Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 New Year Eve

Happy New Year!!

It was 31st Dec last night. I don't really care if it's the end of 2008 or whatever, what I really care is that i'll be leaving Kuching and go back to Sibu to start School. Some of you might not know, I'm actually a secondary school teacher in Sibu. I'm leaving on 2nd Jan (which means TOMORROW!) So I'll be leaving EGG alone in Kuching until Chinese New Year (sob....).

Last night we went to Hartz Chicken Buffet. We went there quite often until the manager also recognise us. Everytime she sees us, she'll "welcome" us with a big smile. But who knows what's behind her thoughts.
Anyway, we did enjoy our dinner with A LOT of drumsticks..haha..It was almost 10pm so we went all the way to Boulevard Shopping Centre because there'll be a countdown ceremony with fireworks.

When we reach, it was packed. There were some singing and dancing performance before the countdown.

When it's just one minute before 12.00am, people started to count down and it was louder and louder when it's nearer to 12am. BOOM!!!It's 2009!!The fireworks just keep booming out for over 10 minutes and it causes the whole place to be covered smokes and ashes. Egg's eye kena some of the ashes and we quickly go back to wash her eyes and that ends our 2009 new year eve's story.

We managed to take a BIG HEAD photo while watching the performance.

Story Boarding: yolk

Comic artist: yolk