Sunday, August 29, 2010

Journey to Serikin

As a Sarawakian, I’ve never been to Serikin myself, but the strange thing is, all my friends from KL knows that place and it’s their “must go” destination when they come to Kuching!

So for the sake of my Sarawakian pride, Egg and I set our journey to Serikin accompanied by Egg’s mom, erm..just call her Eggmom will do -_-“

Wonder where Serikin is? It’s actually a small village located at the boarder of Sarawak and Kalimantan, Indonesia. It’s famous for it’s “cheap” handy crafts and dried foods.

We started off our journey from the town of Kuching around 9 a.m. It took us around 45 minutes to reach the town in Bau.

Since it’s still early, we took a short walk around Bau and had our breakfast there.

A temple in the middle of the street! Maybe Bau's people practised their prayer in their car? -_-

Bau is just a small town with few roles of shop houses and an infamous “tasik biru” where it used to be a GOLD MINE! I never thought there were gold in Kuching -_-“

We continued our journey after the short walk and reached Serikin in about 35 minutes. It was totally packed with cars. They even charged us parking fees as much as RM2.00 (Kuching's standard parking fees for "the Spring shopping mall" and "Boulevard Hypermarket")

Without wasting any time, we head straight into the market! :>

Many things are being sold here! It ranges from food to handy crafts and even creatures? =_="

Sea shells

Local chips


Dried squids

Rattan furnitures

Rattan rocking horse?

Infamous "POP" drinks! I never try them though -_-

Key chains

Nike and Adidas wears (RM15 each)


Leeches were used to make these leech oil which the local believe that it can strengthen Man's *ehem! I never tried and I never would -_-"

Gold found in "Tasik Biru"? Nah! Just some fake gold -_-"

We left Serikin after we had bought our stuff and then we head to Eggmom's old house somewhere in Batu Kitang (a pretty remote area)

It is actually a convenient store for the locals since the 1930's. Well, it still serve it's purpose until today :)

We were served by Egg's aunties with these unique soft drinks! HOLA!
I thought it extinct a long long time ago >_<

Well, that's all from our journey today :D If you can't find Serikin, please DON'T ask us because we almost got ourselves lost along the way -_-" LOL!!

To end this post, here's something very interesting when we were in Batu Kitang.

This little girl was actually holding a Malaysia Flag and repeatedly exclaiming "SATU MALAYSIA!"

This somehow shows that Najib's Satu Malaysia concept was widely accepted by Malaysians even in the rural area!

Well done! SATU MALAYSIA!! *ehem..

By: Egg & Yolk