Wednesday, July 1, 2015

HONG KONG! I'll be back!!

It was almost half a year ago that we first visited Hong Kong. The 7 days trips ends like a dream without much realization. A BIG thank you to AirAsia for sponsoring us the tickets. Wondered how we got the 10 return flights to Hong Kong? Read here! My AirAsia Free Seats!

We went there with my family of 5, 2 friends and 3 readers of our blog! We had different plans thus we moved in 3 groups when we reached Hong Kong International Airport.

The trip itself was kind of packed as we were following the ground tour arranged by our local travel agency. Well, travelling in a large group isn't easy if we were to walk on our own. 

Our itinerary was pretty common, where we first went to Macau > Zu Hai > Shen Zhen > Hong Kong City.

After going to the few tourist attractions in Macau, we went to Zhu Hai (a fishing village next to Macau). Nothing much to see except the fishing girl's statue and some scenery.

After Zhu Hai, we went to Shen Zhen, the shopping heaven for "cheap china brand" stuff!!
After staying 3 days in Macau, Zhu Hai and Shen Zhen, finally we came to our dream destination! HONG KONG!! We couldn't wait to go Hong Kong Disney Land. There were so many "1st time" for us during this trip~

We had so much fun during the trip and I'm sure we'll be coming back!! woow!!