Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Kid in da House!

Since Kiki complained that he's bored of looking at Lala everyday, I decided to bring another brother home for him. Let's welcome our new kid in da house! MoMo!

MoMo is a mixed dachshund puppy with little short legs. I guess he's still a very young puppy so he was asleep most of the time. Whenever he sleeps, he is almost motionless! That's why Egg can play with his arms and legs as if he is a fluffy plush! lol!

Eventhough he's just 2 months old, he's still very small in size but BIG in appetite -_-" (there's goes my supply of dog foods).

Hopefully he'll be able to stay with us without much problems. I don't know why Kiki Lala seems to hate him and "grrrrrr" at him when ever he got close to them. Any thoughts?