Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Grand Master of Wing Chun - Master Kiki

In recent years, the "Wing Chun" style martial art had taken the kung fu world by storm after the release of hong Kong action film "Ip Man" and "Ip Man 2". Ever since the gain of popularity of this style of martial art, people tends to proclaim themselves as the master of Wing Chun (trying to gain more students to join their martial art school) 
Even kids in my school are showing off their Wing Chun moves which they learnt from the local "so-called" Wing Chun Master in Arena Sukan, Simpang Tiga. 

Since there are so many "masters" out there calling themselves as the best Wing Chun practitioner, who is actually the grand master of this art? 
Let me introduce to you the Grand Master of Wing Chun, Master Kiki!! 
Don't believe that our Kiki actually knows Wing Chun? He can actually perform the famous "combo punches" which was made famous by Donny Yen in his starring film, Ip Man! 

Here's the evidence! 
let me know if the video is working for your browser >_<

Who dares to challenge our KiKi?? Ho! Ho! Ho!!! *evil grin

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