Thursday, November 24, 2011

Breakdance by Kiki

At first I had no idea what Kiki was doing when he started to slide around as if he was doing the "crab" break dancing move! When I look closer then only i realized that there were some sh*t sticking on his b*tt! He was trying very hard to remove the sh*t by sliding on the floor!! @_@"

I ended up cleaning the whole floor and of course, his B*TT! Wait a second.......... I forgot to wash the mop!!! =_="

*kiki! stop giving me that innocent look!

Monday, November 21, 2011

How I wake up

Now that we have our 2 "built-in alarm" puppies, we never find ourselves being late at work because these two furry kids will give us "morning call" sharp at 6 a.m. every morning! I can't put my blame on them for ruining my dreams since yolk trained them to wake up at the time. It has become a routine that yolk feed them every morning before he go off to work. 
How I wished that I can sleep a little bit later =_="

written by: Yolk (on behalf of Egg)
comic: Yolk

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Grand Master of Wing Chun - Master Kiki

In recent years, the "Wing Chun" style martial art had taken the kung fu world by storm after the release of hong Kong action film "Ip Man" and "Ip Man 2". Ever since the gain of popularity of this style of martial art, people tends to proclaim themselves as the master of Wing Chun (trying to gain more students to join their martial art school) 
Even kids in my school are showing off their Wing Chun moves which they learnt from the local "so-called" Wing Chun Master in Arena Sukan, Simpang Tiga. 

Since there are so many "masters" out there calling themselves as the best Wing Chun practitioner, who is actually the grand master of this art? 
Let me introduce to you the Grand Master of Wing Chun, Master Kiki!! 
Don't believe that our Kiki actually knows Wing Chun? He can actually perform the famous "combo punches" which was made famous by Donny Yen in his starring film, Ip Man! 

Here's the evidence! 
let me know if the video is working for your browser >_<

Who dares to challenge our KiKi?? Ho! Ho! Ho!!! *evil grin

By the way, one of our member of the "Comic&Doodle Bloggers (MY)" was nominated as the finalist for Most Original Blog Design in the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2011. Do visit her blog and vote for her!: D

Friday, November 11, 2011

Why am I in Kuching?

Kuching, the city of cats, is no longer a remote area which can only be visited by 4WD or speed boats. It has become one of the major city in the whole Borneo in recent years. 
You can see great developments in terms of infrastructures and socials where huge buildings were built, major player in the entertainment and food industries are moving into the city, more locals are speaking fluent English rather than our local bahasa Sarawak.
Kuching is such a nice place to stay where Kuchingnites were blessed with all the extremely delicious Sarawak Laksa, Kolok Mee, Tomato Kueh Tiaw, Belacan Bee hoon, and tonnes of great food!
We have very clean environments with very low index of polluted air. The city is considered one of the cleanest cities in Malaysia and was voted as one of the world's healthiest cities, recognised and awarded by both United Nations (UN) and World Health Organisation (WHO)[18] and by the Alliance for Healthy Cities (AFHC) in Suzhou, China
People here are so friendly that it makes you feel as if you are one of the Kuchingnites (even if you're a foreigner). We tend to smile even at strangers and we never hesitate to give you a helping hand if you got yourself lost in the city.
Kuching is probably one of the safest places in the world. Crime rate is very low and there are few animals or plants in the rainforest that may be harmful to people. And because Sarawak is politically stable, kidnapping, terrorism or religious/ethnic internal strife are unheard of.
State Police Commissioner DCP Datuk Mortadza Nazarene said the police had been quite successful in reducing crime in the state. Mortadza said overall, the state registered 9,264 crime cases last year and 8,559 this year, a reduction of 705 cases.He also underlined that the city had the second lowest crime rate in the country. (quoted from the Borneo Post, October 12, 2011, Wednesday)

Now that Kuching is such a perfect place, why events are always organised in Kl instead of Kuching!! This has become one of biggest frustration for bloggers in Kuching!! (me! me!)
Recently, there were few events which I was invited were all held in KL!

Last week, I was announced as the winner of the Genting bloggers contest and the prize-giving ceremony is held in Genting on the 17th November! (can't attend).
I just received a call from an event organizer that they are inviting me to be the caricaturist for their upcoming events. After agreeing on almost all the terms and condition, they then told me that the events will be in One Utama! My "happiness brick" were crumbled on the spot! (can't attend)

The coming Nuffnang Blog Awards are also held in KL! How am I suppose to go if I'm in Kuching!!!?? 

Please tell me!! Why am I in Kuching!!
How I wish there is actually a chrono-shifting machine where I can reach KL in seconds =_=

Friday, November 4, 2011

Typical Malaysian Police

I always thinks that policemen were cool when I was still a kid. My parents used to tell me that policemen were actually superman, especially the traffic polices. They can stop all the cars just by lifting their hand.

*showing face with pure astonishment.
They even have very stylish-fancy looking bikes which was similar my old time favourite super hero, "Baja Hitam" 

Anyway, things had change as I grew older and I realize that policemen were not as noble and I thought. You do heard about many news and gossips related to our typical Malaysian policemen right?
In fact, my impression towards them dropped down to zero since the incident few weeks ago. I WAS SUMMONED! 

I was actually riding my bike around the parking area in King Centre when I turned the wrong way to the route which was in the opposite directions. Before I get to turn around, I was stopped by a policemen surrounded with 6 RELA who were sitting at the pathway of the shop lots. Without given chances to explain, I was SUMMONED for driving in the opposite direction. gosh! This was not the worst part yet.
When I took the summon ticket to the Police station to make my payment (expecting to pay RM50 or so), the counter lady (speaking while eating fried banana) told me that the summon cost RM150! OMG!(*$&$*#(@!
Then I told her that I just went the wrong way accidentally and that road was just a small parking alley where not much cars were around. Then she said, RM100 "lah!" 

I was thinking, isn't that the summons were supposed to be fixed? She then showed me the price list of all the summons and it was indeed RM100! If it was not paid within 1 month time, it'll increase to RM300!! 

Without much thought, I paid and left. %$^%$#@#$!

My conclusion: Our traffic police need to meet their targeted "number of summons" so they had to trap even the poor civilians like me =_="