Sunday, July 18, 2010

Preparing our "future"!

You might notice that there's not update from our blog for almost 2 weeks!!! Well, we were preparing something BIG! Something that most people do only once in their life. Only the rich who can do it more than once -_-"

What is that?? We are preparing to move into our new house!!!

Cleaning up!

Few weeks ago, we went to a Chinese medium and asked for a perfect day to move in and he gave me this date "农历 六月 十八号" literally means Lunar calendar 18th of the sixth month which is actually 29th July 2010.

Basically, we've been cleaning and getting our house ready for the "big day"! I mean the day that I move in. FYI, I'll be the one to move in first and Egg will only move in after our "Very Big Day!!" hehe! :D

I'm not going to share about how I cleaned the house anyway, it'll be too damn bored! So I'm going to share some sneak preview of our house.

We actually customized all the cabinets in our house. Here's the drawing and the actual cabinets.
Before fixing the cabinet

There's some changes made when they fixed the cabinets

Before the cabinet is fixed near our dining room

Our most delighted design!

That's all guys! We'll try to update as soon as possible!

By: Egg & Yolk


  1. your house is really nice! looks like those in the magazines. lovely!

  2. Wow awesome design. Can b a sample house for others.

  3. Interior design, that’s cool! =)

  4. OMG, love the layout of the kitchen... could totally make me enjoy cooking XD

  5. Awww! I like this interior design! :DDD

  6. papabear ~ thanks! it was all Egg's idea :D I'm only putting the idea into drawings

    chris_lim ~ haha! i wonder if anyone wants to use our design -_-"

    candlelyn ~ thanks!

    kelvin ~ haha!! It's pretty empty at the moment, furnitures and electrical appliances are coming in pretty soon

    araleling ~ thanks!!

    tolanic ~ all credits to Egg!! she's the designer!! XD

    Pou Leen ~ haha! we love it too! But we seldom cooks -_-"

    Jiamin ~ glad you like them :D

    ken ~ Since we have an Orange Blog, might as well to paint our house Orange!!!

  7. tolanic ~ I only draw according to order. More like a draughtsman I guess XP

  8. that's really good. to blog about this.. so that those who might be working and getting their own home would get a feel of ur experience... =)

  9. pek chek kia ~ thanks! we loved it too :D

    goingkookies ~ In fact, we've been searching the local blogs on house renovations and we only manage to find few. So this time round, we've blog about this and we hope those who're thinking of getting a house or renovation, they can read our blog post for references :D

  10. Wow, your blog is very interesting with cute comic drawing.


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