Sunday, February 27, 2011

Any Luck this year?

Chinese New year 2011 had passed for almost a month now *it happened so fast that it felt like it just ended yesterday! =_="

So how was the beginning of your "rabbit" year? Mine was rather "normal" since there's not much winning happening recently. After browsing through the zodiac forecast this year, it seems to be quite a good year for "pigs". They were one of the luckiest zodiac in 2011 thus we're waiting for these good lucks to come to us! (you know what i mean right? XD)

This video was actually made  for the "Rev-Up Zodiac Greeting Challenge" which the grand prize winner will walk home with RM2288 hard cold cash! Hopefully we'll be lucky this time!

Anyway, have you guys read your zodiac's forecast this year? here's a compilation of forecast courtesy from Revive! Enjoy!

Any luck this year??
By: Egg & Yolk

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Dream in the year of Rabbit

The continuation from the year of Tiger.....

When I try to recall back, I’ve known Egg for almost 14 years! We first meet when we were in the same tuition school but she didn’t know me yet. Then we went to the same secondary school but still, she didn’t know me as we were in different class. Finally in year 2001, we were transferred to the same school for form 6 and she sat behind me. That’s when we start to know each other.
Our love story began after we sat for our STPM examination which is roughly 8 years ago.
For the rest of our love story, you can read it here! :D

Finally, by the mid of last year, I’ve fully furnished my house with all the basic necessities and I continued to save until today for our marriage first quarter of this year. (It was actually planned last year but had to postpone to this year due to the insufficiency of finance)
All these while, people around keep asking when are we going tie the knot? After announcing our wedding, friends and family asked where are we going for honeymoon vacation.
Seriously, going for honeymoon means “spending your money like flowing tap water”.
After spending on our wedding preparation, there’s nothing much left in my bank’s saving account. With my current limited monthly salary and just a puny savings every month, I can hardly bring Egg for honeymoon overseas!

Egg used to ask me, “Where are we going for honeymoon?”
I’d reply, “With my current savings, the furthest I can bring you is KL”
Then she’ll turn away with a sad face and a piggy lips.
However, deep inside my heart, I always wanted to bring Egg to a beach resort for honeymoon. We always preferred a relaxing trip rather than a jam-packed urban trip. (urban = shopping = spending a lot money)

So I tried to squeeze my pocket and see if I can manage something special yet practical for her.

After searching online on the best “budget + beautiful” beaches, I found Krabi, Thailand. One of the most popular “movie shooting” locations in Asia. I continued reading the review of these islands by travellers and I’m so convinced that this is just the right place!
Easy and low cost transportation, 
Budget hotels (as low as 631 Thai baht = RM63),
Cheap night market with DURIANS! (Egg’s favourite) 
and of course, beautiful beaches and islands.

I’ve checked through the Airasia’s website, a round trip for 2 from KL-Krabi only cost around RM 1k!
As for accommodation, it can go as low as RM70 per night in a 3 star hotel with free transfer service!

All in all, RM2K is enough for both of us to enjoy the whole honeymoon trip there.

Let me see how much I have in my current bank savings now..hmm..(Click! Click!)

I have RM2.5k………………….. *Jaw dropped. Meaning to say I’ll left RM500 when I come back after the trip =_=”

Well, if Airasia is willing to sponsor us this wonderful honeymoon trip, I’ll be able to spend / save another RM1k for the trip!

Do you think I deserve to win a pair of free flights to Krabi by Airasia? Please say you do >_< 

Guess what??!!
Airasia really are sponsoring us to Krabi!!! Woo!! Hoo!!!

*Finally I can save some $$ =_="

By: Egg & Yolk

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Biggest Ang Pao Ever!

2011 Chinese New Year has almost come to an end and I believe this year’s celebration is the shortest ones! Most of us started working on the fifth day of CNY including me =_=”

Well, that’s not only the sad story, another sad story is that THIS IS THE LAST YEAR FOR ME TO RECEIVE ANG PAO!! *ehem!

However, I did receive quite a lot of ang pao this year, but most of them were empty ang pao packets =_=” sigh….

So being so d*mn kiasu, I’m going to review the biggest ang pao of the year! Not just the red packet but the MONEY! 


RM 1 million note!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t think there’s anyone on earth who gets an Ang Pao money as much as this! LOL!!

That's not all that I have this year! I received my very first Wedding Gift! Haha! Not bad le >_<

Thanks Matthias! :D

Anyways, happy Valentines’ Day and Happy Chap Goh Meh 2011!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Our preparation part 2


We've took all the wedding photos (written in  "our preparation part 1" ) but too bad it's still in the process of developing. They (wedding studio) promised us that it'll be done before March. So just wait and see if they can keep their promise =_="

Just put that aside, we'll just prepare the other things first.

I believe most of you out there have went to those typical Chinese wedding right?Do you remember taking those little boxes of sweet or cakes? Something like a door gift? I bet you'll just throw away the boxes after finishing the tidbits inside right =_="

As for us, to make things more meaningful and memorable, Egg came out with an idea of making calendar! It'll be something nice for all the visitors and it's very practical too!
The size is as big as a normal name card so that they (visitors)  can keep it inside their wallet through out the year! haha! Just hope that they don't get bored of our face =_="

After getting the name cards printed, we moved on with the printing of wedding cards. As usual, we custom made the card with our very own caricature! 

Other than these, we bought lots of stickers to stick all over the house during the actual day of our wedding! hehe!

Ya! There's something which is important for newly weds. You must have your bed side lamp lit for 3 days consecutively! So we went to buy these lamps just for the sake of our wedding =_="

We also did our own T-shirts for the wedding! bit it's not printed yet. But I'll show you the design 1st :>
As for the brothers, we'll be printing the shirts too! Since there's 9 of us, the shirt can be use for 8 times! LOL! 

In fact, the brothers have yet to decide which version to wear. 
A. Black shirt with red wordings
B. Black shirt with gold wordings

If you're my brothers, which will you choose? 

Well, that's it for the preparations this time. Stay tuned for our preparation part 3!

By: Egg & Yolk