peptide 
Multi-Berries Essence

These berry essence contain rich antioxidants which is scientifically proven to,

  • protect your eyes from light, delay the aging of the eyes and prevent lesions.
  • provide comprehensive whitening (both skin and eyes), deep moisturizing (both skin and eyes), protection of the cardiovascular
So how antioxidant actually works? According to

                "Free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms with an odd (unpaired) number of electrons and can be formed when oxygen interacts with certain molecules. Once formed these highly reactive radicals can start a chain reaction, like dominoes. Their chief danger comes from the damage they can do when they react with important cellular components such as DNA, or the cell membrane. Cells may function poorly or die if this occurs. To prevent free radical damage the body has a defense system of antioxidants."
CollagenMAX bright doesn't only helps you to restore your youthful skins, it also helps to brighten up you skins and nourish your eyes to keep them fresh and bright all day long.
Not only it has low carbohydrate, it has no fat at all! So ladies, you can throw away all your doubts of getting extra KGs!
This wonderful product is manufactured in Japan and rest assure, they are radiation-free, preservative-free and DEHP (dioctyl phthalate)-free!  

With all these collagen, antioxidants and vitamins, what else do you need to keep yourself youthful and healthy?
Drink 1 bottle every 3 days and you'll be on your way to a healthier lifestyle! Life is pure, Beauty is simple.

By the way, I just want to let you know that CollagenMAX Bright tasted GOOD! erm..tasted like fruit juice :D

Friday, February 17, 2012

Final Hunt (17/2/2012)

As I mentioned in the previous post, today's hunt was boring. Why? Because it was found too early!! Some Kuchingites are just too clever -_-"

Anyway, I'll just roughly go through the hints today..

The 1st hint today: 未决定 (Pending)

What more to say? Just go to Pending lar!! But wait, which part of Pending? hmmm.... My wild guess was the Industrial area but that area was huge.

2nd hint: 金丝雀(Yorkshire breeds of birds, a.k.a Kenari in BM) 
The only place which has birds in Pending area will be our MBKS stadium's park! If Egg and I can think of it, surely there will be a lot of people out there who thought of it earlier and faster than us!

Guess what? The dragon was found after the 2nd hint was announced.
These 2 ladies walked away with RM 3,000!!! $_$"

Quite boring isn't it? Found when only 2 hints were announced -_-"

Since there were no more accumulated rewards, the final hunt of the dragon will worth Rm 1,500 and we've been anticipating for it. Egg and I went to igloo during lunch just to use their wifi! hehe! While scooping our blended ice, we watched for the status update of the hint in Myfm's fanpage.

Here comes the first hint: 金珀石 (Amber)

Without much idea of what this rock was about, Egg went back to her office and I continued sitting in Igloo while waiting for the second hint. Someone said they had seen Myfm's staff in Crown Square so I decided to believe them since I seriously can't think of anything related to the 金珀石 rock -_-"

By the time I reached Crown Square, it was just 2pm and I saw some familiar faces(dragon hunters) leaving the tower. I approached them and asked for the status. They said the dragon was found in Friendship Garden (Taman Sahabat).

I was like, huh?! *with some sticky liquid flowing out of my nose* 

I'm totally confused and blanked when they confirmed that it was found there. I don't understand what the "rock" is related to Taman Sahabat?! So I asked around and found out that it was actually the Chinese character engraved on top of the gate of the park!
The last dragon was found by this family!
The final hunters who walked away with RM 1,500. 

RM187.50 each? Nah..don't think so.The dad will put everything into his pocket like a boss!

The last hunting session lasted for only 1 hour and most of the hunters were still confused with the hint. The saddest thing is, I didn't even manage to reach the right place before the dragon was taken away -_-"

Anyway, I just want to take this opportunity to thank Myfm for their efforts in organizing such a meaningful event and hope that they'll do it again next year! Searching snakes instead off dragon! 
I guess we'll look like this next year >_< *cough! cough!

Dragon Hunt day 6

Today, the final day to hunt our little dragon in Kuching was a bit of a letdown for most of us. Anyway, I'll summarize what happened on both yesterday in this post, so bear with me before I explain why it was such a letdown.

