Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Wedding Game

The Wedding Game

Last night me and 'egg' went to catch one of the Chinese new year movie entitled 'The Wedding Game'. We both love Singaporean movies and drama very much. Egg is one of the fans of Christopher Lee whom stared in this movie.

Fann Wong and Christopher Lee in this movie played as an unwilling celebrity couple going for marriage in an attempt to gain a big fortune and stardom. Hong Kong actress Alice Lau and Taiwanese host Charles Chen (better known as 'blackie') made appearances as the couple’s managers. The storyline is predictable and most of the jokes are the usual Singaporean style. There's one joke which i can still remember vividly is the part where 'blackie' entered fann's house and called her pet hamster 'ku ku jiao'. Then he looked at fann's cactus which were bended and said 'I hate those things which can't even harden up' LOL!!

Other than the jokes, the thing i love most is the 3D cartoon figure they made for fann and Christopher. It was so cute!! But i just can't find the cartoon pic online. I've search everywhere and only got a little pic which is actually a cake with their cartoon on top. So i decide to draw another version of their cartoon but of course my drawing can't be compared to those professionals. I drew it just for the fun of it.

cartoon on cakes

Fann Wong and Christopher Lee's cartoon

For those who have not watch the movie yet, here's the trailer!! Enjoy!!

*my dear Fann Wong and Christopher Lee, when is your big day...can you invite me n egg??

Story Boarding: Egg & Yolk
Comic Artist: Yolk

Sunday, January 25, 2009

MY Astro 牛转乾坤庆团圆造势活动 at Kuching

Chinese New Year is round the corner. Everyone listen to Chinese New Year song? Seeing red red lantern hanging around? Shopping for new attire? Shopping for food? Or busy cleaning your house?

What had you done on 10-11 January? Going anywhere?

I had been to The Spring with my mum on the 10th January. We went there for the MY Astro 牛转乾坤庆团圆造势活动. Actually the event was held at The Spring for two days and four sessions that were:

- 10th January 2009
2pm and 8pm

- 11th January 2009
2pm and 5pm

I went there for 10th January, 8pm session because that session got my favorite Singapore Mediacorp artists, they are Fann Wong (范文芳) and Qi Yu Wu (戚玉武). I started to watch Singapore drama since I am in primary school. Still can remember vividly that I watched the video tape with my grandmother everyday after school. Until now I still like to watch Singapore drama.

My mum actually went to see Choo Hou Ren (朱浩仁) (Second runner up of Astro Star Quest 2008) because he is very talented. Another one from Astro Aec Evening Edition (新闻报报看) host, Gan Jiang Han (颜江翰) is my dad favorite. My dad likes to watch that show every night on 10.30pm but that night my dad didn’t went to The Spring because he doesn’t like such event that crowded with people. Hong Geok Jin (方爱凌) (Champion of Astro Classic Golden Melody) actually I don’t really know her because I didn’t watch the show. Hehe…

Astro artists sang Chinese New Year song 庆祝, and 大团圆. There were some games and quizzes for the audiences to participate as well. Wow! That night my favorite Mediacor artists were very charming, beautiful and handsome. I like them very much.

Fly fly fly . Fly up high in the sky.someone took a bunch of balloons

Guess what attracted me most at that night?

I found another little man which really attracted me. He seems to be 40++. This was the second time I met him. The first time was last year at 古晋嘉年华 (that night my bf won a Ogawa Magic Belt in the lucky draw.) That time this little man already fascinated my bf and I. This time he attracted me again. Before the event started, he sneaked into the VIP area and chased out by the staff. Very funny. Then whenever got games and quizzes, he will put his hand up and said here here. The first quiz that he answered was actually wrong but nevermind it was a good nice try. This was not so funny. He kept leaning himself at the VIP seat which made the staff headache. Haha. The staff kept forbid him from doing that and this little man kept staring at him. Very cute. This little man likes to take photo of the artist. But he was aiming at the lady artist. I even noticed he kept swallow his saliva. Haha. For your information, he was standing not far from me so I could notice him clearly.

When the artists started to distribute Ang Pao packets and poster, the crowd started to push here and there. I even almost fell down because I was standing in front and those people pushing from the back.

