Saturday, February 5, 2011

Our preparation part 2


We've took all the wedding photos (written in  "our preparation part 1" ) but too bad it's still in the process of developing. They (wedding studio) promised us that it'll be done before March. So just wait and see if they can keep their promise =_="

Just put that aside, we'll just prepare the other things first.

I believe most of you out there have went to those typical Chinese wedding right?Do you remember taking those little boxes of sweet or cakes? Something like a door gift? I bet you'll just throw away the boxes after finishing the tidbits inside right =_="

As for us, to make things more meaningful and memorable, Egg came out with an idea of making calendar! It'll be something nice for all the visitors and it's very practical too!
The size is as big as a normal name card so that they (visitors)  can keep it inside their wallet through out the year! haha! Just hope that they don't get bored of our face =_="

After getting the name cards printed, we moved on with the printing of wedding cards. As usual, we custom made the card with our very own caricature! 

Other than these, we bought lots of stickers to stick all over the house during the actual day of our wedding! hehe!

Ya! There's something which is important for newly weds. You must have your bed side lamp lit for 3 days consecutively! So we went to buy these lamps just for the sake of our wedding =_="

We also did our own T-shirts for the wedding! bit it's not printed yet. But I'll show you the design 1st :>
As for the brothers, we'll be printing the shirts too! Since there's 9 of us, the shirt can be use for 8 times! LOL! 

In fact, the brothers have yet to decide which version to wear. 
A. Black shirt with red wordings
B. Black shirt with gold wordings

If you're my brothers, which will you choose? 

Well, that's it for the preparations this time. Stay tuned for our preparation part 3!

By: Egg & Yolk


  1. choose B ba? bcos red word '兄弟' like gangsters. =)

  2. Pick A cause i don't like yellow. loL~

    Congrats Egg Yolk! When is the big day?

  3. Joey ~ I think gold is nice too! haha!

    Ian ~ LOL! If I print red then you come to be my(yolk) brothers?? haha! when are you going back to the states?

  4. Gosh! I wished I had done that for my wedding. But knowing my parents, they probably won't understand the artistic (or comedy) sentiments LOL! Anyway, congratulations you two! I pray both of you a joyous, long blissful life together. And, gong xi fa chai!

  5. wah.. u do a lot of things fr wedding.. Mine, i do not do anything special at all. Is very special.

  6. hi thanks for visiting my blog.

    Gong Xi Fatt Chai to you and your bf...eerrr..hubi :D

    Wedding takes a lot of preparation ya,

  7. Congratulation wor! Gong Hei Gong Hei :)

  8. CONGRATZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. miss anis ~ haha! thanks! Luckily both our parents were quite "open minded" in the sense :D

    strawberry gal ~ your wedding photo is very special already ma! XD

    small kucing ~ LOL! It sure does!!! >_<

    y2j (joannes) ~ LOL! it only LOOKS luxurious! :P

    joshua ~ haha! thank you!

    elaine ~ I just updated the link in this blog post. If you're lazy to find the link, click here

    engtaukia ~ thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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