Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Wedding Game

The Wedding Game

Last night me and 'egg' went to catch one of the Chinese new year movie entitled 'The Wedding Game'. We both love Singaporean movies and drama very much. Egg is one of the fans of Christopher Lee whom stared in this movie.

Fann Wong and Christopher Lee in this movie played as an unwilling celebrity couple going for marriage in an attempt to gain a big fortune and stardom. Hong Kong actress Alice Lau and Taiwanese host Charles Chen (better known as 'blackie') made appearances as the couple’s managers. The storyline is predictable and most of the jokes are the usual Singaporean style. There's one joke which i can still remember vividly is the part where 'blackie' entered fann's house and called her pet hamster 'ku ku jiao'. Then he looked at fann's cactus which were bended and said 'I hate those things which can't even harden up' LOL!!

Other than the jokes, the thing i love most is the 3D cartoon figure they made for fann and Christopher. It was so cute!! But i just can't find the cartoon pic online. I've search everywhere and only got a little pic which is actually a cake with their cartoon on top. So i decide to draw another version of their cartoon but of course my drawing can't be compared to those professionals. I drew it just for the fun of it.

cartoon on cakes

Fann Wong and Christopher Lee's cartoon

For those who have not watch the movie yet, here's the trailer!! Enjoy!!

*my dear Fann Wong and Christopher Lee, when is your big day...can you invite me n egg??

Story Boarding: Egg & Yolk
Comic Artist: Yolk