Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We Moved!

Finally!! We moved to our new house after such a long planning!

The Historical moment! 29th July 2010, 5.30am

This is the first time that we move to a new house and we just realize that moving into a new house is not an easy thing. There's a lot of "pantang"! Let me show you what we did during the day of moving in.


This is our 90% complete house :D

Master Bedroom's curtain (Roman style)

Divider (with lighting inside)

Living room curtain (Roman Style)

Fully furnished Kitchen

Tall stairways

Dining Table with glass top

Leather sofa (corner type)

We still have our TV missing :P

Now that the house is pretty much done, I guess it's time for me to survey the prices for these -_-"

Maybe can ask discount from Kenny Sia since these were sold in Everrise XD

By: Egg & Yolk


  1. wah...new house. new resolution..new beginning...best of luck!

  2. bro...when is ur house warming party...we all here are waiting for ur call...haha
    p.s: Tabuan basketball geng

  3. your house looks really comfortable~enjoy ya~

  4. Wahhh bro..got guess room or not? I want to stay for 3 day 2 night..ahaks..ahaks..congrats for both of you on the new house..

  5. love the interior design of ur house!!! ^^

  6. I still have to pay for my parent's flat...T T
    Wonder when i can have my own...

  7. wuah I tot move url rupanya move house. Nice house oh.

  8. nice decoration~ *envy*

    the curtain seem rather odd... hmm

  9. Wow ur new house looks comfortable, shinny and nicely decorated. ^^

  10. NIce house.. so ur based in Samarahan/Tabuan now (sort of la.. heheh..)

    Btw, Kenny will sure give u discount :-)


  11. Very nice house! :)

    I'm a Chinese...but I didn't know about this particular Chinese custom :X

  12. devi ~ :D

    tabuan basketball gang ~ wait for my call :D

    candlelyn ~ it's pretty comfortable here. But it's kind of hot in the day -_-"

    JAI ~ let me know if you're coming to KCH, I have spare rooms :D

    John ~ you wan come too? welcome :D

    chris federic ~ thanks :D

    xiao mei ~ thank you!

    kelvin ~ pretty soon la..you left how many years to pay for the flat?

    maslight ~ haha! thanks!!

    pek chek kia ~ hmm..the curtain do look odd at certain angle XD

    mindy ~ thanks mindy :D

    cyril ~ haha! yup! I'm based in samarahan/tabuan. I'll ask Kenny for the free set of ring XD

    ah mike ~ haha! now that you know, you can start practising :D

  13. wa... cant hardly wait to have my own house when i saw urs...
    good luck to yu guys... new family i guess after this.. :wink:


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