Monday, March 16, 2009

I’m Going Kame Hame Ha with Dragonball Evolution

I know it's kinda late to post this post..but anyway, I've took those pics so I don't want it to go into waste. In fact, this so called "goku" is a form four student in my school.

That day I was holding my camera walking around my school compound looking for nice spots to take the shots. Then i stopped at this spot. It's actually a hill where land slide occurred during 2009 Chinese new year's heavy down pour.

Joshua ^^

Right at that time Joshua (goku) walk pass me after he played soccer and wanted to go back to hostel. I forced him to be my model and warn him that if he resist, then I'll be giving him demerit marks!!haha!! kidding! I just told him to do some pose because I wanted to do some "project". Overall, he's very cooperative. The only problem is that he can't stop laughing while i take his pic.

I loved dragonball since I'm still in primary school, it was the few early comics that i tried to mimic. I've even collect their stickers and cards. They were like my treasures that time. [sound effect - my precious~~~~~~~]

Since it's school holiday this week, I might bring egg to catch this movie "Dragonball Evolution". It seems kinda nice on the visual effects. You guys watched??

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy those pics!!
*Egg told me that this boy (Joshua) very handsome. Do you agree with her?? [jealous]

*Just an update to this post!! 18th March 2009 11:50:35p.m

Me and Egg just went to riverside metrowelth cineplex to catch "dragonball evolution" but it was fully booked so we went for "race to witch mountain". But that's not the main point for this post update today. When we want to enter the hall, the cineplex attendant was standing at the side of entrance collecting tickets. He gave both of us a shock!!Why??!! HIS HAIR LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE SON GO KU from DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION!!!!

dont play play!!later kena hit by kame hame ha!! LOL!!

Story Boarding: Yolk
Photo Editor: Yolk