Yesterday morning, I received the first hint from Egg around 10am with her message written like this:

Tips 1 : 32.5

Okay, tell me what would you think off? The only thing that I thought of was the bearing of a compass. So basically 32.5 degree is the north east side. With my wild imagination, I believe it's the Ang Cheng Ho area.  
32.5 degree from Kuching is pointing directly to Jalan Padungan which is around the Ang Cheng Ho area.

I didn't online during that time due to my job, I only depends to Egg's message on the hints and the status of that little dragon. After a moment, the second hint was announced,

2nd hint of the day : 孔明借箭 (Kung Ming borrowing arrows)
Well, if you're good with the Chinese history and proverbs, you should have known the story behind  孔明借箭. The story talks about how Kung Ming (Zhu Ge Liang) borrowed tenth of thousands of arrows from the enemy by fooling the enemy to fire their arrows towards his ships. So this hint is basically talking about ships. 

Now that we have confirmed the area (Ang Cheng Ho) and a ship, the only building which looks like a ship will be none other than our Hock Lee Centre! I bet a lot of people were flooding to Hock Lee once this hint was out!

Then the 3rd hint of the day: (showed in the picture below)
Well, this is even obvious that our guess was correct! Compass! Compass is used to draw circles! Circle = 360! The 360 hotel in Hock Lee centre!

15 minutes before the sessions ended, the final hint was out: 王力宏-竹林深处 (Depths of the Bamboo Forest)

Usually the last hint will be pointing at the exact location of the dragon, so where do you think the dragon was hiding? Of course, somewhere near bamboo/bushes! Alright, here comes the main part of the whole "let down" story. 

The dragon (card) was found by a foreign worker (gardener) without any idea of the treasure hunt. Myfm staff actually decided to announce him as the winner but due to the fact that he was non-Malaysian, he was not allowed to join the contest. Then comes a kay po 360 hotel's staff and saying that he himself is a Malaysian and he take the rewards on behalf of the foreign workers and share the rewards with him. I guess Myfm's staff did called up their bosses and it was decided that the rewards will go to the 360 hotel staff. sigh..... Life's just unfair >_<

green = foreign gardener, gray = 360 Hotel's staff

Alright then, the pass had passed so we move on the the afternoon session.

1st hint in the afternoon: 2012年3月31日(31st March 2012)

When Egg searched online, the only events being held in Kuching during that particular date was an education expo in Permata Car Park Kuching so I went straight to Permata. There were quite a number of people searching at that area but I didn't see any Myfm's staff around and I started to doubt. Not long after the search, Egg told me that 31st March was actually referring to Earth Hour!
Green Height Mall had been organizing event on Earth Hour almost every year so we started to guess Green Height Mall as the actual location.

Then came the 2nd hint: 四散而生 (Dandelion)

Dandelion is actually the logo of Green Height Mall (image below) and this even confirmed the location!
Everyone in Permata rushed towards Green Height Mall like mad cars and motorcyle. When I finally reached, again, the whole place was covered with Dragon Hunters holding the phones with earphone attached walking here and there!

After hours, nobody found the dragon and the 3rd hint was out (photo below)
Does it even matter? It's just another hint to tell you that it's in Green Height Mall! *everyone ignored the hint and continued searching*

Now, the final hint: The Fresh Food People
It obviously shows that the dragon was in Cold Storage! All the hunters swarmed into the supermarket and started ransacking the vegetable and fruits area! Vegetables and fruits were seen thrown to the floor and being stepped! 
*expression of the Cold Storage workers*

In the end of the day, no body found it and it was actually hidden inside the towel!
The rewards was brought to the next session!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dragon Hunt day 5

Ok, I'll skip Monday and Tuesday because the little dragon was found even before I manage to reach the scene. I guess it was found around 20 minutes after the announcement of the 1st hint!
 I'll just start with the adventure today (15th February 2012), so the first hint?
A girl + moon + star + Jean
I have totally no idea what this drawing is all about and I can't even online to check. I looked at my watch and it was already 1.30 pm, I decided to try my luck by going to Civic Centre. Here's my idiotic interpretation:

Moon = night, 
Girl's hand trying to reach the star = Looking for star?
Jean = similar pronunciation to "Gym"?

