Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy 53th Birthday!

*this is a video by Janice & the Supertank embedded from facebook
Happy Birthday Malaysia!! We're proud to be Malaysians! :>

By: Egg and Yolk

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Journey to Serikin

As a Sarawakian, I’ve never been to Serikin myself, but the strange thing is, all my friends from KL knows that place and it’s their “must go” destination when they come to Kuching!

So for the sake of my Sarawakian pride, Egg and I set our journey to Serikin accompanied by Egg’s mom, erm..just call her Eggmom will do -_-“

Wonder where Serikin is? It’s actually a small village located at the boarder of Sarawak and Kalimantan, Indonesia. It’s famous for it’s “cheap” handy crafts and dried foods.

We started off our journey from the town of Kuching around 9 a.m. It took us around 45 minutes to reach the town in Bau.

Since it’s still early, we took a short walk around Bau and had our breakfast there.

A temple in the middle of the street! Maybe Bau's people practised their prayer in their car? -_-

Bau is just a small town with few roles of shop houses and an infamous “tasik biru” where it used to be a GOLD MINE! I never thought there were gold in Kuching -_-“

We continued our journey after the short walk and reached Serikin in about 35 minutes. It was totally packed with cars. They even charged us parking fees as much as RM2.00 (Kuching's standard parking fees for "the Spring shopping mall" and "Boulevard Hypermarket")

Without wasting any time, we head straight into the market! :>

Many things are being sold here! It ranges from food to handy crafts and even creatures? =_="

Sea shells

Local chips


Dried squids

Rattan furnitures

Rattan rocking horse?

Infamous "POP" drinks! I never try them though -_-

Key chains

Nike and Adidas wears (RM15 each)


Leeches were used to make these leech oil which the local believe that it can strengthen Man's *ehem! I never tried and I never would -_-"

Gold found in "Tasik Biru"? Nah! Just some fake gold -_-"

We left Serikin after we had bought our stuff and then we head to Eggmom's old house somewhere in Batu Kitang (a pretty remote area)

It is actually a convenient store for the locals since the 1930's. Well, it still serve it's purpose until today :)

We were served by Egg's aunties with these unique soft drinks! HOLA!
I thought it extinct a long long time ago >_<

Well, that's all from our journey today :D If you can't find Serikin, please DON'T ask us because we almost got ourselves lost along the way -_-" LOL!!

To end this post, here's something very interesting when we were in Batu Kitang.

This little girl was actually holding a Malaysia Flag and repeatedly exclaiming "SATU MALAYSIA!"

This somehow shows that Najib's Satu Malaysia concept was widely accepted by Malaysians even in the rural area!

Well done! SATU MALAYSIA!! *ehem..

By: Egg & Yolk

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our Best Friend, Nuffnang!!

It has been almost 2 years since we first registered with Nuffnang. At first, we have no clear idea on what Nuffnang actually is. We thought it’s just an advertising company that put some advertisement into your blog and you can earn some money. Soon enough, we realise that it’s more than just a blog advertising community. Nuffnang loaded us with lots of events and contest!!

Remembering the 1st ever nuffnang contest we joined, “I’m Going Kame Hame Ha with Dragonball Evolution”! Did we win? Of course not!!

Pretty lame huh?! -_-"

We were still very “green” at that time. Then we continued to visit Nuffnang’s website everyday hoping to see more contest.

Then in June 2009, there’s another blogging contest “Speak Up Malaysia!”, by Nuffnang and Digi . We joined and put more effort in it. We went around taking pictures with our “handphone” and do some drawings to fill the blog post. When the result was announced, we were the lucky consolation prize winner! Not bad for a second try >_<

We continued our journey with nuffnang and joined their “I'm Addicted to Olay Game” blogging contest.
We saw a lot of good entries for this contest so we tried our best to do our post by adding in a lot of drawings! It took me weeks to finish all the artworks. To our surprise, we won the 2nd place!!

Without hesitation, we continued to stalk around nuffnang and innit hoping to join more contest. According to the yolk, the higher the frequency of taking part in a contest, the higher the chance of winning!
Next, we joined “My Top 5 Treat List” by Nuffnang and Dell.
As usual, we spent almost a week designing the post with fun stories and artworks. Until we were done, we wait patiently for the result and finally, we were one of the Dell inspiron 13’s owner :D

In the same month, we took part in the “No Compromise for Mister Potato Fiesta 2009” and here’s the 1st time we tried animations instead of plain artworks.

