Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wacom Mobile Suit W-009

Wacom Mobile Suit W-009

Recently we've joined a contest named 'The Original Wacom Mobile Suit Design Contest'. The above picture was our entry. Below are the descriptions for the mobile suit.

This is a W-series mobile suit used for both range and melee battles. The creations of this mobile suit are to save the citizens of earth from the harm of enemy and assassinate the leaders of the enemy troops. With it's ability of camouflage, it can turn invisible anytime either to escape from battles or assassinate enemies without being noticed. It also comes with A.G.S (Anti-Gravity System) where it reflects gravitational forces and lightens the mobile suits for better movements and speed. Upgraded A.G.S can also cause the mobile suit to be in a state of levitation. This series of mobile suit is equipped with a semi-auto machinegun and a heavy duty pistol. Machinegun will be used in battles with large enemy troops. While pistol is being use to destroy enemy in short distance or assassinate the enemy. Lastly, the mobile suit is equipped with a infrared sensor for better visual at night or at poor vision condition (covered in smokes, sand storm, thick mist).

Haha! It's almost like a real machine. Well, it's just our imaginations and creativity. We do hope that we can win something in this contest. Wish us luck ok??!!

Story Boarding: Egg
Comic Artist: Yolk

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mi Lu Bing!! 迷路兵!!

Mi Lu Bing (real photos) - grabbed from the internet :)

Mi Lu Bing (caricatures)

This was requested by YUJING Missy Tan. I bet she's a real big fan of 'MI LU BING' a.k.a. Milopeng. Hope you guys out there likes it ^^

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our Valentine’s Day

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you? What will you do on this special day? For my bf and I, we will be joining the love message writing contest. Why?

It is because this is the best day for us to share and spread our loves all around.

This year my bf won a fish plush from the love message writing contest organized by Sin Chew Daily.

It was his first attempt to write in Chinese as his Chinese is not so good. However, he did it. Here is the message:


This is the second time he won in love message writing contest. The first time was in 2007 Valentine’s Day organized The Borneo Post. He won Valentine’s Day dinner at Harbour View, one night stay at Harbour View (gave to a friend already), Maggie Hamper, Vochelle Hamper, Loreal Hamper and a pair of movie ticket. That was a meaningful Valentine’s Day for both of us. Not because of the gifts he won, but the love message that he wrote.

You always give me a hard time when you ask me this question:

“How much do you love me?”
I used all the mathematical formulae,
Write all over the whiteboard and calculate using ten calculators.
All I get is infinity.
So I can only tell you that I love you too much.

This year we were invited by a friend to his house warming party. So we simply had our dinner at Hartz Chicken in the evening. We met our ex-classmates, the twin brothers with their girlfriends by coincidence.

I bought my bf a long sleeves formal shirt and he bought me a small diamond ring which he named it “Appetizer”. He added up that the “Appetizer” will be followed up by the “Main Meal” very soon.

Since then I felt it was not “Appetizer”, it was “Dessert”. Sweet and nice.

May all our relationships will be as strong as the diamond, as sweet as the dessert, and spread all around endlessly every hour every minute and every second. Everyday Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s Day.

You can vote us at:

Story boarding: Egg

Comic artist: Yolk

Saturday, February 14, 2009

What makes this bra so special???

Bra, short form for Brassiere, is woman’s undergarment worn to support and cover breasts. There are many types, patterns, designs, colors, cups, and even many functions of bra which provide better shaping and present a particular image of femininity.

Now Bra for men is Japan bestseller.
Is that means man nowadays has big breasts like woman?

Oh no!!!

In that case they can feed their own babies as well?
No no no!!!

This latest bra is exclusively designed for man to cover their breast. Men have wide breasts and are left uncovered all this while. It psychologically makes them feel unprotected and insecure. With the new creation of the soft shoulder strap man’s bra, which is slightly different from woman’s bra, makes men feel secure as well as a form of relaxation and give them a sense of relief.
Hello!!! Guys out there, have you try to wear??? How’s the feel???

Story Boarding: Egg

Comic Artist: Yolk

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dasmond koh

For those who might be interested to see the caricature of Fann wong, Christopher Lee and Qi Yu Wu, you can follow the link below.

Fann Wong and Christopher Lee:

Qi Yu Wu, Fann Wong:

I want… I want… I want to be James Bond

I want… I want… I want to be James Bond

LG-GD910 watch phone is the latest LG’s creation. The specifications of this phone are like this (I got the information through my survey in the website and newspaper):

Built-in small camera on the top right of the watch
Bluetooth and wireless
3G HSDPA(High-Speed Downlink Packet Access) with 7.2 Mbps down-link speeds
Video conferencing, video calling , and yes of course voice calling
1.4-inch touchscreen
Radio and music player
Water resistant
Colour screen
Text-to-speech feature that transform text to speech

Cool… I wish I can have one. Hehe.
Story Boarding: Egg
Comic Artist: Yolk