At that moment, I still got chance to notice the little man. Haha. He sneaked inside the VIP area and asking for Ang Pao packet. However, he was chased out again.
My mum and I had chance to get the autograph from the artists. Having a near look of my favorite artists. Wah!! They are very nice, beautiful and handsome oo... My saliva also want to drop like that little man.

Story Boarding: Egg

Comic Artist: Yolk

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Student now are brilliant and fast learner but also very hard to teach. Most of them are pampered by parents and the majority of them go for tuition. So they know more than what they learn in school. Since they can learn from tuition, most of them don’t really pay attention in school.

Some of them might don’t have any interest in study will be lazy and don’t pay any attention during teachers teach and don’t do homework. Some of them don’t do homework because they don’t know how to do... (Haha…I was the one who don’t know how to do and lazy to find the answer during my schooling times. But I will copy classmate work.

Teachers give a lot of homework for student to do but teacher…You know if one subject got 10 questions, one day got how many subjects’ homework they need to do? Sometimes teachers also need to give student a space to breath. Giving them so much homework, yet they need to attend extra co-curriculum, tuition some more…. Not only they don’t have time to do homework, they don’t even have time to watch TV as well. Students sometimes are very pity.

Teachers… Please understand your student. Give them more homework doesn’t means it will make the student be number one. It will make the student become no one. They will start hate to study. Don’t give so much homework.

I had read a news last few days. A primary five student from China didn’t finish his essay and his teacher twist both of his face until his right face skin tear down. Wah… Tear face like tear book le. The boy’s face was covered by blood and the teacher was shocked. She pasted back the skin on the boy face and held it tight. Then she sent the boy home. The boy’s dad saw it and rushed him to the hospital. The boy’s dad later reported to police because it seemed to be quite a serious punishment for a student who didn’t do homework.

Teachers… I know your starting point is good. You want all your student to be the best. But you are not the best as well. We are merely human. Nothing is perfect.

Story Boarding: Egg
Comic Artist: Yolk

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mature Kids

Hmmm… When I am still a kid, I don’t think I know what is love, what is pakto, what is kissing, what is “go on ship”.

Kids lastime can be called as “suku” and ignorance. Only know playing cooking with grasses and flowers, playing kites, playing stones, rope jumping, playing marbles, throwing paper plane, coloring and etc.

Nowadays kids are playing hand phones, Sms, Psp, Game boy, Mp3, Mp4, Internet surfing… Some more already pakto. Really a BIG different.

Yup. Now is sophisticated ear. Kids also need to catch up as well.

Kids nowadays are also very brilliant. I found out they don’t really like kid’s songs, cartoons very much. They like drama about loves, hits songs. This make them learn a lot of new stuff and make them mature at a very early stage.

I had read news about a 6 years old Germany boy, Mika eloped with a 7 years old girl, Anna. They planned to get marry in Africa under a hot and warm sun. They brought along Anna’s 5 years old sister to be their witness. However, their missions fail when they caught attention by a guard at the railway station who then reported to police.

“Hey, little boy and girl hope u got a bright future in the next 20 years. You are brave and clever kids.”

What I can say is, kids nowadays are keeping abreast with the fast changing environment.

“Old boys and girls, catch up ya.. Don’t lose to them.”

Story Boarding: Egg
Comic Artist: Yolk

Saturday, January 10, 2009

2009 Best Wishes

2009 Best Wishes

Happy New Year everyone. 2008 was gone and 2009 is here.

Any New Year wish or new resolution? Below are all my wishes for you all this year.

1. Strong and healthy

2. Great earning

3. Happiness all around (family, friends and colleagues)

4. Travel everywhere

5. Strive in careers and studies

6. For overweight people reduce weight and underweight people increase weight

7. Peace (no war, no politic issues)

8. More job opportunities (no retrenchment)

9. Everyone wish comes true

10. Minex earn remarkably and give away more jewelleries


Anyway, I hope everyone dreams come true.