Well, our 1st try of animation looks kind of awkward. Need more practice to improve our animating skills -_-” As for the results, we were the 2nd place winner! Yeah! Yolk flew all the way to the Mist to join the event.
By the end of 2009, the last blogging contest we joined was the “Flymas.mobi – as Easy as 1, 2, 3” by Nuffnang and Mas airlines.
We didn’t win anything but that doesn’t stop us for trying and putting more efforts in doing good contest post.

In January 2010, we joined “My Dream in the Year of the Tiger” by Nuffnang and Tiger Beer. It was one of our best written blog with super cute animation!!

I even read the whole post few times after publishing it! We flew all the way to KL to attend the Tiger run! Yolk was such a noob runner that he almost collapse during the run due to the lack of stamina. He managed to finished the whole run and he was among the last few that finished the run -_-” When the result were announced, our blog won the “best written blog” and walked away with RM88! It was one of the best event we ever attended :)

We returned to Kuching and continued our blogging contest hunt. We joined “Why I Like It Longer” by Nuffnang and LG with our “perverted” version of animation! haha! It was a fun post and we won the LG chocolate BL40

At that time, we were almost out of ideas and we start to walk around our Malaysia’s blogsphere. In fact, there were a lot of great bloggers in Malaysia such as “http://c-chingz.blogspot.com/”, “http://www.akiraceo.com/”, “http://dylan-zd.blogspot.com/” and “http://orkachan.com/”. We seriously learnt A LOT from them and we’re still learning.

After a series of ideas collecting, we joined “Love World Love Sloggi”by Nuffnang and Sloggi with an improved version of animation.
While lady luck was siding on us, we won the grand prize :D

SInce we were in the phase, while the “lady luck” was still with us, we joined “Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut
and “Rice Crisps! Extra Tall, Extra Tasty, Extra Healthy!” by Nuffnang.

We did read the “Feng Shui” books early this year. It says that June 2010 was our best month for big fortune and it really happened! We won both the blogging contest!

Recently, we joined “My water moments” by Nuffnang and Sony.
This post had took us almost 2 weeks to finish. We took the effort to go all the way to a beach resort just to take pictures for this post. Then we cracked our head for the artworks and animations for more than a week. It was hard 2 weeks for us but we were satisfy with the post! After putting in so much effort, we won the Sony TX5!

Finally, we took part in the “I love to touch my...” blogging contest by Nuffnang and LG last month and to our surprise, we won the 1st prize!
As usual, we used up almost a whole week to finish the post. The grand prize were won by “http://www.msxeroz.com/” with her super awesome blog post!

We did put a lot of effort in each and every post we did but most importantly, we were given the chance. Thank you Nuffnang for giving us so many opportunities. Without you, “the egg yolks” will never be able to survive until now! We might not be your best nuffnangers but you are always the best nuffies and we’ll support you all the way! Even if it means to go all the way to KL for your events :D

Super Hardcore Fans of Nuffnang,
Egg & Yolk

By the way, Nuffnang is expanding and I wonder if they are going to open a branch in Kuching -_-"

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

F & N Fruit Tree

Everybody loves fruit juice! Why? They are sweet, they are refreshing and they are just nutritious! But there's the problem. How do we get to drink fresh fruit juice? Here's my solution!!

First, Get yourself plenty of fruits from the fruit stalls!

Then buy these! (actually I just bought it in the "Kuching Festival 2010" few days ago -_-")

This is a pair of juice squeezer where the big one, you can squeeze any juice from any fruit as long as they can be fitted into the container. (not possible for Durian -_-")

As for the smaller fruit squeezer, it functions as a "fruit screwer" where you actually "screw" the juice out of the fruit!! *caution ~please use it to "screw" fruits only!

Well, if you think this is troublesome, why not go get yourself a bottle of F&N Fruit Tree's Fruit Juice!

It comes with 5 different flavour to choose from and they are guaranteed to taste as fresh as the fruit juice that I "screwed"!

In conjunction with the launching of the new Fruit Tree's Fruit Juice, F&N is now organising a Video contest where you will have the chance to win an Apple ipad!!!

Here's our video submission!

You think this video is nice? Then please support us!! All you have to do is just vote us by clicking "like" in the "Fruit Tree Juicy Win" application. Here's few simple steps you can follow.

"Like" F&N Fruit Tree > Video Contest

Go to gallery

Click our Video

Support us by clicking "like". You can actually vote once everyday!

The contest ends at 29th August 2010, so get yourself geared up and join the video contest!!
Wish us luck :D

By: Egg & Yolk