Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dragon Hunt day 2

The continuation of the dragon hunt since day 1,

Day 2 (7th February 2012) was a working day and also a school day. So basically those working adults and students were unable to join the morning sessions which includes Egg and I. So Egg ended up listening to radio and SMS me when there are any updates. Even though we were unable to join, we still wants to solve the puzzles! (It was fun!!!!!!!!!!!)
So here's the 1st hint of the day: 有号码的路名(A road name with number)

My guess was Foochow road No.1 or Foochow Road No.2 but Egg told me that it shouldn't be because there are too many roads with such digits. She suggested "Jalan Simpand Tiga" or "Jalan Three Hills Park"

Without much clue, we waited for the 2nd hint of the day : 吃喝玩乐 (Food and Entertainment)
We both confirm that the dragon is hidden in "the Spring" so Egg called her dad to search the shopping mall. However, after hours of search, no one found the dragon and so the rewards was carried forward to the afternoon's session. So whoever found the dragon in the afternoon will be rewarded a total amount of RM 3,000!

When they finally announced the exact location, it was located below one of the table in the spring's food court.
*I'm sure this is the feeling of those who searched in the Spring*

Then we waited for the second session in the afternoon. Since the hint will be announced around 1.00 - 1.30pm, we both had only bread for lunch while sitting inside the car waiting for hints.

The first hint in the afternoon: 手推车 (trolley)
Our first thought was either shopping center or airport. I decided to go to search in airport since there were so many shopping center in Kuching.

When I reached Kuching International Airport, there weren't any people searching around. I thought I was wrong but after a while, people started to show up with their hands hand phone while searching around. After almost half an hour of searching, the 2nd tips were up,

The second hint in the afternoon: 每逢家节,人山人海 (very crowded during festive season)
After hearing that, I can confirm that it's not in the airport, so I rushed all the way to Boulevard shopping mall. Then again, searching for emptiness for almost an hour.

When Egg told me the 3rd hint of the day, 巨大 (Huge), I was like WTH!!?? It was already raining cats and dog and I could hardly ride my "kena water sure mati" motorcycle.

I just sat at the lobby looking at raining sky pondering "why I didn't go to Giant supermarket instead"...sigh.... Another day empty handed.

Anyway, the dragon was found in Giant Hypermarket, Tabuan Jaya. The specific location of the card was actually at the fish stall area, found by this two lucky young man.
The RM 3,000 dragon hunters!

Summary for day 2