Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dragon Hunt day 5

Ok, I'll skip Monday and Tuesday because the little dragon was found even before I manage to reach the scene. I guess it was found around 20 minutes after the announcement of the 1st hint!
 I'll just start with the adventure today (15th February 2012), so the first hint?
A girl + moon + star + Jean
I have totally no idea what this drawing is all about and I can't even online to check. I looked at my watch and it was already 1.30 pm, I decided to try my luck by going to Civic Centre. Here's my idiotic interpretation:

Moon = night, 
Girl's hand trying to reach the star = Looking for star?
Jean = similar pronunciation to "Gym"?

Sounds logic? I bet not. Even I'm not really convince with my own explaination *scratching head*

When I reached Civic Centre, I saw few couples were there looking around already so I went to all the un-searched places to have a look but nothing "red" was seen. After around 15 minutes of searching, I was told that someone spotted MyFM's people around Jalan Kereta Api's Terrot Cafe.
Without second thought, I rushed there with my little blue "lau pao" motorcycle at high speed (max 70km/h =_=")

There were already a bunch of people searching around and I also spotted the MyFM's lady in yellow loitering around when the others continued to search.

When the second hint's was up : Stephenson, egg confirmed with me that the location was around Jalan Kereta Api because when she searched online, this is what she got.

"George Stephenson (9 June 1781 – 12 August 1848) was an English civil engineer and mechanical engineer who built the first public railway line in the world"
This convinced me to search around that area but the problem is, Jalan Kereta Api a.k.a Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce is around 2km long with tonnes of shop houses! After searching for almost half an hour, here comes the 3rd hint: Oreochromis niloticus
I somehow ignored that hint, after all, I'm already at the right place so I continued my search. Another half an hour passed and still no one found it. 

Then finally, the final hint of the day: 449450

Some of the hunters said that it's a shop's contact number so they tried to call but it seems to be an unregistered number. Then someone told me that it might be the parking lot's number, 449 and 450. It rang my bell and I thought that just might be it! I ride my bike over the the parking space immediately!

After searching here and there, I found nothing. There were other hunters after me looking around too. The sky was getting darker and it started to rain. All of us quickly ran to find sheds and pondered if that was the correct explanation for the hint. 

When the time was finally up (3.30pm sharp), we looked for MyFM's personnel and asked for the exact location of the hidden dragon. We followed her and walk back to the parking space we were searching earlier on. Wait..WHAT??!!!

The naughty little dragon was actually hidden in that dirty little hole beside the parking, behind the Sesco electrical hut!! 

I guess this is what they call, "Ghost Shade Eyes"! That RM 3,000 dragon was just in front of me and I didn't even manage to catch it! 

So tomorrow's dragon in the morning will be weighing RM4,500! How I wish it is not found then it'll be RM 6,000 in the afternoon when I can search for it again >_<

Here's the summary for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

《MY FM古晋寻龙记》2月13号之提示 (Monday):

《MY FM心潮流音乐社》答案:Kenyalang
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》13/02 [10-1] 提示[1]:颜薇恩。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》13/02 [10-1] 提示[2]:K11。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》13/02 [10-1] 提示[3]:砂州州徽。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》13/02 [10-1] 提示[4]:高高在上。

《MY FM艾美菱魔幻空间》答案:Waterfront Kuching
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》13/02 [1-4] 提示[1]:1993。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》13/02 [1-4] 提示[2]:铁鸟。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》13/02 [1-4] 提示[3]:S.H.E. 河滨公园MV。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》13/02 [1-4] 提示[4]:辛弃疾的《青玉案•元夕》。

《MY FM古晋寻龙记》2月14号之提示 (Tuesday):

《MY FM心潮流音乐社》答案:Satok area
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》14/02 [10-1] 提示[1]:雄跨两岸。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》14/02 [10-1] 提示[2]:1.553317, 110.335421。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》14/02 [10-1] 提示[3]:Wisma Satok照片。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》14/02 [10-1] 提示[4]:SAMANI。

《MY FM艾美菱魔幻空间》答案:OneJaya area
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》14/02 [1-4] 提示[1]:9335。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》14/02 [1-4] 提示[2]:Original、Novelty、Elementary。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》14/02 [1-4] 提示[3]:要拼才会赢。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》14/02 [1-4] 提示[4]:三文治。

《MY FM古晋寻龙记》2月15号之提示 (Wednesday):

《MY FM心潮流音乐社》答案:Tabuan Jaya
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》15/02 [10-1] 提示[1]:卫星市。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》15/02 [10-1] 提示[2]:9266。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》15/02 [10-1] 提示[3]:亚特兰提斯F.I.R. MV。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》15/02 [10-1] 提示[4]:こんにちは、わたしは爱心です。

《MY FM艾美菱魔幻空间》答案:火车路
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》15/02 [1-4] 提示[1]:珍、月亮、星星。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》15/02 [1-4] 提示[2]:Stephenson。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》15/02 [1-4] 提示[3]:Oreochromis niloticus。
《MY FM古晋寻龙记》15/02 [1-4] 提示[4]:449450。 

Do read back my previous adventure if you've missed them out :D