Friday, February 24, 2012

My Happiest CNY Moment

After working on the animation for the whole week, finally the animation is Up!! Here's my newly made character!
Basically, this animation was made for the "Oloiya Happiest CNY Moment Video Contest" which will end on the 29th February.

The story line of the animation is about what happened to me during my younger days and my happiest moment throughout the Chinese New Year seasons. Well, to be honest, I seriously doesn't like Ang Pao very much as there weren't much collections by the end of Chinese New Year. I preferred to indulge myself with the Chinese New Year Goodies especially, "肉干"  a.k.a dried BBQ meat.

Anyway, long story short. Go ahead and watch the animation below :D

Egg did also joined the photo category with her cute photo when she was still a peanut >_<. Here's her submission -->  Egg's Photo
每个人都喜欢红包. 大人小孩, 大大小小都对它不离不弃. 红包是大人一年来奋斗的奖赏, 也是小孩一年来努力上进的鼓励金. 哪请问有谁不爱那个红红的四方袋呢?

十几年前小巧玲珑,天真无邪的我,虽然不懂得红包的意义; 可是还是对它始终如一, 爱不释手. 连拍照也不看镜头. 依然还在依依不舍的盯着, 叔叔阿姨们手里握住的红包啊! 我真的有那么爱钱吗? 注意看哦, 我手里还有拿着一个红包. 那时候我心里一定在想着你们手上有那么多红包,为何只给我一个呢?”

回想起来, 过年还是要拿红包.没拿红包就不是过年了. 想到这里就有点想哭, 因为今年我已经升级派红包了. 对我而言, 收到长辈们的红包是每一年最开心的事. 不管里面有多少, 最重要的还是那份很多人到现在还搞不清楚的意义. > <

在这里,我慎重的呼吁: “ 老板, 老公 ~ 你们可不可以给我多一些赞助金呢? 好让我有够基金派出去!”

My terrible translation:
Everyone loves red packets. Even though I don't really understand the purpose behind a red packet , I still can't let them off my hands. I don't even look at the camera when the photo was taken as I was aiming at my relative's red packets in their hands. I was thinking, "Why don't you share some of the red packets that you're holding with me?"

Come to think of it, Chinese New Year is not completed without red packets. I felt so sad when I thought of this as this year, I was "upgraded" to be the distributor of red packets. To me, getting red packets from others is the happiest things during the Chinese New Year where the amount is not a factor. 

I here by proclaimed: "Dear boss and husband ~ Can I have more sponsorship? So that I'll have enough to give them away!"

Hope you guys enjoyed our entries :D