Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wacom Mobile Suit W-009

Wacom Mobile Suit W-009

Recently we've joined a contest named 'The Original Wacom Mobile Suit Design Contest'. The above picture was our entry. Below are the descriptions for the mobile suit.

This is a W-series mobile suit used for both range and melee battles. The creations of this mobile suit are to save the citizens of earth from the harm of enemy and assassinate the leaders of the enemy troops. With it's ability of camouflage, it can turn invisible anytime either to escape from battles or assassinate enemies without being noticed. It also comes with A.G.S (Anti-Gravity System) where it reflects gravitational forces and lightens the mobile suits for better movements and speed. Upgraded A.G.S can also cause the mobile suit to be in a state of levitation. This series of mobile suit is equipped with a semi-auto machinegun and a heavy duty pistol. Machinegun will be used in battles with large enemy troops. While pistol is being use to destroy enemy in short distance or assassinate the enemy. Lastly, the mobile suit is equipped with a infrared sensor for better visual at night or at poor vision condition (covered in smokes, sand storm, thick mist).

Haha! It's almost like a real machine. Well, it's just our imaginations and creativity. We do hope that we can win something in this contest. Wish us luck ok??!!

Story Boarding: Egg
Comic Artist: Yolk