Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wawasan Open University Postcard contest!!

We had just join this contest recently (as written in the post title ^^). It require us to take pics and put captions on it. So egg told me to take some pictures with my students in a special environment. So I decide to take that picture under the road lamp in my school. Quite a lot of picture has been taken but there's only one which I think is good. It was my colleague who help me to take the shots. So here it is!!

Reading makes perfect, Perfect at any place

This was the place where I took the picture

This is the picture i took to test the lighting effect.
The boy inside is my form 4 student Patrick

*The picture in very low quality la..cos I'm using a low quality camera with my low quality picture taking skill :P There's so many pro photographers out there, do drop some comments so that i can improve myself ^^

Story Boarding: Yolk
Picture: Yolk