Friday, November 4, 2011

Typical Malaysian Police

I always thinks that policemen were cool when I was still a kid. My parents used to tell me that policemen were actually superman, especially the traffic polices. They can stop all the cars just by lifting their hand.

*showing face with pure astonishment.
They even have very stylish-fancy looking bikes which was similar my old time favourite super hero, "Baja Hitam" 

Anyway, things had change as I grew older and I realize that policemen were not as noble and I thought. You do heard about many news and gossips related to our typical Malaysian policemen right?
In fact, my impression towards them dropped down to zero since the incident few weeks ago. I WAS SUMMONED! 

I was actually riding my bike around the parking area in King Centre when I turned the wrong way to the route which was in the opposite directions. Before I get to turn around, I was stopped by a policemen surrounded with 6 RELA who were sitting at the pathway of the shop lots. Without given chances to explain, I was SUMMONED for driving in the opposite direction. gosh! This was not the worst part yet.
When I took the summon ticket to the Police station to make my payment (expecting to pay RM50 or so), the counter lady (speaking while eating fried banana) told me that the summon cost RM150! OMG!(*$&$*#(@!
Then I told her that I just went the wrong way accidentally and that road was just a small parking alley where not much cars were around. Then she said, RM100 "lah!" 

I was thinking, isn't that the summons were supposed to be fixed? She then showed me the price list of all the summons and it was indeed RM100! If it was not paid within 1 month time, it'll increase to RM300!! 

Without much thought, I paid and left. %$^%$#@#$!

My conclusion: Our traffic police need to meet their targeted "number of summons" so they had to trap even the poor civilians like me =_="