Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fortune of Dogs in 2012

If you practices feng shui in your daily life, I'm sure you know who is Lilian Too, the best-selling author, television personality and Feng Shui practitioner from Malaysia!
As for this coming Chinese New Year (2012), she had launched her "Feng Shui" handy book for each and every zodiac of our Chinese Calender.
Anyway, I'm not here to promote her books but both Egg and I were quite a believer of Feng Shui. After flipping through Lilian Too's books and other reliable resources on the fortune in 2012, we found that those who was born in the year of dog (1946、1958、1970、1982、1994、2006) will be facing a hard year this year. For the details, please read it at 属狗的人2012年运程. (Sorry guys, I can't seem to find the English version, so you just have to use Google Translate =_=")

According to the Feng Shui masters, those who fall into the group (born in the year of Dog) shall bring a 黄水晶貔貅 (literally translated as Yellow Jade Brave Troops) with them so that bad luck will not bestow upon them.
A mythical animal that brings luck and wards off evil, having head of a dragon and lion's body, often with hoofs, wings and tail
Since these Yellow Jade are quite pricey, I decided to draw a 黄貔貅 to replace the jade! Haha! I know I'm lame but I do hope this will work (or at least it'll give us some confident). So, for those of you who believe in Feng Shui and are born in the year of Dog, do put this piece of art as your wallpaper during this new year to ward off all the bad lucks.
I also did a Facebook timeline version for egg
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