Sounds logic? I bet not. Even I'm not really convince with my own explaination *scratching head*

When I reached Civic Centre, I saw few couples were there looking around already so I went to all the un-searched places to have a look but nothing "red" was seen. After around 15 minutes of searching, I was told that someone spotted MyFM's people around Jalan Kereta Api's Terrot Cafe.
Without second thought, I rushed there with my little blue "lau pao" motorcycle at high speed (max 70km/h =_=")

There were already a bunch of people searching around and I also spotted the MyFM's lady in yellow loitering around when the others continued to search.

When the second hint's was up : Stephenson, egg confirmed with me that the location was around Jalan Kereta Api because when she searched online, this is what she got.

"George Stephenson (9 June 1781 – 12 August 1848) was an English civil engineer and mechanical engineer who built the first public railway line in the world"
This convinced me to search around that area but the problem is, Jalan Kereta Api a.k.a Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce is around 2km long with tonnes of shop houses! After searching for almost half an hour, here comes the 3rd hint: Oreochromis niloticus
I somehow ignored that hint, after all, I'm already at the right place so I continued my search. Another half an hour passed and still no one found it. 

Then finally, the final hint of the day: 449450

Some of the hunters said that it's a shop's contact number so they tried to call but it seems to be an unregistered number. Then someone told me that it might be the parking lot's number, 449 and 450. It rang my bell and I thought that just might be it! I ride my bike over the the parking space immediately!

After searching here and there, I found nothing. There were other hunters after me looking around too. The sky was getting darker and it started to rain. All of us quickly ran to find sheds and pondered if that was the correct explanation for the hint. 

When the time was finally up (3.30pm sharp), we looked for MyFM's personnel and asked for the exact location of the hidden dragon. We followed her and walk back to the parking space we were searching earlier on. Wait..WHAT??!!!

The naughty little dragon was actually hidden in that dirty little hole beside the parking, behind the Sesco electrical hut!! 

I guess this is what they call, "Ghost Shade Eyes"! That RM 3,000 dragon was just in front of me and I didn't even manage to catch it! 

So tomorrow's dragon in the morning will be weighing RM4,500! How I wish it is not found then it'll be RM 6,000 in the afternoon when I can search for it again >_<

Here's the summary for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

《MY FM古晋寻龙记》2月13号之提示 (Monday):

《MY FM心潮流音乐社》答案:Kenyalang
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》13/02 [10-1] 提示[1]:颜薇恩。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》13/02 [10-1] 提示[2]:K11。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》13/02 [10-1] 提示[3]:砂州州徽。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》13/02 [10-1] 提示[4]:高高在上。

《MY FM艾美菱魔幻空间》答案:Waterfront Kuching
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》13/02 [1-4] 提示[1]:1993。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》13/02 [1-4] 提示[2]:铁鸟。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》13/02 [1-4] 提示[3]:S.H.E. 河滨公园MV。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》13/02 [1-4] 提示[4]:辛弃疾的《青玉案•元夕》。

《MY FM古晋寻龙记》2月14号之提示 (Tuesday):

《MY FM心潮流音乐社》答案:Satok area
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》14/02 [10-1] 提示[1]:雄跨两岸。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》14/02 [10-1] 提示[2]:1.553317, 110.335421。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》14/02 [10-1] 提示[3]:Wisma Satok照片。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》14/02 [10-1] 提示[4]:SAMANI。

《MY FM艾美菱魔幻空间》答案:OneJaya area
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》14/02 [1-4] 提示[1]:9335。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》14/02 [1-4] 提示[2]:Original、Novelty、Elementary。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》14/02 [1-4] 提示[3]:要拼才会赢。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》14/02 [1-4] 提示[4]:三文治。

《MY FM古晋寻龙记》2月15号之提示 (Wednesday):

《MY FM心潮流音乐社》答案:Tabuan Jaya
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》15/02 [10-1] 提示[1]:卫星市。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》15/02 [10-1] 提示[2]:9266。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》15/02 [10-1] 提示[3]:亚特兰提斯F.I.R. MV。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》15/02 [10-1] 提示[4]:こんにちは、わたしは爱心です。

《MY FM艾美菱魔幻空间》答案:火车路
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》15/02 [1-4] 提示[1]:珍、月亮、星星。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》15/02 [1-4] 提示[2]:Stephenson。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》15/02 [1-4] 提示[3]:Oreochromis niloticus。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》15/02 [1-4] 提示[4]:449450。 

Do read back my previous adventure if you've missed them out :D