Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dragon Hunt Day 1

When Egg actually heard about the hunt from the radio 2 weeks ago, we were anticipating for this events as it's not only fun but we can actually be rewarded with a handsome amount of cash!

In fact, not only both of us who were excited, almost all Chinese in Kuching were getting ready for the event!

So this is what happened on the 1st day (6th February 2012) - Chap Goh Meh

We went to Egg's old house for some prayers and burn some offerings to the late grand parents. We thought we were the only ones crazy for the hunts but when we reached the old house, Egg's aunt was actually tuning in to the radio station as early as 9am in the morning! Even Egg's mom brought her portable radio and place it in the living room in maximum volume!
The 1st hint of the day : 它很爱美 (it loves to beautify itself)

Well, we actually missed out the announcement of the hint from the radio as the atmosphere in the old house was quite noisy. We only manage to find out about the hint when Egg's brother searched in MyFM's fanpage.
With a little twist in Egg's mind, she exclaimed, " The White Cat in Padungan!" and she started to explains that that's the only cat in Kuching who get to change costumes in every festival.

Without wasting much time, few of our cousins hoop into my little car before we rushed to the scene. While I was driving, we tuned in to MyFM for more updates and the dragon was announced found even before we reached the scene. The saddest part was, Egg's guess was CORRECT!
The first RM 1,500 were taken away by them! What a lucky couple!

We went back to old house and waited for the second session of the day. At 1:30 sharp, MyFM announced the 1st hint for the second session of the day.

1st hint for the second session of the day: 早晚都吃到鸡肉 (Chickens are available for night and day)
Without much thoughts, I told everyone, "KFC at Sarawak Plaza! They are open for 24 hours!!!!". Then again, every hooped into my car and start rushing to the scene. While we were on our way, there was another car in front of us which was speeding as if they are running out of time. I guess they were another Dragon hunter and I was correct! They reached one step ahead of us (sorry for my bad driving skill)

Without wasting much time, we started to search around which includes the following areas:

  • under the tables
  • under the chairs
  • around the stairs
  • inside the bushes
  • under the rubbish bins
We even asked the KFC staff if there are any other 24 hours KFC in Kuching. They said there's one in Satok and another one at Bau (so far wei!!)!!

Since we didn't get to find it there, we decided to go to the Satok branch but the results was still the same. We went back empty handed..

Actually we did returned to Sarawak Plaza but it was already found by an auntie. The dragon was actually found at the corner of KFC's main door in the ground floor. It's just not our luck even though we were one of the earliest to reach the right place
 the 2nd RM 1,500 winner *yeah!*
There's the summary of day one: