Friday, February 17, 2012

Dragon Hunt day 6

Today, the final day to hunt our little dragon in Kuching was a bit of a letdown for most of us. Anyway, I'll summarize what happened on both yesterday in this post, so bear with me before I explain why it was such a letdown.

Yesterday morning, I received the first hint from Egg around 10am with her message written like this:

Tips 1 : 32.5

Okay, tell me what would you think off? The only thing that I thought of was the bearing of a compass. So basically 32.5 degree is the north east side. With my wild imagination, I believe it's the Ang Cheng Ho area.  
32.5 degree from Kuching is pointing directly to Jalan Padungan which is around the Ang Cheng Ho area.

I didn't online during that time due to my job, I only depends to Egg's message on the hints and the status of that little dragon. After a moment, the second hint was announced,

2nd hint of the day : 孔明借箭 (Kung Ming borrowing arrows)
Well, if you're good with the Chinese history and proverbs, you should have known the story behind  孔明借箭. The story talks about how Kung Ming (Zhu Ge Liang) borrowed tenth of thousands of arrows from the enemy by fooling the enemy to fire their arrows towards his ships. So this hint is basically talking about ships. 

Now that we have confirmed the area (Ang Cheng Ho) and a ship, the only building which looks like a ship will be none other than our Hock Lee Centre! I bet a lot of people were flooding to Hock Lee once this hint was out!

Then the 3rd hint of the day: (showed in the picture below)
Well, this is even obvious that our guess was correct! Compass! Compass is used to draw circles! Circle = 360! The 360 hotel in Hock Lee centre!

15 minutes before the sessions ended, the final hint was out: 王力宏-竹林深处 (Depths of the Bamboo Forest)

Usually the last hint will be pointing at the exact location of the dragon, so where do you think the dragon was hiding? Of course, somewhere near bamboo/bushes! Alright, here comes the main part of the whole "let down" story. 

The dragon (card) was found by a foreign worker (gardener) without any idea of the treasure hunt. Myfm staff actually decided to announce him as the winner but due to the fact that he was non-Malaysian, he was not allowed to join the contest. Then comes a kay po 360 hotel's staff and saying that he himself is a Malaysian and he take the rewards on behalf of the foreign workers and share the rewards with him. I guess Myfm's staff did called up their bosses and it was decided that the rewards will go to the 360 hotel staff. sigh..... Life's just unfair >_<

green = foreign gardener, gray = 360 Hotel's staff

Alright then, the pass had passed so we move on the the afternoon session.

1st hint in the afternoon: 2012年3月31日(31st March 2012)

When Egg searched online, the only events being held in Kuching during that particular date was an education expo in Permata Car Park Kuching so I went straight to Permata. There were quite a number of people searching at that area but I didn't see any Myfm's staff around and I started to doubt. Not long after the search, Egg told me that 31st March was actually referring to Earth Hour!
Green Height Mall had been organizing event on Earth Hour almost every year so we started to guess Green Height Mall as the actual location.

Then came the 2nd hint: 四散而生 (Dandelion)

Dandelion is actually the logo of Green Height Mall (image below) and this even confirmed the location!
Everyone in Permata rushed towards Green Height Mall like mad cars and motorcyle. When I finally reached, again, the whole place was covered with Dragon Hunters holding the phones with earphone attached walking here and there!

After hours, nobody found the dragon and the 3rd hint was out (photo below)
Does it even matter? It's just another hint to tell you that it's in Green Height Mall! *everyone ignored the hint and continued searching*

Now, the final hint: The Fresh Food People
It obviously shows that the dragon was in Cold Storage! All the hunters swarmed into the supermarket and started ransacking the vegetable and fruits area! Vegetables and fruits were seen thrown to the floor and being stepped! 
*expression of the Cold Storage workers*

In the end of the day, no body found it and it was actually hidden inside the towel!
The rewards was brought to the next session!