Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Love to Touch My *ahem!

I love to touch my *ahem!

Out of all our senses, touch is the most sensitive and the only sense that gives you the *feel! For instance!

Touching the hands of your 1st love

Touching the fur of your favourite pet

Well, not everything can give us the right feelings when we touch them!

Touching phones with buttons give both Egg and I the feel of touching bricks! Hard and rough!

If you followed this blog, you should have known that I did won an LG Chocolate and it’s under Egg’s possession now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a generous guy in nature but I felt really sorry when I saw her using her previous phone.

I wonder how she type messages -_-"

As for me, this is how my current keypad phone looks like and I wonder how it’s button will become after another few years!

Look at all those dirt!

Few Years later? (My phone can speak F language!)

I actually bought the phone 2 years ago and I find it to be quite irritating. especially the keypad part So here's few reasons I hate using a phone with keypads!

1. Keypads falling off

2. Dirt in between keypads

3. Missing numbers and alphabets on the keypad

4. Over sensitive keypads

5. Spoiled keypads

Well, a touch screen phone will solve all the problems above! Moreover, a touch screen phone comes with plenty of goodness! Trust me!

1. bigger screen, great for Internet browsing, viewing photos, emails and media

2. It’s slim, no bumps, very sleek and most importantly, smooth!

3. Flash UI (User Interface) for more playful experiences

LG had just recently introduced the new LG cookies series! Not only that they are nice to TOUCH, they are totally AFFORDABLE!Now that Egg had her touch screen LG Chocolate, I want to own a touch screen LG phone too! (digging my wallet)

By the way, Nuffnang and LG is throwing a party this 24 July to celebrate the launch of the LG cookie plus! Foods and entertainment awaits you from 6pm-10pm! However, there’s a conditions.

Only Monsters are allowed!!

How to get the invites? Read this!

*This blog post is written for the purpose of joining Nuffnang - LG "I Love to Touch My _____" blogging contest