Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hua Hee Blog (Cinderella in Hokkien Version)

Astro CH 333 is Hua Hee Tai. The Egg Yolks Blog is Hua Hee Blog. Hehe. Hokkien blog. Actually I am not a Hokkien but I know how to speak Hokkien. Yolk is a Hokkien.

Are u Hokkien lang? If yes, you can read it without burden. If you are not, never mind. I will translate it in English for you. Don’t worry.

Recently I read a forwarded email from my friend. I think it is quite funny.

I quote this email and ask yolk to draw comic on that.

Hope you guys enjoy it.

* The translation is in the bracket and I italic them.

The story is entitled “Why Singalella (Cinderella) becomes rich?”

Koo zhar wu chee ay char bor kia, Singalella. (Once upon a time, there is a girl named Cinderella)

She got two sisters, but the stepmarder (stepmother) and the sisters all damn kuai-lan (very bad), so she is quite zhia-lat oso (pity also).
Last time Singalella (Cinderella) got own maid (has their own maid), but now she become the amah (servant).

Everyday must cook lah, clean lah, simi sai mah bao-kah-liao (every household chore was done by her).

If her sister say liak kar zhuak (catch cockroach), she liak (catches).

Tak jit zho kah tau-hin (everyday she works until very tire and dizzy).

EPF poon boh (No EPF (Employees Provident Fund) at all).

But then, kay piak eh ah-pek (their neighbour’s, an old man) got one son call Ah Ming got party.

So he say, 'oeh, long chong lai ah.' (‘Everyone is invited ’)

Singalella (Cinderella) very happy because she never go party before but then her step-marder (stepmother) say, 'Lee Mana eh-sai kee (you can’t go), this one bahru lu eh sisters wu standard.' (only your sisters can go because they got standard)

Then Singalella (Cinderella) must zho sui-sui (make-up) for her sisters and step-marder (stepmother).
Busy until buay zhia (not yet eat), buay koon (not yet sleep) and buay pang-sai (not yet shit).

That night she only can wave bye bye and then she go back to the kitchen and cook Maggi mee.
Her neighbour (busybody old lady) came over and ask, 'Eh, an-zhua lu boh kee party?' (‘Eh, Why you didn’t go to the party?’)

So Singaalella (Cinderella) kong (said), 'I-wan, lau-bu kong buay-sai, so boh pian.' (‘I wanted to, but stepmother said I can’t ’)

She never expect but the neighbour say, 'Aiyah, kee lah (go la), I give you money.'
So singalella (Cinderella) brush teef (teeth) and zhang-zhui (bath), chen-kor (wear pants), after that look very different.

She quickly run to opposite of the beh-chia-lor (road), already 11 o'clock.

At the party, Ah Ming also quite sian (boring) because the char bor (girls) all boh sui (not pretty) one.

Dance floor even got one ah pek (old man) dancing.
Just as Ah Ming told himself, 'Aiyah see-pay zhia-lat (very unlucky) ', Singalella (Cinderella) came in.

Ah Ming straight away lau nuar (mouth watering).

'Wah-lau eh (Wah), see-pay heng ah (very lucky), chee kor buay pai (this girl not bad).'

Ah Ming say to Singalella (Cinderella), 'eh, sui eh (beautiful girl), wah ai kah lee zho flen (I want to be your friend)! ‘

Singalella (Cinderella) say ok but Ah Ming like octopus, touch here touch there.

But then just it was 12 o'clock, one ah pek (old man) die on the dance floor.

He become ghost and tell Singalella (Cinderella) all the good 4D number.
So after that Singalella (Cinderella) quickly go and buy 4D, and then tiok tau-pio (win the 1st prize) , zhit-pak ban (one million).

So she pay back the kay-piak eh lau-kay-poh (old busybody lady who lived next door) and then kah kee cho sen-lee (she does some business herself).

Simi kuan eh sen-lee wah mana eh zhai. (I don’t know what kind of business she does)
Story Boarding: Egg
Comic Artist: Yolk