Story Boarding( Wish Maker): Egg
Drawing Artist: Yolk

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Chinese New Year Eve Special Menu Packages

Here, I would like to introduce one of the restaurant in Kuching. It is opened August 2007. The name of the restaurant is Daily Fresh Air-Con. Restaurant. 天天美食冷气餐厅. The air-conditioned restaurant with no extra charges is located at Jalan Song. Below is the map where the restaurant is located:


It opens 7 days a week from 5pm to 11.30pm (this is where its name comes from). “天天” “Daily” means everyday but not 24 hours la.. unless they are seven eleven). “美食” “Fresh” means there are lots of fresh and nice food. “冷气餐厅” “Air-Con. Restaurant” means the restaurant is well air-conditioned. (So kaypo…see already know it is air-conditioned restaurant…) The restaurant got the origin of their name so do our blog got the origin of egg yolks.

Although it is an air-conditioned restaurant, customer can opt for having their meal in the open air as well. There are tables outside the restaurant whereby customer can enjoy their meal out there while watching large screen TV (projector la…). This is exclusively for those who used to smoke. For those whose don’t like open air, they can choose for the air-conditioned environment to have their meal but for non smoker lo...

Air-con view

Open air view

Open air view

Large Screen

You can have simple but scrumptious dinner here. It is a perfect venue to organize party, buffet, anniversary and etc with families and friends. Here is a nice place to gather them all.

Here are some of the buffet dishes ordered by customer on 4 January 2009:

Buffet beehoon

Buffet 咖哩鸡

Buffet 酸甜鱼片

Buffet 越南大虾(customer own prawns)

Buffet 红烧日本豆腐

Buffet 什锦

Buffet 排骨王

Buffet Dishes

Open air buffet

The outlook of the restaurant might not be very luxury for you guys. It might seem to be a higher standard than a coffee shop but the dishes are as standard as five star hotels and others renowned restaurants. Maybe the owner of this restaurant gets the concept from Airasia. “Everyone can fly”. Now the Daily Fresh Air-Con. Restaurant 天天美食冷气餐厅 concept is “Everyone can Eat” with reasonable price. It is a great a dining hall for families and friends to have their meal there.

This restaurant has its own specialty in Chinese cuisine. Every dish is created to satisfy the individual. It is quite famous in seafood. For those who love seafood, here is the right place for you guys. Prawns, crabs (you can choose it yourself at the display shelf), fishes, “bamboo worm 竹 蛤 (not always available)”, clam (not always available)…etc …

There are various nice dishes that you guys can try on it. Asam curry fish, 招牌豆腐, 红烧猪脚, 梅菜扣肉, 沙叻炸虾球, 奶油丝虾, 嚎煎, 苦瓜炸咸蛋, 生捞海哲, 越南大虾, 沙叻鸡, 茄汁螃蟹, 清蒸螃蟹, 红烧日本豆腐, 排骨王, 酸甜鱼片, 咖哩鸡, 什锦 and many many more (I guess I can’t mention all here unless I put their menu in. Hehe)

I like the butter prawn 奶油丝虾 very much. It makes my mouth watering now. Maybe you guys might say Sarawak Club is the best but I think they are almost the same. The only difference is the environment and name. Sarawak Club can be considered as a high standard and well-known restaurant. I can’t say Daily Fresh Air-Con. Restaurant is high standard restaurant yet because it is too new but the meals are quite outstanding as well.

You can try their 招牌豆腐, tauhu as well. It is made by their chef. You can’t find it out there. Personally, I don’t like to eat tauhu but the only tauhu that I eat is from this restaurant. 沙叻炸虾球, 红烧猪脚, 梅菜扣肉, 嚎煎, 排骨王 and all those I mention above are my favorites. You may not believe. Never try never know. Once you try you will know the difference. That is what I tell my friends before they try it.





This restaurant had been interviewed by 詩華日報 (See Hua Daily) reporters before and the interviewed was published in 詩華日報 (See Hua Daily) on 25th April 2008.
Reporter's choice See Hua Daily 25th April 2008

In conjunction of Chinese New Year, Special Menu Packages are designated for customer during Chinese New Year Eve. For those whose don’t like to have their Chinese New Year Eve dinner outside, you can “Tapao” as well. All the packages and menus are as below (I don’t have to be “loso” and kaypo to write all that packages because the specially designed picture shows everything)


Story Boarding: Egg
Drawing Artist: Yolk
Photographer: Egg's Cousin