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Master of Disguise

Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker

Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne

Yolk as Clark Kent, Egg as Lois Lane in "Superman - The Master of Disguise" - Coming soon in cinemas

Sunday, January 15, 2012

You want a piece of me?

We've been getting a lot of spams in our chatbox recently and I have no idea what causes this. Are they really that desperate!!??
I even got Maria Ozawa leaving her message in our chatbox in BM! For god sake! I never knew she can speak BM even she did shoot an Indonesian drama recently. Not sure who is this Maria Ozawa? Just google it then you'll know!

We have been ignoring these nonsense all the while but today I really feel like slapping the spammer so hard that he'll fly all the way to Mars!

Spam = Stupid People and Maniac

So, don't spam!

To who the hell John is, I'm working very fine and I do not need any Premature Ejaculation Treatment!

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Rice of Yok Man

Chinese New Year is just weeks away and I bet all of you are eager to celebrate this wonderful new year by collecting a lot of ang pao. So,  what is the most anticipated food for you during Chinese New Year?
Keropok (prawn cracker) with acar?
Spicy dried cuttlefish?
Homemade cookies?

As for me, I'll be looking for Barbecue Meat Slices (肉乾 - Bak Kua / Bak Poh)
There are many good brand of meat slices in Malaysia and the CNY season is always their peak seasons of sales. As their strategies to increase their sales, these meat slices processing company will promote their products by all means.

Recently I come across this meat slice brand which uses "Yok Man" (similar to the Kung Fu master, Ip Man) as their business's mascot. They even created 2 very creative animations with Yok Man!

Yok Man 1st Video (2011)

Yok Man 2nd Video (2012)

I really enjoyed both the animation and I really hope I'll be able to do something similar in the future.

Anyway, in conjunction of their promotions this CNY, they will be giving away free 500g meat slices to those who participate in their "Legend of Wing Heong"'s MV.
Here's what you need to do,

  1. Take a photo/artwork (preferably landscape/horizontal) or create a video clip (less than 5 sec) which is related to the lyrics of the  "Legend of Wing Heong"'s MV .
  2. Email your creations to
  3. 30 of the most creative submissions will be edit & compile into the song's MV and win a 500g packet of Dried Meat.

Here's our version of Yok Man's fury!

Visit their website for more details on their products

For details on the FREE 500g meat slices, visit their Facebook Page

Hopefully I'll be one of the lucky 30! :D

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Kid in da House!

Since Kiki complained that he's bored of looking at Lala everyday, I decided to bring another brother home for him. Let's welcome our new kid in da house! MoMo!

MoMo is a mixed dachshund puppy with little short legs. I guess he's still a very young puppy so he was asleep most of the time. Whenever he sleeps, he is almost motionless! That's why Egg can play with his arms and legs as if he is a fluffy plush! lol!

Eventhough he's just 2 months old, he's still very small in size but BIG in appetite -_-" (there's goes my supply of dog foods).

Hopefully he'll be able to stay with us without much problems. I don't know why Kiki Lala seems to hate him and "grrrrrr" at him when ever he got close to them. Any thoughts?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fortune of Dogs in 2012

If you practices feng shui in your daily life, I'm sure you know who is Lilian Too, the best-selling author, television personality and Feng Shui practitioner from Malaysia!
As for this coming Chinese New Year (2012), she had launched her "Feng Shui" handy book for each and every zodiac of our Chinese Calender.
Anyway, I'm not here to promote her books but both Egg and I were quite a believer of Feng Shui. After flipping through Lilian Too's books and other reliable resources on the fortune in 2012, we found that those who was born in the year of dog (1946、1958、1970、1982、1994、2006) will be facing a hard year this year. For the details, please read it at 属狗的人2012年运程. (Sorry guys, I can't seem to find the English version, so you just have to use Google Translate =_=")

According to the Feng Shui masters, those who fall into the group (born in the year of Dog) shall bring a 黄水晶貔貅 (literally translated as Yellow Jade Brave Troops) with them so that bad luck will not bestow upon them.
A mythical animal that brings luck and wards off evil, having head of a dragon and lion's body, often with hoofs, wings and tail
Since these Yellow Jade are quite pricey, I decided to draw a 黄貔貅 to replace the jade! Haha! I know I'm lame but I do hope this will work (or at least it'll give us some confident). So, for those of you who believe in Feng Shui and are born in the year of Dog, do put this piece of art as your wallpaper during this new year to ward off all the bad lucks.
I also did a Facebook timeline version for egg
Last but not least, 


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Who stole our DOG food?

Since everyone is talking about customizing their Facebook timeline, I decided to do one for myself with the "He stole our DOG food" theme!

Anyway, for the side note, Kiki and Lala had been growing perfectly and at the same time, they are getting smarter or you can say "cunning"! Just look at the following picture then you'll know what I meant =_="

Monday, January 2, 2012

What's your story?

The other day I worked night and day just to complete the animation entry for this competition, "What's your story" video contest by Bank Islam. Here's the final version for the entry.

Here's how you can help me!
Like Bank Islam FB


 Click the "View Videos" button

Then click "Vote" for the video "by Egg"

I need to get at least 25 votes to be shortlisted to win the competition. Please spare me your votes *showing glittering eyes*

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Massive Collaborations II - Art War 2012

After years of preparations...

The WAR finally comes.....

We've gotten ourselves ready for this battle with our mighty MOBILE SUIT

Let the battle BEGINS!!!!!

Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys?

The Doom Bringers (Left Side)
1. Ernest Ng ( - Shadow Ninjas
4. Miss Morbids (
5. Miao&WafuPafu ( - DragonMaster 
6. UTAR Boy ( ) 
9.The Sharkox (

The Protector of Earth (Right Side)
1. Amin Aizuddin ( - Zorro Malaya
2. Egg & Yolk ( - Eggatron
4. Kendy's life a.k.a house88kend ( Flower Goddess
5. A Medical Student Life Told in Comics (
6. cheeChingy ( - PokemonMaster
7. Bolehland (
11. SayaDoodle (
12. Pek Chek Kia (


Video courtesy from Kyo
This the second Massive collaborations among the Comic and Doodle Bloggers (MY). 
Looking for our first collaborations? Click ----> Malaysia Day

Anyway, Happy New Year 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*If you like this collab-art, do download the wallpaper version HERE!