Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Little Nyonya (part 1)

Little Nyonya Special Edition (Don’t Miss It)

Have you guys watched Little Nyonya?

I watched for twice. It was just too nice. The drama illustrates the life of Nyonya in the Peranakan family. In the drama, Nyonya’s (refer to girl) was treated as gift or slave. Then Bibi (old lady) got jealous easily and very cruel. In the drama, the Peranakan family wanted their daughters to marry rich Baba (man) in order to strengthen their own business. They had complicated relationship because they are married to their own relatives. Their cultures are quite interesting that you guys should watched this drama.

After watching this drama, I realized that the “kuih” we see at market everyday are origin from Nyonya. Rempah Udang… I like it. There are many delicious Peranakan food as well such as “Babi Ponteh”, “Ikan Assam Pedas”, “Chap Cai” . I found out their “ABC” was without ice. Only ingredients.

They have big bowl called Kam Cheng which means relationship in hokkien. During their wedding ceremony, it will be filled with red and white glutinous balls in sugar soup. Red represents full of joy “喜气” and white represents purity “纯洁”.

I learned a new word “追远” meaning that we must always remember where we hail from and don’t forget our ancestors.

Nice drama. I asked yolk to draw some of the characters in this drama and I will put the dialogs that they used to say in the drama.

*To Be Continue~~~

Story Boarding: Egg
Comic Artist: Yolk